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  • Law Catalogue 2013

    Rue des Minimes 39 1000 Bruxelles BELGIQUE

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    Rue des Minimes 39 1000 Bruxelles BELGIQUE

    ( +32 (0)2 548 07 13 7 +32 (0)2 548 07 14

    DBIT 7 route des Trois Cantons

    L-8399 Windhof ( + 352 278 607307 + 352 278 60731



    The publishing firms of Larcier, Larcier Business and Promoculture-Larcier constitute, together with Bruylant publishing, the Larcier Group.

    Based in Belgium, the Larcier Group is also present in Luxembourg and in France, and publishes in French, Dutch and English.

    Its catalogue contains 47 journals and more than 2000 active titles (Codes, 120 series of titles, lecture notes, acts of seminars, ) which are intended for all types of professionals in law (lawyers, magistrates, solicitors, corporate jurists, academics, institutions, libraries, students,).

    For many years, these 4 brands have been developing a large editorial offer in English in order to meet the essential objective of preserving a dynamic editorial activity, anchored in their readers professional activity.

    Indeed more and more legal matters are becoming European and international and English has become the vehicular language in many legal subjects.

    Furthermore, presenting an editorial offer in English enables a better diffusion of our high quality law books to the Anglo-Saxon markets, and thereby to the whole world.

    You will find here a first selection of journals and books available in English.They will give you the opportunity to appreciate the richness and the diversity of our catalogue.

    All our publications available on and

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    Editorial BoardEditors in chief : Maud Piers and Jean-Franois TossensMembers of the Editorial Board : Olivier Caprasse, Luc Demeyere, Werner Jahnel, Jan Kleinheisterkamp, Herman Verbist and Caroline VerbruggenPresident of Scientific Committee: Guy KeutgenMembers of Scientific Board : Georges-Albert Dal, Filip De Ly, Antonias Dimolitsa, Johan Erauw, Michel Flame, Bernard Hanotiau, Pierre Karrer, Stefan Krll, alia Kruger, Philippe Lambrecht, Franoise Lefvre, Didier Matray, Pierre Mayer, Piet Taelman and/et/en Hans Van Houtte

    The first arbitration review in Belgiumb-Arbitra is a biennial peer-reviewed journal that is the leading source of information and for research on arbitration in Belgium. b-Arbitra is an initiative of Cepani, the Belgian Center of Arbitration and Mediation. b-Arbitra subscribes to the objective of Cepani to promote edifying debate and in-depth research in the field of arbitration, to provide a valuable source of pertinent informa-tion to lawyers involved in arbitration, and to bring new developments to the policy makers atten-tion in order to further the quality of the arbitration law and practice.b-Arbitra is also dedicated to promoting dialogue on novel issues in the field of arbitration and aims to provide a dynamic forum for the exchange of information on a European scale. It fosters a com-parative approach that opens up new avenues of creative research and critical thinking, and this in light of the increasing number of cross-border disputes and the internationalization of arbitration.b-Arbitra is unique in that it welcomes contributions in English, as well as in Belgiums social languag-es Dutch, French and German. Each of these articles are accompanied by a summary in the English language.

    Subscription 2013: 150,002 issues a year 250 pages a year


    Editor in chief: Olivier De SchutterEditorial Board: Mouloud Boumghar, Eva Brems, Emmanuelle Bribosia,Laurence Burgorgue-Larsen, Vincent Chetail, Olivier de Frouville, Frdric Mgret, Jeremy Perelman, Julie Ringelheim, Sophie Robin-Olivier and Sbastien TouzScientific Board : Philip Alston, Florence Benot-Rohmer, Johan Callewaert, Jean-Paul Costa, Franois Crpeau, Emmanuel Decaux, Claudio Grossmann, Jean-Paul Jacqu, Koen Lenaerts, Paul Lemmens, Jean-Pierre Margunaud, Christopher McCrudden, Hlne Ruiz Fabri, Martin Scheinin, Alexandre Sicilianos, Denys Simon, Dean Spielmann, Frdric Sudre and Franoise Tulkens

    The European Journal of Human Rights reports systematically on developments related to human rights within the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation, within the Council of Europe and the European Union, and in a cross-country, comparative perspective. It publishes cut-ting-edge scholarship on emerging issues of human rights law, ensuring that the reader will be kept up to date on all the debates that concern him or her, in all the branches of the law.This bilingual journal publishes studies in French and English. Each study is accompanied by a sum-mary in the other language.

    The subscribers to the printed journal get free access to the content of European Journal of Human Rights site Contents News Additional information not included in the journal

    Subscription 2013: 150,00 5 issues a year 450 pages a year



  • 4Periodicals

    LAW & EUROPEAN AFFAIRSEditors: Charles-Etienne Gudin and Fabrice PicodAssignment Editor: Laurent CoutronEditorial Board : Jean-Bernard Blaise, Giuseppe Ciavarini Azzi, Jean-Claude Gautron, Francis Jacobs, Marc Maresceau, Peter Christian Mller-Gra, Jol RideauFounded in Paris in 1990, the Law & European Affairs is a quarterly review dedicated to theEuropean Union law. International business lawyers, professors of law, civil servants and judges are those who have been major contributors to the success of the review within its editorial comity. Periodically, under the direction of recognized specialists, a selection of studies is dedicated to a specific matter. The review also includes commentaries of the jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice and CFI, of the acts of the European institutions and reading notes. Its gives a general and technical approach to the law and to the practice of business but taking into account the concerns of firms.

    Subscription 2013: 345,00 4 issues a year 900 pages a year

    EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CONSUMER LAWChief Editor: Paul NihoulAssociate Editor: Stphanie MahieuSecretary-General: Christophe VerdureEditorial Assistant: Cdric CheneviereDrafting Committee: Fabian Amtenbrick, L.W. Gormley, Geraint Howells, Marc Jaeger, Paolo Mengozzi, Hans Micklitz, Iain Ramsay, Colin Scott, Jules Stuyck, Spencer, Weber Waller an Thomas WilhelmssonThis Franco-British periodical in the field of European consumer law is an essential doctrinal tool and a source of information concerning the evolution of consumer law in the Member States.It consists of 4 issues a year, two of them being composed of contributions analyzing in detail the relationship between companies and their customers, two others gathering articles and comments on important developments regarding the protection of consumers. The journal also covers other countries, especially the United States.

    Subscription 2013 : 265,00 4 issues a year 500 pages a year

    THE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF FINANCIAL SERVICESChief Editor: Pauline PAILLER et Rgis VABRESChairman of Editorial Board: Thierry BONNEAUThe International Review of Financial Services is a new international, European and comparative law review, focusing on financial services: financial markets, banking and insurance services. It will be published on a quarterly basis.The law review offers an unprecedented sector and cross-sector based approach.At a sectoral level, the goal is to have a truly international and European overview of financial services. It also provides an analysis of the local regulations of several jurisdictions with a comparative law perspective, particularly regarding the United States whose influence on Europe is unquestionable.At a cross-sectoral level, the journal presents a view on the supervision of the financial conglomerates, which is now essential.As the tax system of financial services is becoming fundamental in the construction of a European Single Market, the review also features a specific chronicle on this subject.The International Review of Financial Services, as it provides background analysis and complete and regular up-to-date information, is intended for an academic audience. However, it will also be useful for banking, finance and insurance professionals, who must deal with those constantly evolving matters.The review will be drafted in English as well as in French. Each contribution will systematically offer an abstract available in French and in English.

    4 issues a year 480 pages a year





  • 5Codes


    Edited by : Franois Collart Dutilleul, Paul NihoulWith the collaboration of : Thomas Brger, Cline Fercot, Fanny Garcia, Ellen Van Nieuwenhuyze, Sylvestre Yamthieu

    The first European Code dedicated to Food Law which has the merit to gather the strengths of the matter; contains annotations and case law extracts.

    Bruylant 2012 714 p. 80,00 70,99ISBN : 9782802738077


    ric David, Franoise Tulkens, Damien Vandermeersch

    The sources of international humanitarian law directly accessible to Belgian and foreign audience, allowing a better control and knowledge of it.

    Bruylant 2013 1046 p. 65,00 57,99 ISBN : 9782802739920

    Series Codes en poche


    Wouter Devroe, Paul Nihoul, Anne-Marie Van den Bossche, Christophe Verdure

    The Sourcebook on EU Competition Law covers in a one-volume overview all areas of competition law: restrictiv