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  • Chris & Donna Alexander)Ryan &Nicholas /

    September, 1991/

    of being the cattle-producing capital ofZambia. Other important agriculturalproducts include some of the best cashewnutsyou have evereaten, plus cassava andrice. Also, due to its close proximity to theZambezi River, there are a great number ofpeople involved in fishing. ,

    One of the first things you notice inMongu is the amount of sand. No other

    place in Zambia compares to Mongue inthis regard. No matter where you go youfind sand. And, it seems that no matter /where you go you are destined to carjyy lo'some of it with you. IfSjiike living at the ^ ^beach -- only without the water. With the'exception of two tar roads, every roadrequires a 4x4 vehicle or cannot be drivenon. About once a week we even get hung

    By June 1990, wfien Donna and I hadrelumed to Zambia from our furlough, wehad received word that the church at tmwikohad almost disbanded. And on our firstvisit, there were a total of 6 adult members

    remaining.At that time it had not even crossed our

    mincji that the Lord might be calling us tomove to Mongu, but after the doors ofministry in Lusaka continued to close weprayed and in the end felt the Lord leadingus to work with the Imwikochurch.

    Information about Monguand the Lozl People

    "Mongu - ifs not the end of the world,butyou can see itfrom here."

    That was the description sent home byour summer intems/tPon and Aieta Hulsey^^^P ur driveway. One benefit, however,immediately after their arrival. But, perhapsfirst impressions are deceiving.

    Mongu is the provincial capital of theWeslem Province of Zambia, It is locatedapproximately 400 milesAor seven hoursdrive, due west of our old home in Lusaka.The town itself, though not extremely large,has a growing population of about 20,000people. There are several governmentoffices, also a number of secondaryschools, and quite a few shops in the mainpart of town. Agriculturally, Mongu boasts

    Is that there is no grass to mow so if youhate yard work maybe the Lord is callingyou, too,

    The second thing that you notice aboutMongu Is the great Zambezi Flood Plain.From our house on the hill you can literallysee for miles out onto this great, seeminglyendless plain that seasonally fills with water >when the Zambezi river floods its banl^r^The sun sets out on the plain and it isgorgeous - but before you comment onmissionary slide presentations, I am not

  • ^ pasl for this type of camp, only with otherA church groups. The agenda Included study\S sessionson the participalion of youth in the

    Church. In the moming, games andactivities In the aftemoon, preaching in theevening and then Christian films beforeturning in. Those In charge used a lot ofInitiative in the program and were able tofinance the camp completely on their own.Thiswas quite a step for these churches.

    Chawama Church Project

    Another reason for my being in Lusakawas to complete the work on the ChawamaChurch Project. Before leaving Lusaka, Iagreed to assist one of our larger churchesto secure their building. The ChawamaChurch is in a highly populated, lowincomearea, and a place where there is a lot oftrouble with theft. The church windows had ibeen broken, the window frames had been istolen and the church was afraid that theywere going to lose even the wooden plankswhich they use for benches.

    The work involved first removing thewindow frames and replacing them withdecorative cement air blocks, We then

    installed security gates and finally paintedthe building. We were assisted in thepainting by one of the other church youthgroups.

    Repoti on Zambia Today

    I know that many people are concemedtoday about the politics and economics ofAfrica. I thought you might like an updateonwhatis currently happening inZambia,


    Chris and Donna Alexander

    P.O, Box 910273

    Mongu, Zambia, AfricaPhone: 260-7-221514

    Politically, there are many changes Inprocess here. This Is an election year inZambia, with voting taking place sometimeIn October. It Is a special election, beingheld two years early, so that Zambia, whichused to be a one-party state can nowbecome a multi-party state. This is the firsttime since her independence when anopposition party can legally run against theparty In power. For months now we havebeen witness to the campaigning of twomajor parties with commercials. T-shirts,buttons and slogans. Now as we approachthe October voting we pray that peace willbe the order of the day. Please pray withus.

    Economically, Zambia is still sufferingthe pains brought on by developing aneconomy solely around copper. Thoughthere are changes taking place, they areslow in producing the kinds of results whichare needed. Currently the strength of the

    Kwacha to the US Dollar is about 70:1, As

    always those who suffer most are those

    who can afford it least.

    A Final Note of Thanks

    As always we cannot express our gratitude to you who continue to pray and financially support the work here. We reap therewards on a daily basis of seeing liveschanged because of your generosity. Ourprayer for you Is that the Lord will continueto bless you as you do His work herethrough us. Thanks again!

    Chris, Donna, Ryan and Nicholas

    Forwarding Agents:

    Mr. and Mrs, Jim Maddux

    12803 U,S. 42

    Watton.KY 41094Phone: (606)485-6926