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  • Matthew Yeomans

    A Brief Editorial Portfolio


  • About Matthew Yeomans

    Matthew Yeomans is the co-founder of Custom Communication and SMI. He has worked as a journalist since 1990. Custom draws on that experience to help companies communicate effectively online.

    Custom Communication provides:

    Editorial publishing training for corp comms, marketing, CSR, Internal comms and PR.

    Bespoke content to help companies engage with social media audiences.

    Social media consultancy for executives.

    Sustainability news and information.

    The following slides are a selected portfolio of Matthews editorial experience that informs Custom Communications editorial consulting.

  • Online Writing & Editing

  • Created Todays Business Press, C-Tweet and YouTube Brand Watch for The Big Money

  • Created The Ag, a daily news digest for

  • Has written about sustainability and social media in many publications

  • As an editor, Matthew ran online news coverage for The Industry Standard and pioneered the use of online new special reports.


  • Wrote one of the first feature stories about citizen journalism

  • As a feature writer Matthew wrote about oil, travel and football for Slate

  • Helped coordinate an online partnership with the Washington Post, Slate and the Industry Standard to cover the 2000 Presidential election.

  • Magazine Writing & Editing

  • Yeomans was a regular contributor to leading travel magazine Travel & Leisure.

  • Its 10 past four on a fast-cooling early Saturday morning and the red-eye crew of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps is sipping coffee in the back of the ambulance. Martin Law, 30, Timothy Sutton, 28, Angelina Coleman, 23,and 35-year-old Vivian Lomacang are regulars on the Friday night shift. They work to gain hardcore medical experience. They are rarely disappointed.

    "Man shot. 1851 Fulton Street" the police scanner crackles, the coffee goes flying, and the Bed-Stuy volunteer ambulance roars into life. The "man" is just a boy, 16 years old and shot through the eye on his way home from a graduation party. He is lying under a basketball hoop in the center of the Brevoort Housing projects, and police are on the scene as the volunteers arrive. The boy is surrounded by about a hundred onlooker who stand numbed and silent while the police chat complacently theyve seen too much of this already tonight. As Coleman and Lomacang unload the backboard and stretcher, Law applies a neck brace to the boy and tries to calm him as he cries out in the a mixture of shock and pain. Behind him, a distraught relative keeps pleading to anyone who will listen, "Could you all stand back and give him some air, please."

    EMS paramedics arrive and together the crews gather round the young boy and life him slowly onto the backboard, then onto the stretcher. Both teams help carry the boy to the Bed-Stuy ambulance and one of the EMS medics jumps in with the volunteers. Inside, the crew tries to stabilize the boy. "Quincyhow you doing, Quincytry to breathe when she pumps that thing," urges the paramedic as Lamacang gives oxygen to the patient. They reach Kings County Hospital in less than 10 minutes, the boys family following close behind. Quincy is admitted to the overflowing trauma center. "Dont stay out late with all that money," his grandmother had warned him as he left for the evening. "Theyll get you if you got money or if you got nothing" he had said. "It dont make no difference."

    In 1990 Yeomans spent a summer with a volunteer ambulance corps in New Yorks Bedford-Stuyvesant. The work was published in the Village Voice.

  • In 2002 Yeomans traveled through Italy documenting the Slow Cities movement in a cover feature story for Travel & Leisure.

  • As a golf travel writer Yeomans reviewed golf courses for Golf.

  • As an oil and energy journalist Yeomans looked at the geo-politics of oil for The Atlantic Monthly.

  • As a sports feature writer, Yeomans wrote about the World Cup for National Geographic.

  • Yeomans wrote travel stories for The New York Times.

  • As a senior editor for the Village Voice, Yeomans wrote and assigned many political features, including this humorous look at the Drug Wars.

  • Yeomans was a regular contributor to Time magazine, writing about energy and technology issues.

  • Yeomans was a regular contributor to Wired, writing feature stories and shorter news items.

  • Author & Contributor

  • Oil: Anatomy of an Industry. Published by the New Press.

  • The Gastrokid Cookbook. Published by Wiley, 2009

  • The Thinking Fans Guide to the World Cup. 2006.