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  • Background I am a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts.

    I study mechanical engineering with a concentration in engineering design.

    I was a member of the WPI Varsity football team from 2011-2013.

    I am a member of Lambda Chi Alpha mens fraternity.

    My work experiences include working:

    As a Mechanical Designer at Sparton Technology machine shop in Hudson, New Hampshire.

    As a CAD Designer at KettlePizza, LLC in Groveland, Massachusetts.

    This portfolio is a collection of some of my mechanical design work at Sparton, KettlePizza, and at WPI. For more information please see either my resume or my LinkedIn page (link posted below).

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/jared-breton/82/a01/533



  • PTC Creo Parametric Experience

    In the Spring of 2014, I took an advanced modeling class that used PTCs Creo Parametric 2.0 modeling software. For our first project, my partner and I:

    1. Modeled the components of the EcoMotors OPOC using the drawings provided;

    2. Assembled the engine using coincident, pin, and cylinder joints to run motion analysis on the pistons and force analysis on the crank shaft;

    3. Determined the timing cycle for airflow into and out of the piston housing cylinders.


  • Determining Air Flow using Crank Angle

    Graph of Engine Timing as a Function of Crank Angle

    Determining Crank Shaft Open vs. Closed Position Using Geometry


  • Piston Motion vs. Airflow Diagram


  • 3D Printed Mold

    For our second project, my partner and I modeled a minion from the movie Despicable Me and made a 3D printed soap mold of him.

    When designing the mold, we had to take into consideration appropriate draft angles, spatial limitations, and printing tolerances.


  • Draft Analysis


  • Final Product

    3D Printed Soap Mold Soap Minion made using Mold


  • Wind Turbine Design Project

    To effectively design and analyze a wind turbine mainshaft and tower using the Vestas V52 model for reference.

    Construct free body diagrams of the mainshaft, tower, rotor, and entire wind turbine.

    Use singularity functions to identify critical sections on the shaft.

    Determine normal and shear stresses at critical points on the critical sections.

    Calculate von Mises effective stresses.

    Calculate cycles to failure and shaft deflection.


  • My Work at Sparton Technology

    At Sparton Technology, I work primarily as a Mechanical Designer using SolidWorks to design NEMA 4X (water-tight) and 6P (submersible) rated electrical enclosures using sheet metal construction. Some of my responsibilities are:

    Providing SolidWorks parts and working assemblies of all components used to manufacture the enclosure.

    Providing properly dimensioned and labeled engineering drawings of all components and assemblies. This includes providing a Bill of Materials, appropriate notes and detailing, and accurate welding symbols.

    Designing databases using DriveWorks Xpress that automate the production of CAD models and engineering drawings of NEMA rated enclosures.

    New product development for a more cost-effective, hinged submersible enclosure that provides larger profit margins, utilizes efficient design and manufacturing methods, and enhanced customer experience.

    This is my current project at Sparton and is near the prototyping phase.


  • NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X Enclosures


    NEMA 4 and 4X enclosures are waterproof and weather-tight enclosures.

    Spartons NEMA 4 series enclosures feature cast hinges, key latches, mounting feet, and a sturdy door for optimum accessibility and strength.

    Although I did not design this enclosures original iteration, I made improvements on it and automated the design of it using DriveWorks Xpress.

  • NEMA 6P Basic Enclosure

    The NEMA 6P enclosure is a submersible electrical enclosure made of formed sheet-metal components.

    It features a bolt pattern that applies the necessary compression on a silicone gasket to keep the inside dry when submersed.

    It also features an internal stiffener pattern to prevent the enclosure from imploding under water pressure.


  • NEMA 6P Basic Enclosure

    Cover Subassembly Box Subassembly


  • 14

  • NEMA Enclosure Design Automation

    One of my responsibilities at Sparton is automating the design of NEMA rated enclosures. Automating creates a new enclosure from a pre-existing one by defining its dimensions, custom properties, and features using sets of equations from a user-programmed database.

    The purpose of using automation instead of making a new model is that the products feature the same style components; but they vary in size, are for a different client, and some components may or may not be present. When multiple enclosures with little variance in physical design need to be made, automating saves time and money by producing SolidWorks part, assembly, and drawing files.


  • The Automation Process The first step in the automation process is to

    identify critical dimensions and custom properties. They govern the generation of every successive enclosure thereafter.

    They act as input variables on a form sent to the user, who completes it using information from a customer quote.

    Upon completion, the input variables are plugged into equations that govern the dimensions and properties of the enclosure.

    The end result is a working enclosure assembly, all pertinent part and subassembly files, and engineering drawings for the customers enclosure.


  • Speedboat Electrical Enclosure

    This enclosure is made of formed aluminum and is mounted on a speedboat.

    It has handles, air vents, gas springs, a compressible gasket, and racks with plates designed for mounting electrical components.


  • My Work for KettlePizza, LLC

    My work for KettlePizza is mainly contracted CAD modeling work.

    Images of my work are shown on the following pages. Projects include creating SolidWorks parts and assemblies for concept visualization, logo stenciling for use on promotional items, and ready-for-manufacture quality parts and drawings.

    Deliverables include:

    SolidWorks parts, working assemblies, STEP files;

    Engineering drawings (if necessary);

    The original project with redesign concepts set as configurations.

    Rendered near-photo quality product images for social media promotional purposes.


  • Portable Grills for Tailgating

    Cuisinart All-Foods Grill Weber Q200 Grill


  • KettlePizza Pro-Grate & Pizza Stone

    SolidWorks Image Actual Photograph


  • Contacts

    Scott Breton

    Vice President of Sparton Technology Corportation

    [email protected]

    Al Contarino

    President, CEO, Owner of KettlePizza, LLC

    [email protected]


    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]