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    Cette publication a ete traduite et publieeen espagnol par Mme Quecedo qui en afait don al'OMEP.

    Elle est traduite et publiee en arabe avecl'aide financiere de Mme Quecedo,

    La version espagnole peut etre demandee a:Bibliografica Santiago Rodriguez

    Nieremberg 14 - Madrid (2) ESPAGNEPrix: 70 pesetas

    La version arabe doit etre demandee a:Mme Helou, Presidente du Comite nationalde l'OMEP, 21 rue Huvelin, Beyrouth,LIBAN.

    Prix: 3 livres libanaises.

    The Treasurer of OMEP wishes to announcethe change of bank name and number ofOMEP bank account to:El Tesorero de OMEP desea anunciar elcambio de banco y el numero de la cuenta deOMEPa:Le Tresorier de l'OMEP fait savoir quel'OMEP a change son compte en banque;nouvelle banque et nouveau compte:

    Skandinaviska Enskilda BankenOffice 5233,Farsta,Sweden.Bank Giro III - 9320

    Letter to the Editor

    Dear Editor,

    In the past decade and more ChristopherBailey provided both moral and practicalhelp in the voluntary writing and editing ofOMEP's Newsletter. Phyllis Pickard Baileywas editor of that official OMEP publicationfor many years.

    When the 1962 WorId Congress was heldin London and funds were short, Christopherplanned that we should at least have simul-taneous translation of major speeches. Hebuilt the head sets which made this possible.It was a long step towards the high profes-sional level of our present Congress pro-gramme.

    We too often forget the contribution of thespouses who encourage our OMEP leader-ship, who from background positions givestrength to their wives' efforts, who share inproblem solving and at the last momentcomplete the many menial but essential tasks- like getting the mail out.

    Christopher Bailey was unknown to manyOMEP members but to those of us who wereprivileged to know him, talk with him, playwith him - always a little in awe of him -he lives on in our thoughts and affection.

    Yours sincerely,Amy Hostler

    (Vice-Chairman, OMEP, N. America)


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