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@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers Découvrez le slide-deck qui nous a permis de lever 500 000€ auprès de Partech en 15 points Les Petits Ateliers 11 octobre 2016 – Nantes Ulric Legrand

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@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

“ “Découvrez le slide-deck qui nous

a permis de lever 500 000€

auprès de Partech en 15 points

Les Petits Ateliers11 octobre 2016 – Nantes

Ulric Legrand


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

We spend a lot of time building trust-based relationships.Trust is worth a lot: thanks to these trust-based relationships we save time

and energy.


Trust is linked to personal stories Trust is not easily transfer/share Trust is gradual and evolves constantly

@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

The sharing economy is based on trust. This is why the big players in thesector have developped profiles that are trust-based, thanks to sharedfeedback and ratings.


• trust-based profiles are fragmented• trust-based profiles are incomplete• the 'rating' trust is not enough for many people

Trust-based profiles, Blablacar

@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

'Community based‘ trust (as opposed to'rating-based‘ trust) does not only providepeople with a good service but also a greatrelationship with shared values.

Gens de confiance provides a sense ofbelonging, when ratings provide a sense ofsecurity.

Maslow Pyramid

@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

Gens de Confiance is a website which brings together reliable people who

can exchange goods and services, which you can only get on to if you have

been referred 3 times (originally 2) by current members.

More precisely, Gens de Confiance is:• a social network of like-minded people • a marketplace for sharing goods and services


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

We build a new social graph, the Trust Graph, by the way people refer to each other:• 'future sister in law' • 'sister'• 'my daughter'• 'cousin '• 'a very close friend'...

@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

'Hello.I just wanted to say a big thank you! Thanks to you I was able to find 2 completely trustworthy girls to look after my kids: two beautiful meetings.It's such a worry for parents to find solutions! One of them also came with a friend of hers to help my husband with his work for Xmas party!Efficient, on-time, professional! Your network is very reliable! Continue as you're doing! Your reliability is what makes you unique!In today's pessimistic world, it's great to see that some things are working well.'Gabrielle Ott - [email protected]

'Good evening everyone.A great thank you for having created such a useful and friendly network. A great thank you to all the voluntary workers who are working to helpus, when they don't even know us. A big thank you for all your trust, you know people are talking a lot about you (out there)! You are starting tobe very famous! Happy summer to you all.’Nancy de la Rue du Can - [email protected]

'Good evening.I rented out my secondary home for the bank holiday weekend of 14th July: I had never rented out this house before and had never tried to. Byanswering the ad found on GDC and after excellent 1st impressions with the family, i decided to take the plunge. And the result was perfect: theyleft the house perfectly clean. I met the tenants when I arrived: 2 lovely couples with their well-mannered children.Thanks for this website which I completely trust.’Isabelle Walch – [email protected]

We have more than 20,000 thank you emails!12

@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

We plan to open local marketplaces everywhere under one TrustedPeople.com network.

Gens de Confiance becomes a group of TrustedPeople.com


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

API TrustedPeople.com

Trusted third party for C2C business

TrustedPeople.com will be a business accelerator for C2C platforms.


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

We are testing 3 revenue streams (opportunity):

• visibility options (e.g.: paid-for SCO optimisation : 4EUR on average)

• donations

• publicity /business services

Over the long term, revenu sharing with C2C platforms using the API:

Fees charged according to the number of API calls (click or % of the transaction amount).

When a user does a search, the marketplace identifies those of its groups (friends of friends,

Gens de confiance...) who offer a service.


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

Growth: +7% per week of audience over the last 60 weeks


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

• 140,000 members validated • 35,000 registered and on a waiting-list • 100% acquisition via 'word of mouth'


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

Retention rates:

• 75% Monthly Active Users

• 15% to 20 % Daily Active User


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

Main uses :

• 30 % property (real estate for sale, vacation rentals…)

• 14 % childcare & baby stuff

• 13% home & garden

• 11 % jobs

• 10 % clothes, footwear & accessories

40,000posts live

50%success rate

33%members have posted

Conversion rates:


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

• We are viral

• We are sticky

• We are independent of search engines, social networks, stores and

market places


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

July 2014:

Public launch

April 2015:

• 30k members,

• 12K ads,

• 25% daily active users,

• 200 new registrations

May 2015:

test moderation Crowd

June 2015:

launch of Groups: communities within the community

August 2015:

1st NR 6,5K (Stripe+ cheques + PayPal) in 29 days

July 2015:

• 50k members,

• 300 new registrations/day

• 300 new ads/day


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

Ulric LE GRAND40 ans - CFO

Co-founder of ZenbusFounder of Proximea

Nicolas DAVOUST33 ans - CEO

Founder & CTO LesParrains.fr & 245friends.com

Enguerrand LEGER37 ans – CCO

Founder of ELCréation(web agency)


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers

Our mission is to bring TRUST back to life amongst mankind.

We want to build the biggest community of people who aspire to

the same values of trust and courtesy - like-minded people -for the world they live in.

We want to be a major trusted third party for C2C platforms.


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers


@MatinDigital #CantineNantes #LesPetitsAteliiers