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Expert Care; Everywhere

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Expert Care; Everywhere


MedAire Expert Care; Everywhere

5,000 Business Aircraft1,300+ Yachts126 Airlines

MedAire The Three Es

EducationMedical Crew PlacementExpertiseEquipmentDedicated Account Management


24/7 in-house doctors MedLink Global Response Center

Call early and call often.MedLink doctorsreal-life events that can happen to any world travelerespecially those who are remote.

Control Risks security specialistTravel Safety

MedAire MedLink Service

MedAire Your Access to:MedLink Medical direct access to our Level 1 trauma center with Emergency Room Physicians.

MedLink Safety direct access to security experts through our joint venture with Control Risks.

MGRC Access to our response center which can activate a call cascade for many reasons

Equipping Your VesselMedical KitsVital Signs



MedAire Your Medical Kits with ExperienceIntuitive layout. Quickly locate what you need.

Components are packed in logical treatment order and bags are color-coded for quick identification.

Response-style medical bags designed for carrying to patients and include shoulder straps for convenient transport down narrow hallways.

Final specification may vary from images shown.

Medical Management System software alerts you of expirations and stock replenishment needs

MedAire Your Care; Everywhere


Tempus IC Telemedicine UnitMedLink Doctor

Blood Pressure & Pulse OximetryTemperatureRespiration & End Tidal CO212 Lead EKGCamera With Stills & Real Time Video

GlucometryReal Time Voice & DataMedAire Your Direct Link for Tempus IC

MedAire connects patient vital signs directly to our in-house MedLink doctors.We have 10 years of experience with our partner, RDT, who offers a technology-driven unit that links vital signs real-time to MedLink. The unit, called the Tempus IC, transmits remote vital sign data in the same manner as youll find in an ER: electrocardiograms, video/photo images, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels through the TempusOTHER NOTES:MedLink doctors are trained and equipped to receive and review the remote real-time data from the Tempus ICWe can receive temperature, electrocardiograms, video/photo images, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels through the TempusWe use this data to enhance our reactions depending on the severity of the situationMedAire can provide resources for the purchase of vital sign monitors. 9

Medical TrainingRegulations

TrainersYour LocationMethodologyCourses

MedAire Your Medical TrainingCourses tailored to what is important to you onboard your vessel.

Regulatory Courses to help you comply

Learn from our instructors who bring at-sea and medical emergency nursing experience

Recognize, manage and cope with illness and injury

Understand how to use your medical kits and equipment and where they should be located on board

MedAire Your MedicsShort-term or long-term placements available.

Medical professionals available include doctors, nurses, paramedics and specialists.

All candidates experienced in trauma & emergency within the last 24 months.

Candidates possess additional skills in which they could be used in other areas of the vessel when their medical skills are not required.

MedAire Caring for your Principal; EverywhereProvide continuity of service by committing to the same level of service and kits your principal is used to having on their aircraft.

We are on over 5,000 Business and General Aircraft.

Our services are so vital, the worlds top business jet manufacturers include them on every aircraft they sell.