DAIWA - Catalogo 2012 Ingles

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DAIWA - Catalogo 2012 Ingles


  • La socit se rserve le droit de rectifier toutes erreurs ou toutes modifications.

    Vente rserve aux distributeurs agrs.

    Daiwa GermanyIndustriestr. 28

    82194 GrbenzellTelefon +49 8142 5005-0Fax +49 8142 5005-11

    e-mail: info@daiwa-cormoran.dewww.daiwa.de



  • Reels

    Front Drag ReelsCertate 11Exist Hyper Branzino Custom 12Exist Hyper Custom 13Morethan Branzino 14Infinity Q Zaion 15Caldia 15Ballistic SH 16Theory 16Seagate E QD 17Luvias 17Team Daiwa Match / Feeder 18Exceler Z 18Exceler X 19Exceler S 19Procaster X 20Sweepfire 20Crossfire X 21Underspin XE 21

    Rear Drag ReelsHarrier Match 21Procaster X 22Megaforce X 22Crossfire X 23Sweepfire X 23

    Free spool ReelsRegal Z BR 24Regal X BR 24Infinity X BRA 25

    Big Pit ReelsT-Basiair QD 26T-Basia QD 27T-Basia QDX 27T-Entoh 28Emblem Pro 28Windcast Z 29Windcast X 29Crosscast X 30 Crosscast S 30

    sea Fishing ReelsSeagate E 31Capricorn Pilk 31Saltiga 32-33Exceler E 34

    Gold Silver GS 9M 35Black Gold BG 90M 35Powercast 35

    Multiplier ReelsTanacom Bull 36Hyper Tanacom FE 36Hyper Tanacom S 37Hyper Tanasensor F 37Sealine SG LCA 38Accudepth Plus LC 38

    Baitcast ReelsZ 2020HL 39T3 Ballistic HSL 40-41TD Viento 42Megaforce THSL 42Millionaire L ICV 43Liberto Pixy L 43 Team Daiwa Pluton 44Team Daiwa Zillion 45Its ICV 45Aggrest SHL 46Crossfire 46


    Predator RodsMorethan Branzino AGS 52-53Morethan Branzino 54-55Generation Black 56-57TD Spinning 58-59TD Linear Interline 58-59RNessa Spinning 60-61Crossfire Combos 60-61Infinity Q Spinning 62-63Exceler Spinning 64-65Sweepfire 66-67Megaforce 66-67Exceler Catfish 68-69Procaster Trout 68-69Twilight Spec. Coregon 68-69TD Vertical 70-71TD Dropshot 70-71Heartland 72-73

    Pole & Bolo RodsTD Specialist Bolo 72-73Exceler Pole 72-73

    Sweepfire 72-73Compass Mobile Telepole 82-83

    Carp RodsTournament Basiair Carp 74-75Tournament AKN Carp 74-75Emblem Carp 74-75Ryukon Carp 76-77Windcast Carp 76-77Black Widow Carp 76-77

    Coarse Fishing RodsAqualite 78-79TD Heavy Feeder 78-79Windcast Feeder 80-81Procaster Feeder 80-81

    Telescopic RodsMegaforce 82-83

    sea Fishing RodsTeam Daiwa Pilk 84-85Megaforce Jigging 86-87Tanacom Bull Boat 86-87Sealine Xtreme Interline 86-87Ninja Boat Interline 86-87Exceler 88-89Sealine Extreme Surf 90-91Windcast S Surf 90-91Sensor Surf 90-91


    Lines 92-97

    Tournament Plugs 98-103Tournament Lures 104-105Tournament Accessories 105-106Soft plastic Lures 106

    SaqSas Hooks 107Tournament Hooks 108-109iB-ONE Bite Indicator 110-111Infinity Range 112-113

    Bags 114-117Clothing 118-119

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    MAG seAlThe MAG SEAL principle is based on a special magnetic oil, which has been developed by the NASA to transport fuel to the starships based on the magnetic principle. Such an oil for reel production is not available in the super market. It has to be manufactured under most difficult circumstances. The embedded ferric oxide, which is necessary for the magnetic field has a diameter of 1/100.000mm and is that small, that the surface of a single particle has the tenth of the size of an influenza virus. The molecules in this new metal oil are capable of changing. If they are exposed to a magnetic field, they change their shape and the oil forms a fluid seal. This magnetic oil is that strong, that it would stick to a magnetic bucket, even if the bottom was cut out. Such a seal, based on the principle of liquid magnetic oil produces nearly no friction, isolates perfectly and prevents even penetrating of little dust particles. The big challenge for the DAIWA engineers was the development of a reel, which is designed for the principle of the magnetic oil to generate a kind of liquid membrane, that prevents water penetration. The MAG SEAL design is based on the purpose to keep water away from a spinning reel. First of all for sea anglers this is an amazing idea - since it promises a longer life span. No corrosion, better function. If salt water penetrates the reel and dries, it crystallizes, corrodes the gearing and affects the ball bearings. The simplest solution for implementing a sealed mechanism, would have been the usage of a rubber seal. But this would cause such a strong friction, that an isolation of the rotor and axis would have been impossible. Only the use of a metallic oil in combination with a magnet provides the desired isolation effect without heavy friction. Years of research and development were required to develop such a reel isolation. We call this liquid isolation MAG seAl.

    Conventional rotor construction Rotor

    Body BodyRotor Rotor

    Water Water MAG SEAL



    Magnetic field



    AIR ROTORThe magnetic oil barrier does not only prevent the intrusion of water, it also increases the ease of motion and the delicacy of feeling of the reel. You feel better connected to the lure, detect softer bites and experience more sensitivity during the fight with the fish. We call the effect REEL SENSITIVITY. Especially for this new feeling we have developed a complete new Air rotor. First, the enormous strains, which affect the rotor via the line and the line roller are better distributed. This causes less pressure on the single parts of the rotor. The new rotor is 15% more light weighted than usual rotors of the same material - this reduces vibrations and enhances the rotational balance thanks to a very low centre of gravity.

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    Under strain of 10kg

    Nylon / ABS

    ZAIONZaion is an excellent material developed by DAIWA to built reel bodies and rotors. The big advantage of this material is its lightness and solidity. Zaion is a kind of High Density carbon strain material, which is made for highest performance and to resist maximum impact. Due to Zaion, it is possible to construct a lightweight reel body that durably supports the gearing. The strength of Zaion corresponds to magnesium and is 20% stronger than Nylon/ABS material, usually used for reel bodies. Zaion is about 50% lighter than aluminium.



    HARDBODY-Z CONCePTWe have the perfect metal alloy, we have a more precise processing and we have the knowledge for building precise, durable and very lightweight metal reels.We call this technology the HardBody-Z concept. These reels have a technological advantage and they are not compared to other synthetic reels more expensive and in comparison to our traditional reels they have an economic price.


    UTD - UlTIMATe TOURNAMeNT DRAG systemThe new DAIWA drag system. Includes impregnated drag discs, which are about 30 times more durable than normal discs. The effective drag power is considerably increased compared to normal drag systems. An additional advantage is the reduced start-up resistance - the drag starts working, when the adjusted drag power is reached and drags smoothly and steadily.

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    WAsHABle CONsTRUCTIONOur reels with the construction concept washable can be cleaned under running water without damaging the function of the reel. Neither afterwards nor later.


    CRBB BAll BeARINGsCRBB is short for Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings and means salt-water-proof ball bearings. CRBB ball bearings feature an 12 times higher corrosion resistance than usual ball bearings.

    DIGIGeARMachined, digitally developed gearing for maximum performance and endurance. Embeded in our HardBody Z aluminium body, it transmits smoothly and efficiently the power of the handle directly to the rotor.


    sIleNT OsCIllATIONBy the special position and guidance of the oscillation-gear wheels, we improved the smoothness of the gear in comparison to usual systems of similar construction.

    AIRBAIl Reel HANDleThe AirBail reel handle is hollow. Therefore it is very light, extremely strong and resilient. The special, strengthening construction prevents the twisting of the line around the handle, which was a problem for spin anglers in the past.

    This picture shows the line directly after closing the handle. You can clearly see the line.

    When you start winding the line, the point of contact between line and handle moves to the line roller.

    The line is directly lead to the line roller with the help of the AirBail handle.

    Here seen in enlargement.


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    INFINITe ANTI ReVeRseA weak part of many reels the most reliable part of a DAIWA reel. Only high-quality parts made of steel with smallest tolerances are used.

    TB - TWIsT BUseR & TWIsT BUseR 2 DAIWAs original advanced technology designed to reduce line twist. An essential reason for line twist has been eliminated with this smart idea. the Twist Buster 2 line roller not only minimises line twist, but also reduces further friction between the line and the roller.


    ABs - ANTI-BACKlAsH sYsTeMThe super system, that allows long casts and prevents line twist reliably. The running of the line from the spool usually occurs in different big loops. The best approach for preventing twist of the line is the generation of large windings. DAIWA reels with ABS have spools, which are constructed in such way that they have a spool guide of a very large diameter. This spool guide is winding towards the top of the spool. The line winds regularly from the spool to prevent the twisting of the line. Thanks to this system longer casts are possible.


    CROss-WRAPDAIWAs unique CrossWrap line laying system, cross wraps the line on the spool avoidng line dig in, increases line pick up and further increases casting distance.

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    Art.-No. model BB ratio m/mm retrieval wt.10407-101 1003 9 4.8:1 100/0.16 59cm 195g10407-201 2000 9 4.8:1 130/0.25 63cm 230g10407-251 2500 9 4.8:1 160/0.28 71cm 245g10407-256 2506 9 4.8:1 140/0.18 71cm 230g10407-301 3000 9 4.8:1 190/0.30 81cm 280g

    The pioneering innovation within the CERTATE is the patented MAG SEALED mechanism. By use of nanotechnology from the automobile industry, the gear is sealed with magnetic oil. Like this no water and no disruptive salt crystals can get into the body. Thus, an everlasting smooth running and winding is achieved. The gearing is cut out of one piece by a CNC-machine and sustains even the hardest strains. The new CERTATE offers Japanese high tech in perfect manner.



    Front Drag Reel

    Metal reel

    Airbail (Patent-Nr. EP1038437B1) Twist Buster line roller (Patent-Nr. EP0876760B1

    REAL FOUR concept Washable construction 9 Steel ball bearings (incl. 4 CRBB) HardBody-Z Aluminum reel body MAG Sealed AIR rotor DigiGear II CNC-cut gearing Silent Oscillation III GyroSpin Engine plate Ultimate Tournament drag system (UTD) Infinite anti-reverse Anti Backlash System II (ABS II) Cold forged Aluminum spool AirBail Lifetime bail spring Twist Buster II line roller Made in Japan

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    REAL FOUR concept Washable construction 11 CRBB ball bearings AirMetal magnesium reel body Machine cut Aluminum handle Waterproof, sealed drag Hyper DigiGear cut gearing Silent oscillation system Infinite anti-reverse Anti Backlash system (ABS) Super lightweight AIR long cast spool AirBail titanium coated Lifetime bail spring Twist Buster II line roller Individual serial number Hardcase transportation bag Made in Japan

    Metal reel

    Art.-No. model BB ratio m/mm retrieval wt.10121-250 2508R 11 4.8:1 150/0.24 71cm 230g

    With the EXIST HC BRANZINO 2508R, DAIWA celebrates reel engineering on the highest technical level. The combination of magnesium for the body construction and superior quality metal parts for the gearing offers, all in all, a perfect unit that is outstanding referring to lightness and smooth winding. The gearing is cut of a special metal alloy that is also used for the SALTIGA reels and stands highest strains. An ultra-light Japanese woven carbon fibre coated aluminium spool is made by a unique production procedure, which further reduces the weight of the reel. Due to the semi-shallow spool the reel is ideally suited for fishing with thin monofilament lines and with extreme thin braids. The perfect reel for light fishing with small lures for zander, perch, trout and for coarse fishing.

    Front Drag Reel

    Every reel with own serial number.

    Airbail (Patent-Nr. EP1038437B1) Twist Buster line roller (Patent-Nr. EP0876760B1

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    Art.-No. model BB ratio m/mm retrieval wt.10120-259 2508 11 4.8:1 150/0.24 71cm 245g

    Nearly identical with the EXIST HYPER CUSTOM BRANZINO, this EXIST HYPER CUSTOM impresses by its technical design.

    Metal reel

    Front Drag Reel

    Every reel with own serial number.

    Airbail (Patent-Nr. EP1038437B1) Twist Buster line roller (Patent-Nr. EP0876760B1

    REAL FOUR concept Washable construction 11 CRBB ball bearings AirMetal magnesium reel body Machine cut Aluminum handle Hyper DigiGear cut gearing GyroSpin Cross-Wrap line lay Silent oscillation system Infinite anti-reverse Anti Backlash system (ABS) Super lightweight AIR long cast spool AirBail titanium coated Lifetime bail spring Twist Buster II line roller Individual serial number Hardcase transportation bag Made in Japan

  • 14

    Metal reel

    REAL FOUR concept Washable construction 11 CRBB ball bearings HardBody-Z reel body AirMetal rotor Machine cut Aluminum handle Hyper DigiGear GyroSpin Cross-Wrap line lay Air Rotation system Silent oscillation system Water-protected drag Infinite anti-reverse Forged super long distance casting Aluminum spool with TiN spool rimAirBail titanium coated Lifetime bail spring Twist Buster II line roller, TiN coated Made in Japan


    With this reel from the JAPAN range, DAIWA is demonstrating its skill and power to develop a reel. Once you hold the MORETHAN BRANZINO 3000 in your hand for the first time, you never want to put it away again. It is absolutely unique on the markets regarding design and its features. This reel is fitted with the Hyper DigiGear, same as SALTIGA series. The rotor is made from aluminium-magnesium alloy that combines lightness with solidity and power. The spool is drilled from solid aluminium block and is covered with real woven carbon mesh, that is usually used for car and fishing rod industry. A reel that makes your dreams come true!

    Art.-No. model BB ratio m/mm retrieval wt.10120-300 3000 11 4.8:1 185/0.30 81cm 280g


    Front Drag Reel

    Airbail (Patent-Nr. EP1038437B1) Twist Buster line roller (Patent-Nr. EP0876760B1

  • 15


    Metal reel

    After the overwhelming success of the INFINITY Q in the past years, also the follow-up model INFINITY Q ZAION convinces. Within the line roller we have implemented a new generation of ball bearings. Now sounds of the reel after fishing in salt water belong to the past. The gearing is fully CNC cut and offers exceptional smooth winding and loads of power. The perfect reel for fishing for sea trout and pike.


    Art.-No. model BB ratio m/mm retrieval wt.10409-302 3000 9 4.8:1 270/0.25 81cm 280g

    Front Drag Reel

    REAL FOUR concep...