One-Point Perspective 3-D object and space represented on a 2-D surface and radiates from one point on a horizon line.

Perspective Van Gogh

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One-Point Perspective3-D object and space represented on a 2-D surface and radiates from one point on a horizon line.

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One-Point Inspirational Word Drawing Assignment:Choose an Inspirational Word such as Inspire

Draw block letters using a ruler for accuracy.

Draw a vanishing point. And horizon line.

Connect the letters to the vanishing point, reflecting a 3D form.

Color the Inspirational word.

Extension Activity:

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Vincent Van Gogh• born in Groot-Zundert,

Holland on March 30, 1853

• In 1886 met Pissaro and Gaugin and imitated the Impressionist style-swift brushstrokes.

• Pioneer of Expressionism style-emotional intensity of color and brushstrokes.

• 1888-Yellow House in Arles-plans to found art school for artists.

• Mental illness led to asylum in Saint Remy.

• Died in 1890.

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Expressionism Characteristics

• Emotion using color.• Convey personal feelings.

• Distorted form.• Movement using swift


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Self-Portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, 1889.

“I put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. ”- Van Gogh

- How does the use of color affect the emotion of the portrait?

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Bedroom in Arles by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

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One-Point Perspective Drawing:Rubric 20 points each.

• Create an Artist copy of Vincent Van Gogh’s Arles Bedroom and Imitate Expressionism technique.

• Change the room to make it your own, perhaps checkered floors, window, be creative and colorful.

• Use one-point perspective rule (vanishing point, horizon line).

• Craftsmanship-neatness• Artist Statement and stayed on task, use your

time wisely.

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• Expressionism emphasized on the artist’s interpretation and emotion rather than the object.

• In what way does music provide the same emphasis?

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