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<ul><li><p>CURRICULUM VITAE</p><p>CHARLIE PETITJEAN</p><p>Date of birth: december 31th 1987 in FranceMail :</p><p>Web page:</p><p>Research Interests : Algebraic Geometry and Transformation Groups, Invariant Theory, Ane Algebraic Geometry,Automorphism Groups, T-varieties, Birational equivalence, Exotic Algebraic Structures.</p><p>Education:</p><p>Nov. 2015- Postdoc Fondecyt, University of Talca, Chile. Advisor Liendo Aalvaro.Sept. 2014- Aug 2015 ATER, University of Burgundy, Dijon.Sept. 2011- March 2015 PhD in Mathematics, University of Burgundy, Dijon , France. Supervisors Lucy Moser-Jauslinand Adrien Dubouloz.Sept. 2010- June 2011 MSc in Mathematics, University of Burgundy, Dijon , France. Supervisor Lucy Moser-Jauslin.June 2011 CAPES of Mathematics (certicat d'aptitude au professorat de l'enseignement du second degr).</p><p>Talks :</p><p>Feb. 2016 : Notions quivariantes de la rationalit uniforme, Sminaire Gomtrie Algbrique, Montpellier, France.Oct. 2015 : T-varieties of higher complexity, Conference Singularits et Gomtrie Tropicales, Paris, France.May 2015 : Notions quivariantes de la rationalit uniforme, Sminaire sur les Singularits Paris, France.May 2015 : Birational equivalence of divisors and T-varieties, Seminar Algebra &amp; Geometry, Basel, Suisse.May 2015 : Uniformly rational varieties and equivariant denitions, Colloquium, Talca, Chili.Oct. 2014 : Segmental divisors and hyperbolic Gm-actions , Workshop in Algebraic Geometry BirPol - PTT at Toulouse,France.July 2014 : Uniformly Rational Exotic Ane Spaces International Conference on Ane Algebraic Geometry and JacobianConjecture at Tianjin, China.Jan. 2014 : A combinatorial description of T-varieties third Swiss-French workshop at Enney, Switzeland.Sept. 2013 : Cyclic covers of T-varieties "Birpol5" at Dijon, France.Apr. 2013 : Varits algbriques anes avec action d'un tore at Dijon, France.Nov. 2012 : A description of certain ane hyperbolic C-varieties of complexity two, Conference in algebraic geometry,Birpol3 at Basel, Switzeland.</p><p>Workshop:</p><p>Oprations catgoriques du groupe de tresses, Dijon, 2015.Thorie A1-topologique des varits algbriques, Dijon, 2011-2012.</p><p>Talks in the student seminar:</p><p>Feb. 2016: Varits toriques student seminar at Dijon, France.Sept. 2014 : General concepts in algebraic geometry student seminar at Dijon, France.Jan. 2014 : Action de groupe algbrique et varits toriques student seminar at Dijon, France.Oct. 2013 : Ensemble algbrique, topologie de Zariski et thorme de Bezout student seminar at Dijon, France.Jan. 2013 : Drivation localement nilpotente student seminar at Dijon, France.</p><p>Conferences participation:</p><p>Jan. 2016, Toric methods in geometry, arithmetics, and dynamics, PUC Santiago, Chile.June 2015, Grothendieck Conference 2015, Montpellier, France.Apr. 2015, Perverse Sheaves and Applications, Dijon, France.Jan. 2015, Swiss-French workshop Gruyre 4,Enney, Swittzerland.June 2014, Groupes de Transformations BirPol 7- Del Duca, Rennes, France.June 2014, Algebraic groups and representations, Lyon, France.Feb. 2014, Winter Braids IV, Dijon, France.Dec. 2013, Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry BirPol 6, Basel, Switzeland.May 2013, BirPol meets MIRES, Poitier, France.March 2013, Groupes de transformations algbriques - Exemples BirPol 4, Paris, France.</p><p>1</p></li><li><p>CURRICULUM VITAE 2</p><p>Feb. 2013, Swiss-French workshop Gruyre 2, Enney, Swittzerland.Sept. 2012, 35th Autumn School in Algebraic Geometry Subgroups of Cremona groups, Lukecin, Poland.May 2012, Gomtrie algbrique ane relle et complexe, BirPol 2, La Rochelle, France.Feb. 2012, Swiss-French workshop Gruyre, Enney, Swittzerland.Jan. 2012, Workshop Gomtrie Birationnelle et Ane, BirPol 1, Toulouse, FranceNov. 2011, Seminar: Ane Algebraic Geometry and Group Actions, Oberwolfach, Deutschland.</p><p>Articles: Cyclic covers of ane T-varieties in Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra (2015).We consider normal ane T-varieties X endowed with an action of nite abelian group G commuting with the action ofT. For such varieties we establish the existence of G-equivariant geometrico-combinatorial presentations in the sense ofAltmann and Hausen. As an application, we determine explicit presentations of the Koras-Russell threefolds as bi-cycliccovers of A3 equipped with a hyperbolic Gm-action.Automorphism groups of Koras-Russell threefolds of the second kind in Contribution to Algebra and Geometry.We determine the automorphism groups of Koras-Russell threefolds of the second kind. In particular we show that thesegroups are semi-direct products of two subgroups, one given by the multiplicative group and the other isomorphic toa polynomial ring in two variables with the addition law. We also show that these groups are generated by algebraicsubgroups isomorphic to Gm and Ga.Preprint:</p><p>Equivariantly Uniformly Rational Varieties (submitted).We introduce equivariant versions of uniform rationality: given an algebraic group G , a G-variety is called G-uniformlyrational (resp. G-linearly uniformly rational) if every point has a G-invariant open neighborhood equivariantly isomorphicto a G-invariant open subset of the ane space endowed with a G-action (resp. linear G-action). We establish a criterionfor Gm-uniform rationality of ane variety equipped with hyperbolic Gm-action with a unique xed point, formulatedin term of their Altmann-Hausen presentation. We prove the Gm-uniform rationality of Koras-Russel threefolds of therst kind and we also give example of non Gm-uniformly rational but smooth rational Gm-threefold associated to pairs ofplane rational curves birationally non equivalent to a union of lines.Thesis: Actions hyperboliques du groupe multiplicatif sur des varits anes: espaces exotiques et structures locales(avaible on my webpage).Administrative task:</p><p>Co-organizer of Conference Algebraic Geometry in Dijon september 2013.Co-organizer of the days doctoral schools Carnot-Pasteur in june 2013.Co-organizer of Dijon Math student seminar.Treasurer of the association PhD in mathematics from Dijon.Jury for the entries at engineering school Esirem.</p><p>Popular science presentations: Qu'est ce qu'une godsique at Lyce Anna Judic of Semur-en-Auxois in 2012.Surfaces minimales Stage Trop fort les maths - IREM - at the University of Burgundy 2013.Surfaces minimales at Lyce Charles De Gaulle at Dijon in 2014.Teaching activities:</p><p>2014-2015 Courses classes of stats in the rst year of Psychology at the University of Burgundy.2014-2015 Courses classes of Maths in the rst year of Sciences at the University of Burgundy.2014-2015 Tutorial classes of Mathematics at the IUT ( Biological and Mechanical ) at the University of Burgundy.2011-2014 Tutorial classes of linear algebra and complex variables at engineering school ESIREM at the University ofBurgundy.2011-2014 Tutorial classes of stat at engineering school ESIREM at the University of Burgundy.</p></li></ul>