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Future Internet Public-Private Partnership FI PPP

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Présentation réalisée lors d'une session spéciale sur les financements européen réalisée par Atlanpole et le pôle Images & Réseaux au Hub Creatic.

Text of Future Internet Public-Private Partnership FI PPP

  • 2. 1. Prsentation gnrale du YMLP Conseil FI PPP
  • 3. YMLP Conseil FI-PPP : Overview FI-PPP : Future Internet Public-Private Partnership PROGRAMME AIMS : Accelerate the development and adoption of Future Internet technologies in Europe Advance the European market for smart infrastructures Increase the effectiveness of business processes through Future Internet technologies
  • 4. YMLP Conseil FI-PPP : Overview TECHNOLOGICAL OBJECTIVES : Deliver validated Internet services on consistent and compatible platforms through usage area projects Provide a large selection of reusable key technology enablers, called Generic or Specific Enablers Validate Generic and Specific Enablers via large-scale service and application use case trials in different business sectors KEY FIGURES : Total investment : 500 millions euros including 300 million euro EC contribution Number of partners : 158 Countries represented : 23
  • 5. YMLP Conseil FI-PPP : Overview PROGRAMME APPROACH : The FI-PPP programme is performed in three phases from 2011 to 2016
  • 6. YMLP Conseil PPP Future Internet : Phase 1 Phase 1: April 2011 March 2013 (90 M European investment) Usage area requirements Architecture and development of generic and specific enablers Evaluation of test infrastructures Phase 1 aimed to define the technological foundation (May 2011- April 2014) and 8 use cases projects (April 2011-March 2013). This base, called FI-Ware, is built around: Access to services Cloud hosting Activation of the Internet of Things Data and context management Interfaces to networks and equipments Security, privacy and trust. 01/07/2014 FI-PPP 6
  • 7. YMLP Conseil PPP Future Internet : Phase 2 Phase 2: April 2013 March 2015 (80 M European investment) Prepare for early trials Develop core platform and use case specific functionalities Run early trials Phase 2 aims to develop core platform: through the XIFI project, 5 main nodes have been setting up in Germany (Berlin), Spain (Sville), Italy (Trento), Ireland (Dublin) and France (ImaginLab in Lannion). 12 additional nodes will be deployed in the next few months. Phase 2 includes 5 uses cases trials : FINESCE: Fispace: FI-STAR: FITMAN: FI-CONTENT 2: 01/07/2014 FI-PPP 7
  • 8. YMLP Conseil PPP Future Internet : Phase 3 Phase 3: September 2014 September 2016 (100 M European investment) Will provide stable infrastructure for large-scale trials (FI-CORE Project) Aims proving viability of concept through large-scale trials including innovative SMEs Aims creating a sustainable ecosystem for SME-driven innovation through the selection of 16 FI-Accelerators. FI-C3 (consortium lead by Images-et Reseaux) is one of them. Phase 3 will be entirely dedicated to SMEs. 01/07/2014 FI-PPP 8
  • 9. 2. FI PPP et lappel projet port YMLP Conseil par FI-C3 et le ple Pour quoi faire ? Sur quels thmes ? Quel intrt pour les acteurs du territoire ?
  • 10. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Who are we ? FI-C3 PARTNERS
  • 11. YMLP Conseil What is FI-C3 ? FI-C3 is an incubator for projects proposed by SMEs and web-entrepreneurs in in three business domains. 3 cross connected domains Smart Territories Media & Content Care & Well-being
  • 12. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Smart territories Smart Territories : smart city guide; smart city platforms; smart city services; personalised location based services and apps; infotainment; in real time connecting moving people and place and events; use of open data; etc
  • 13. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Media & Content Media & Content : multimedia augmented reality; transmediacross all media devices--; video games; cinema ; TV; internet video; eLearning; on-line editing and postproduction; web software needed to support/publish/produce this content; etc
  • 14. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Care & Well-being Care & Well-being: smart home; indoor position; personalised connected media; quantified self-ambient assisted living; secure home; location based services
  • 15. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Funding 4,5 millions Euros WEB Entrepreneur SME
  • 16. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Funding Web Entrepreneurs Limited duration : between 6 and 18 months Financial support : Maximum amount = 50 k 25 k maximum per 6 months Manpower funding : limited to 75%
  • 17. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Funding SME Limited duration : between 6 and 18 months Financial support : Maximum amount = 150 k 75 k maximum per 6 months Manpower funding : limited to 75%
  • 18. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Eligible costs & payment ELIGIBLE COSTS : PAYMENT PROCESS : Payment will be executed by slices representing 3 months of work 50% of the 3 month allocation as advanced payment at the beginning of the period the remaining 50% after approval of the period deliverables by the Monitoring Committee. Maximum eligible cost Re-imbursement rate Man-power 100 % of total 75% Travels 5 % of total 100% Subcontracting 25 % of total 100% Other costs 10 % of total 100%
  • 19. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Key points 2 years Sept 14 Sept 16 3 calls 6 evaluations PAYMENT 50% prefinancing 50% after evalution
  • 20. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : What can you expect from us ? Business coaching SUPPORT Assistance to proposal submission Living Labs Field User tests Go to market strategy Technical assistance on using the enablers
  • 21. YMLP Conseil Phase 3 : the other accelerators
  • 22. YMLP Conseil Phase 3 : Sectors covered by the Accelerators SME & WE can also apply to other accelerators covering other domains.
  • 23. 3. Soumission et valuation des YMLP Conseil projets
  • 24. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Selection process
  • 25. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Application - What do we expect from the applicants? Executive summary FI-C3 Project pitch Gantt chart Team presentation Budget Technical annex
  • 26. YMLP Conseil FI-C3 : Evaluation criteria The following selection and evaluation criteria for project proposals