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Mme Reynolds & Mme Schwarz Grade 4 FI Welcome, parents!

Mme Reynolds & Mme Schwarz Grade 4 FI

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Mme Reynolds & Mme Schwarz Grade 4 FI. Welcome, parents!. Grade 4 French Immersion Program. Literacy Reading Math English Homework Report card Communication Expectations Other Questions?. Literacy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Mme Reynolds & Mme Schwarz Grade 4 FI

  • Mme Reynolds & Mme Schwarz Grade 4 FIWelcome, parents!

  • Grade 4 French Immersion ProgramLiteracyReadingMathEnglishHomeworkReport cardCommunicationExpectationsOtherQuestions?

  • Literacy

    The French Immersion program will continue to focus on strengthening your childs language ability with the goal to be able to explore, express views and share experiences to inform and be informed.

    The goal in reading by the end of Grade 4 is to attain a Level M. Your child will be provided with strategies and will be reading everyday with the goal to strengthen fluency, comprehension and accuracy.

  • LiteracyWorking within a moduleBlocks of 180 minutes per dayListening activitiesSpeakingReadingWritingGames, interviews, art activities, songs, poems and discussions.Final project at the end of each module.

  • Writing

    Your child will have many opportunities to write on a daily basis.The writing will be authentic according to activities.Build on creative writing

  • ReadingYour child is expected to read at least 15 min per nightReading challenge

  • MathThis will be taught for 300 minutes per week in French.We will be covering the same outcomes as the children in the English program.Goal is to master addition/subtraction facts to 18.Multiplication tables to 9Provide opportunities at home

    According to research, math concepts taught in second language increases acquisition of the concept.

  • EnglishYour child will receive 150 minutes of English literacy instruction per week taught by Mr. Graves/Mr. Dunn

  • HomeworkAssigned Mondays and is found on the NMES website, on our teacher page. (connect a line)No copies unless no printer at homePrint out and put in duo-tang with workImportant notes on homework pageIt is assigned on Monday return by Friday. Nightly reading No more than 30 min/night.

  • Evaluation / CommunicationYour child will receive their first report card in November.Provincial Assessment: Reading and writingIt will be based on:Observations in class/ParticipationEvaluations ProjectsDuring the reporting period, you will be invited to come and meet with me so we can discuss your childs accomplishments.

  • Expectations on the programPlease remember that each child learns at their own rate.Class reward system-FrenchCode of conduct chartWe will work very hard to insure that your child has a positive experience in the journey to learning a second language.

  • OtherScholastic will be sent home once a month. Usually at the beginning of every month.Pay by chequeClass calendar also goes home at the beginning of every month to highlight important dates for the month

  • How to help your childAsk your child to talk about their day.Ask questions.Read to your child or listen to your child read (15 minute workout)Use the question check list in your childs reading log to ask your child questions about what they read. Even if you dont understand, you can still encourage your child to look at the pictures, make predictions, etc.If you have any questions or concerns please contact me as soon as possible. I am available after school.

  • Questions?

  • Lets Have a Great Year!