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  • Majid Muhammad

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    Majid Muhammad Sayed Ibrahim22 Wehba Mohammed St, Off King Faisal St, Haram, Giza, Egypt.(+202) 38 36 4326 (+202) 0100 207 3028 / /


    Sex: Male | Date of birth: 05/07/1982 | Nationality: Egyptian.

    Marital Status: Married | Military Service: Finished | Driving licence: B


    APPLIED FOR CEO office Manager(CEO Office Manager, Executive Assistant, Administrative, Projects Control Specialist, Senior DC)

    I'm working at DETAC for Construction & Trading.

    From 01/01/2004 till 01/06/2005I have worked Assistant (Senior DC) with technical office manager.

    From 01/06/2005 till 01/01/2007I have worked as Executive Assistant (Administrative) with Projects manager.

    From 01/01/2007 till 01/07/2010I have worked as Projects Control Specialist with Sectors Manager.

    From 01/07/2010 till nowI'm working as CEO office Manager.

    Career Progression: Assistant. Senior DC. Administrative. Executive Assistant. Projects Control Specialist. CEO Office Manager.

    12 Years of Experiences in construction field.

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    Graduate Commercial Technical Institute - , good degree - 2002

    ISO 9001-2000 from EQE training division license. The concepts of quality systems cycle.

    Mother tongue(s) Arabic Egypt.

    Other language(s) English UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING

    Listening Reading Spoken

    interaction Spoken

    production Excellent Excellent Very Good Good Excellent

    Communication skills Excellent communication skills, developed through experience in [customer service and front desk reception].

    Proficient computer literacy proven through work experience in [Front desk IT, software programming and applications and spreadsheet tabulations].

    Leadership skills. Interpersonal and relationship building skills.

    Organisational / managerial skills Leadership (currently responsible for a team of 10 people). Including: Secretary,

    Document Control, Archive management, call centre and reception.

  • Majid Muhammad

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    Essential Duties,Responsibilities and Skills

    Good command of correspondence, official correspondence and all departments of the Company and the various sites, as well as letters and correspondence of all customers.

    Good command of Document control.

    Good command of follow-up work orders for the financial needs of all company sites and follow-up dispensing, as well as orders for the needs of raw materials and reformat, on the computer.

    Good command of decades, invoices for Subcontractor's.

    Good command of Customer Service Skills.

    Daily inquiries via fax, phone, e-mail or directly through our web site should be studied extensively, the requested information are gathered from them appreciate sources and are then submitted to inquirer.

    Receiving visitors: After the visitor highlights his fields of interest, I start searching for corresponding information in our data-base, or in some internet sources, and supplying him\her with the catalogues for desired items as well.

    Good command of providing comprehensive support services to the CEO that ensures a professional, responsive and effective experience with the organization as a whole.

    Good command of providing sophisticated calendar management. Prioritizes inquiries and requests while troubleshooting conflicts with little guidance; makes judgments and recommendations to ensure smooth day-to-day engagements.

    Good command of Administrating correspondence, managing incomingcalls, and prioritizes phone messages, emails and mail. Handling all calls and visitors with grace, sophistication and professionalism.

    Computer skills Experienced of Microsoft Office tools. Experienced in Internet use and Application.

    ANNEXES ISO 9001-2000 from EQE training division license.(The concepts of quality systems cycle).

    10 Years Certificate.The completion of ten years continuous certificate in my company since 2004.