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Advanced French Studies nom: ______________________

Kiffe kiffe demain

Rdaction No 1: Kiffe kiffe demain

Date limite: le mercredi 3 octobre

Longueur: 2-3 pages tapes (double-espaces)

crivez une rdaction sur un des sujets ci-joints.

Assurez-vous dinclure : une introduction o vous rsumez le sujet et thse de votre


des paragraphes bien-dvelopps qui soutiennent votre thse des citations du texte qui soutiennent votre thse une conclusion significative.

Vous serez nots sur le contenu ET la langue bas sur les chelles suivantes :





---50---49---48--- Thorough and effective treatment of topic, including supporting details and relevant references from the text.

---47---46---45--- Effective treatment of topic, including some supporting details and mostly relevant references from the text.

44---43---42---41---40 Competent treatment of topic, including a few supporting details and references from the text.


Inadequate treatment of topic, consisting mostly of statements with no development; references to the text may be


34---33---32---31---30 Little or no treatment of topic; may consist mostly of repetition of text references or may not refer to the text at all..

29----- Shows no familiarity with the text OR does not address the topic.





Fully understandable, with ease and clarity of expression; occasional errors do not impede comprehensibility Varied and appropriate vocabulary and idiomatic expressions Control of time frames; accuracy and variety in grammar, syntax, and usage, with few errors Organized essay; effective use of transitional elements or cohesive devices Variety of simple and compound sentences, and some complex sentences


Fully understandable, with some errors, which do not impede comprehensibility Generally appropriate vocabulary, including some idiomatic expressions Accurate use of present time and mostly accurate use of other time frames; general control of grammar, syntax, and usage Organized essay; some effective use of transitional elements or cohesive devices Simple, compound, and a few complex sentences


Generally understandable, with errors that may impede comprehensibility Sufficient vocabulary, including a few idiomatic expressions Mostly accurate use of present time and some accuracy in other time frames; some control of grammar, syntax, and usage Some organization; limited use of transitional elements or cohesive devices Simple and a few compound sentences


Partially understandable, with errors that force interpretation and cause confusion for the reader Limited vocabulary and idiomatic expressions

Some accuracy in present time and little or no accuracy in other time frames; limited control of grammar, syntax, and usage

Inadequate organization; ineffective use of transitional elements or cohesive devices Simple sentences and phrases


Barely understandable, with frequent or significant errors that impede comprehensibility Very few vocabulary resources Little or no control of grammar, syntax, usage, and time frames Little or no organization; absence of transitional elements and cohesive devices Simple sentences or fragments


Clearly does not respond to the prompt; completely irrelevant to the topic Je ne sais pas, Je ne comprends pas, or equivalent Not in the language of the exam Blank

Votre thse nest pas ncessairement

une phrase mais il doit montrer votre

(vos) ide(s) principale(s). Cette

rdaction nest pas un rsum du

livre, vous voulez exprimer une ide

avec des arguments qui la

soutiennent que vous avez sur le



1. To some significant extent, Doria feels fully neither French nor Moroccan, trapped between worlds with nowhere to turn. Examine her situation and try to account for the hardship of

being outside looking in. Could her potentially bi-cultural identitybeing both/and

instead of neither/norbecome an advantage rather than just a liability? If you wish, you

could also in a meaningful, point-based way, compare Dorias life to your own life or to

your own first-hand observations, always being sure to keep your discussion grounded in

the text.

2. Analyze Kiffe kiffe demain as a portrait of the universal experience of adolescence. In what ways can the particulars of this character, her situation and point-of-view, also suggest

more broadly things that most people experience in youth? Alternatively, analyze the novel

with respect to the theme of immigration: how do the particulars of Dorias life suggest

general experiences shared by many or most people who come from one country to live in

another? One version of this latter topic would be to investigate the role-reversal involved

when children of immigrants often help parent their parents in the new setting.

3. In stories of maturation there are often characters who gain an understanding through being forced to look at life a different way. In the end, having the benefit of perspective contributed to their satisfaction as much as the new lifestyle. They got over their envy;

they stopped employing ironic detachments as an inverse-survival strategy; they stopped

expecting somebody else to make their life better for them. To quote Emerson, they found

the power that resides in them. Examine Kiffe kiffe demain and explain to what degree

these ideas apply to Doria.

4. Among its many effects and devices, literature tries to both familiarize the strange and make strange (and fresh) the familiar. Examine the ways in which novelist Faze

Guneherself a college student in Parisdoes this for the universal human experience of

adolescence, and how in other ways this supposed diary of a 15 year old should be so

successful. What you come up with should be not a book report merely expressing your

approval or disapproval, but rather an investigation of what Gune thinks is worth

fictionalizingand of the literary effects and power of this book.

5. Dorias mind slides between daydreams and revenge fantasies, all the while noting her own dashed hopes as well as skewering the pretensions of others. Shes alive to the ironies of

her situation and much of the novel revolves her sense of the ideal vs. the real (one form

of irony is the gulf between what wed like and what we get). This topic invites you to

investigate a few specific instances of her attitudes, point-of-view, moods and mental states

by way of offering your readers a conclusion about why sheand many of us, at one time

or anotherwould see the world in the way she does.

6. Identify a theme, or perhaps a pattern or images, and analyze with respect to the novel. What ideas or general themes or values recur throughout this text; what is this text about?

Pick a single one or set of related ideas (or images which themselves embody ideas or ways

of looking at experience). What general idea or experience is dramatized through the

particulars and the lively voice of this novel?