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    CelebratingCanadian Business Success

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit


    TCCC Business Excellence



    A publ icat ion of the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce 05 / 2010

    Corporate PartnershipPremier Sponsors

    Executive Sponsors

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  • 7/31/2019 Voyageur May 2010


    May 2010 3


    2010/2011 TCCC Executives

    Patron:His Excellency Ambassador Ron Hoffmann

    President John CasellaVice President Sranyoo Chanate

    Vice President Ali FancySecretary Dr. Tim CornwallTreasurer Michael Howard

    Executive Board:John Casella

    Sranyoo ChanateNeil Chiu

    Dr. Tim CornwallKobsak Duangdee

    Ali FancyMichael HowardRon Livingston

    Sukanya RattanavadeeNiccolo Sozzi

    John StevensDerek Van Pelt

    Embassy Representative:Greg Goldhawk

    Advisors:Raymond Bodemer

    Sam CohenSurachit Chanovan

    Don LavoieLuc Mtivier

    Executive Director:Randy Shockley

    Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce

    139 Pan Road, Sethiwan Tower9th floor, Bangkok 10500Tel: +66(0) 2266-6085-6Fax: +66(0) 2266-6087

    Email: [email protected]:

    The Voyageur is the monthly magazine of

    the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce,

    covering all Thai-Canadian business, legal

    and social news of interest to the members

    and others who are active in expanding

    Thai-Canadian bilateral trade.


    Randy Shockley, Executive Director,

    Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce


    Scand-Media Corp., Ltd.

    4/41-2 Moo 3, Thanyakarn Village,

    Ramintra Soi 14, Bangkok 10230

    Tel: +66(0) 2943-7166-8 Fax: +66(0) 2943-7169

    Design: Disraporn Yatprom

    Email: [email protected]

    Advertising Contact:

    Mr. Finn Balslev, Marketing Director

    Scand-Media Corp., Ltd.

    Tel: +66(0) 2943-7166 ext.151 or 08-1866-2577

    Email: [email protected]

    TCCCCalendar of events:

    CCBAUpcoming events in the region:

    WHEN: Wednesday. May 12, 2010; 11:30 am to 2:00 pmWHAT: TCCC Speaker Luncheon with Mr. Bjorn Turmann, Author:

    Public Speaking in the 21st Century: Much easier than you think

    WHERE: Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok - Erawan Room155/1 Soi Mahadlekluang 1, Rajdamri Rd.

    PRICE: 700 Baht Members and 850 Baht Non-Members; Corporate Members canuse their 2010 luncheon vouchers.

    WHEN: Monday, May 17 & Tuesday, May 18, 2010WHAT: Canadian Commercial Mission to Lao PDR

    WHERE: Lao Plaza Hotel, Vientiane and Ministries (tbd)PRICE: Participants are expected to defray their own expenses

    WHEN: Wednesday, May 19, 2010; 6:30 pm 8:30 pmWHAT: Canuck Connections

    WHERE: Venue to be announced to members via e-mailPRICE: 200 baht Members; 400 baht Non Members

    WHEN: Wednesday, May 26, 2010; 6:30 pm 10:00 pmWHAT: 14th Business Excellence Awards (BEA) 2009

    WHERE: Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit - BallroomPRICE: Individuals1,750 baht; Corporate Package -15,000 Baht (10 persons)

    The Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Proud to PresentThe14th Business Excellence Awards 2009

    The Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce cordially invites you and your guests to attendthe BEA gala and ceremony to honor the winners ofTCCCs 2009 Business Awards. Thisseries of awards recognizes the achievements, contributions and innovation of private andpublic businesses trading or involved in business relations between Canada and Thailand.

    Dont miss this exciting evening as we honor last years Canadianbusiness excellence in Thailand. Attendees also have a chance to

    win 2 round trip tickets to Canada!DATE: Wednesday, May 26, 2010

    VENUE: Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit - Ballroom

    TIME: Starting: 6:30 p.m. onwardAwards Ceremony: 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

    DRESS: Business Attire/Evening Wear

    FORMAT: The 2009 BEA will continue to follow last years format revision that made thisrecognition ceremony more exciting, faster paced and interactive. Event fea-tures great jazz, free drinks (wine & beer) and wide array of heavy appetizers.

    PRICE: Individual Tickets - 1,750 Baht

    Corporate Package - 15,000 Baht;includes 10 tickets, 2 bottles of premium wine and assigned waiter.

    VIETNAM: www.canchamvietnam.orgWHEN: May 27-28, 2010WHAT: Public Relations in Vietnam- Opportunities and Challenges to Creating Winning

    Communication Strategies in Vietnam

    WHERE: New World Hotel, SaigonPRICE: Save US$100 if you register and pay before 21 Apr 2010

    Additional 10% discount for members of CanChamAdditional 10% discount for groups of 3 or more

    HONG KONG: www.cancham.orgWHEN: Saturday, May 8, 2010WHAT: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong & Macau Annual Ball 2010

    WHERE: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong KongPRICE: HK$2000 for members, HK$2000 for non-members, Couple: $1,900 (Per person)

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    Community Activities


    Slovaks capture 16th

    Describing the event, tournamentorganizer and TCCC presidentJohn Casella said, The MekongCup takes place every year in themiddle of springtime once the

    winter snows of Phuket have melted, givingway to the smooth surface of the Amari CoralBeach tennis courts and exposing the softunderbelly of Patong Beach.

    The Bangkok Thai Stix Ball Hockey Clubin conjunction with the International Street &Ball Hockey Federation (, the international body for the sport ofball hockey organized the tournament. Andthis year, Domenic Di Gironimo, President of

    the ISBHF, came all the way from Toronto toattend the event and helped John Casellaofficiate.

    The first tournament, played in 1995, wasa two-team showdown between Bangkokand Kuala Lumpur. With that best-of-fiveseries knotted at two games a piece, thechampionship was called due to darknesswith the score tied at one. Then last year, thefinal between Slovakia and Hong Kong wascalled and ruled a draw due to rain. So JohnCasella decided to move the tournament toMarch from May, the month it had alwaysbeen held, to avoid future rain-outs.

    Participating teams this year includedSingapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Slovakia andBangkok. Hong Kong has dominated theMekong Cup in recent years and was expect-

    ing to face the Slovaks again in the final thisyear to truly sort out who was champion asthe rain-enforced tie last year left both teamseager to establish their dominance.

    But coming out of the round robin theSlovaks were 4-0, Singapore 3-1, HongKong 2-2, Tokyo 1-3 and Bangkok 0-4. TheSlovaks as the first seed then defeated To-kyo the fourth seed in one semi-final, whileSingapore played with grit and determinationknocking off Hong Kong in the other semi-final. Bangkok as the fifth seed, stood andwatched.

    Given that the red-shirted UDD were

    staging a mass rally in Bangkok on the day ofthe tournament, it was fitting that the yellow-shirted Slovakian team faced off against thered-shirted Singapore Chili Crabs in the final,and not surprisingly the yellow shirted Slova-kians won 6-3 (their full name is HKL-MJMPetralka).

    The Thai Stix dominated Southeast Asianball hockey in the early part of this decadewinning the Mekong Cup from 2000-2002and in 2004. But since then, wins have been

    Phuket recently hosted the

    s ix teenth annua l MekongCup International Ball Hockey

    Tournament. This one-day event isthe biggest of its kind in Southeast

    Asia. The five participating teamsplayed 5-on-5 (four out with agoalie) in a round-robin formatwith the top four teams advancingto the semi-finals. A beachsideawards banquet/BBQ followed

    the championship game, andpost-game celebrations spilledover onto Patong Beach.

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    May 2010 5

    Chamber Activities

    TCCC ExecutiveBoard BusinessPlanning Retreat

    After being elected at the An-nual General Meeting on March10th, it didnt take the newTCCC Executive Board longto get started on refining the

    Chambers 2010 / 2011 business plan. Thisannual business retreat provides for a focuson assessing the risks and opportunitiesassociated with the Chambers businessplan as well as assessing new opportunitiesto raise the Chambers profile. We thankall of the participating board members and

    advisors for taking time to offer their busi-ness insights and ideas on improving theChambers operation.

    Annual Mekong Cup

    Front Row (L-R): Dr. Tim Cornwall-Secretary, Randy Shockley - Executive Director, Sukanya Rattanavadee

    - Director, John Casella - President and Greg Goldhawk - Embassy Advisor

    Back Row (L-R): Sranyoo Chanate - Vice President, Mr. Michael Howard - Treasurer, Neil Chiu - Director,Ron Livingston - Director, John Stevens- Director, Derek Van Pelt - Director, Surachit Chanovan - Advisor,

    Sam Cohen - Advisor and Ali Fancy - Vice President

    TCCC Executive Board Business

    Planning Retreat Bangkok

    Marriott Resort & Spa

    Sunday, March 28, 2010

    few and far between. The Thai Stix team is aclose-knit group both on-and-off the court.Ball hockey developed in North America as

    a way that ice hockey players could keep inshape during the summer months when icetime was scarce. Some of the Thai Stix alsoplay ice hockey with the Flying Farangs butthey admit that as they get older, they find ittougher to play ball hockey because of thegreater demands it puts on their cardiovas-cular system. Because of the heat and thenature of the game - you can't float like youcan in ice hockey - it is a very demandingworkout.

    John Stevens, one of the longest servingmembers, and the captain of the Thai Stix,

    explains his passion for the game: "First, ithas to do with carrying on the great hockeytradition that almost every Canadian shares.

    Second, the thrill of playing in a tropicalclimate is quite bizarre. Third, is the sheerexcitement of the game that you have lovedsince you were a little kid. It gets in your bloodvery quickly."

    The Mekong Cup also supports a veryworthy cause with a charity auction held atthe banquet dinner, which has been able toraise more than THB200,000 for the VivianSlot Scholarship Fund (, named after the daughterof a Hong Kong/Singapore ball hockey playerwho unfortunately lost her life in the 2004

    tsunami while visiting Phuket on holiday withher family.

    The Thai Stix are regrouping and plan toplay in the Canton Cup (Hong Kong) Tourna-ment in May and the Yamato Cup (Tokyo)Tournament in October. They practice everyThursday evening, or late Saturday afternoon(or both), at the British Club. If you wish tolearn more about ball hockey contact JohnStevens at [email protected].

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    Margaret lives in Collingwood and is aproud mother of 17 year old twins - a daugh-ter, Catherine and a son, Ryan.


    Organizational ReviewAn Ontario Ministry Branch engaged Strusto conduct a full review of their Branch. Thisled to changes in the organizations structure,roles and responsibilities at all levels, facilitylayout changes and alignment of mandates

    to the Ministry itself.A small company on the east coast

    hired Strus to review their entire organiza-tion to determine where the root cause oftheir problems lay. Was it in management,organizational structure, number or typesof resources, sales, customer relationshipmanagement or other processes? Not onlydid Strus give comprehensive feedback, butit completely restructured the organization,along with redefining key roles and respon-sibilities, and outlining the required processchanges.

    Strategic Plan DevelopmentFacilitation and development of a Strate-gic Plan for multiple Sport Organizationsin Ontario (Squash, Gymnastics, OFSAA,Paralympics). Development of a 2-day Stra-

    Biographical HistoryAfter completing her undergraduate degreein English at Simon Fraser University in B.C.,Ms. Strus joined IBM Canada Limited in1974. During her 10-year tenure, she held avariety of sales and marketing managementpositions, including that as Branch Managerof the company's Office Products Division inSaskatchewan.

    In 1985, she joined Xerox Canada Inc.,where she held a succession of senior man-agement positions in sales, marketing and

    systems support. At Xerox, Margaret playeda significant role in implementing Leader-ship through Quality Initiatives that madethe company a nationally and internationallyrecognized leader in Change Managementand Quality. In recognition of her efforts andsuccesses, Xerox presented her with two ofthe company's most prestigious awards ofrecognition: the Award of Excellence and theAward of Merit.

    Margaret was nominated for the RotmanCanadian Woman Entrepreneur of the YearAward for 2001. She was on the Board ofDirectors for Rotmans in 2003-04 and and

    in 2004-2005 for the MBA Integrative Man-agement Challenge course. She is a pastmember of the Executive of Canada QualityCouncil, and a Board of Director for the JeanTweed Treatment Center and the National SkiAcademy.

    Expect Excellence

    Expect Excellence Strus & Associates A Performance Excellence Consulting Firm

    In a career spanning 30 years,Margaret St rus has f i rmlyestablished herself as a leaderin the areas of PerformanceExcellence, Organizational Changeand Redesign, and StrategicPlanning. She has, furthermore,honed a reputation as one ofCanada's foremost experts inthe application of all InternationalPerformance Excellence Models:Baldrige, National Quality Institute,and EFQMA.

    Since establishing Strus & As-sociates Inc., a Performance

    Excellence consulting firm, in1989, Margaret has providedconsultation to a vast array of

    organizations in North America in both theprivate and public sectors. She assisted Xe-rox Canada Inc. in 1989, Northern Telecom in1990, Delta Hotels in 2000, and the RegionalMunicipality of Peel in 2006 in achieving theGold level award for Business Excellencefrom the National Quality Institute. In 2004,she led her own firm to receive the first QualityAward for Excellence in Small Business fromthe National Quality Institute. Margaret wasalso an examiner for the Canada Awards for

    Excellence in 1993 and 1994.The company has an incredible customer

    approval rating of exceeding expectations97.9 percent of the time. And the only reasonit isnt more well-known in Asia is becauseits based in Collingwood.

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    May 2010 7

    Member Profile

    survey for a fast-growing, private companyto determine the effectiveness of the HRDepartment in understanding the rapidlyevolving needs of its internal customers, andtheir ability to provide appropriate levels ofservice.

    Executive 360 Review & CoachingA successful income trust firm retained Strus

    on two separate occasions to conduct 360reviews of their leadership team members,and to provide the necessary feedback forpersonal development.

    Contract ReviewTwice reviewed the fulfillment (or not) of theterms of a contract by an external partner ofan Ontario Ministry.

    Program EvaluationA large Ministry in the Ontario Governmentretained Strus to review one of their critical

    programs to determine its attainment ofrequired outcomes. The data collection,analysis and reporting (both paper and verbal)enabled the Ministry to restate one of its keystrategies and make the necessary changesto program management.

    Customer Data CollectionStrus recently co-designed with a client thecontent and format of a Customer Satisfac-tion survey tool to be used for their annual,competitive data collection, while ensuringthat the data collected could be feed into acorporate, balanced scorecard.

    Custom TrainingA one-year assignment to custom developand deliver nine management training mod-ules for a Toronto-based, non-profit orga-nization. These training modules ranged incontent from Performance Management andFocused Conversations to Process Manage-ment and Effective Meetings.

    NQI/PEP Award Facilitation/Coa-chingActing as strategic adv isor/coach to a

    Regional Municipality for seven years thatattained Level 4 certification and the CAEaward from the National Quality Institute(NQI) in 2006. Conducting an organizationalreview of two municipalities against the NQIcriteria to determine gaps to level 4 PEP anddevelopment of the necessary plans to closethe gaps. Development of a comprehensive,6-year plan to achieve PEP Level 4. Develop-ment of a business case for an organizationto pursue the NQI PEP process. Guiding aprogressive, elementary school in the devel-opment of its business approaches in orderto become certified as a PEP Level 3 recipient

    from the NQI.

    Contact InfoTel. 705-446-9862 Fax: [email protected]

    tegic Planning Conference that involved thetabling of multiple issues, facilitation of somestrained relations, and the development ofa game plan that had 100% buy-in from allstakeholders for moving forward.

    GovernanceOne of Strus greatest undertakings was totackle a board that had all but ceased to

    function. Mandates were unclear; policies di-luted or non-existent; and relationships haddeteriorated to a point where they could notsee what had to be done, because therewas no trust. In the end, Strus was given anaward by the board for the positive outcomesachieved.

    Strus was retained to develop the gover-nance materials for inclusion in a Policy andProcedures manual that would enable theestablishment of new branches of the or-ganization.

    Balanced ScorecardDeveloped a balanced scorecard with theexecutive team of a Hydro company; trainedtheir internal resources through a customdesigned training course to enable them todeploy the balanced scorecard methodologythroughout the enterprise; and supportedthe successful cascading of the balancedscorecard to multiple departments.

    Developed and implemented the bal-anced scorecard with the executive team ofa large private sector services company inMississauga.

    Process ManagementStrus specialists have guided the attainmentof targets for: cost reduction, productivityincrease and quality standards attainmentwithin a major insurance company, a largefast food chain, and a non-profit organization.This was done through effective deploymentof a leading edge, Process Managementmethodology.

    Meeting FacilitationA one-day meeting facilitation with an On-tario Government body to align key planningcomponents of: vision, mission, values,

    goals, strategies, and implementation plans.A half-day meeting facilitation to validate andrecommit to corporate values with an execu-tive team of an investment firm. Two half-daysessions (with work done in advance) withthe executive of a non-profit organization tocharter establish their governance charter.Three sessions with a non-profit, standingcommittee to help them overcome someburning issues. A half-day session in whichStrus facilitated the discussion between twopartners: a large services company and oneof the five large Canadian banks.

    Employee SurveyingDeveloped and implemented an employeesurvey (including data analysis and feedback)for a firm of 600 employees. Developed andimplemented a Human Resource Function

    What Strus DoesOrganizational ReviewCustomer Satisfaction ReviewStrategic Plan FacilitationPlanning Systems Balanced Scorecard(Dashboard) DevelopmentProcess TransformationProcess Management Training

    Contract ReviewProgram Evaluation/ReviewExecutive Meeting FacilitationExecutive 360 ReviewCustom Training Design and DeliveryExecutive CoachingDevelopment of Governance MaterialsGovernance Issues Facilitation, ResolutionNQI/ PEP Award Strategic and TacticalFacilitation/CoachingEmployee Satisfaction Survey/Review HRFunction Review

    PRAISE FOR STRUSFrom a Recent CustomerIve probably attended as many strategicplanning sessions over the years as youvegiven. And likely approach each one withthe same hope and optimismI felt everysingle person came with one and only onegoal to make squash better in OntarioButwith all the disparate personalities, it takesone person to harness that enthusiasm andthat passion to turn the intangibles into thetangibles to make people see not only whatis but what can beIt was an enormous plea-sure and privilege for me to work with you,Shirley Funston, Executive Director, SquashOntario From the Regional Government Sec-tor Strus & Associates commitment to part-nership both with their customers and otherservice providers results in continued successfor all involved, The Regional Municipality ofPeel From the Municipal Government sectorStrus and Associates exemplify what allconsulting firms should strive to achieve. Theytake the time to understand problems, bringexpertise to the table that does not exist in-house and always transfer knowledge to theirclient, Sheila Hickey, Strategic Initiatives, The

    City of Kingston

    From the Hotel sectorTheir dedication to Excellence is evidentfrom the word go, Bill Pallett, Senior VP,People Resources & Quality, Delta Hotels &Resorts From the Insurance sector A veryvaluable exercise, conducted during a timeof change and uncertainty, Bill Acton, formerPresident & CEO, Canada Life

    From the non-profit sectorStrus and Associates has effectively engagedour leaders in a training program based on

    solid theory and proven management strat-egies that has immediate application to theday-to-day work and challenges faced byour management, Agnes Samler, ExecutiveDirector, Community Living Toronto

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  • 7/31/2019 Voyageur May 2010


    May 2010 9

  • 7/31/2019 Voyageur May 2010



    Chamber Activities

    As ia-based Canadian authorand public speaking coach,Bjorn Turmann celebrated thelaunch of his two new books atthe Thai-Canadian Chamber ofCommerce networking event onWednesday, February 17th at theBritish Club.

    Public Speakin


    SPEAKIA fine presentation is like a slow dance with your audience.Speaking Energy teaches how to lead. BRIAN PALMER, President, National Speakers Bureau

    Bjorn Turmann has spent almost two decades trying to understand this

    mystery called public speaking. A former Microsoft executive based in

    Asia, Turmann overcame his speaking fear by dismantling the rules that

    made public speaking so stressful for himand for the majority of other

    humans on the planet. The result is an inspiring, engaging book thatshows how all of us, regardless of language, culture or education, can

    become powerful speakers and leaders.

    Speaking Energy: Public Speaking for HumansFinally!is a book for

    the 21st century communicator, for individuals or companies whose

    success has been held back by outdated, ineffective ways of

    communicating. Using case studies from his coaching and workshops

    with clients from over thirty countries, Bjorn Turmann offers a unique

    global perspective on a challenging human practice. With fascinating

    insights and practical teaching, Speaking Energy will motivate you to

    go on your own public speaking journey.BJORN





    Bjorn Turmann is the founding director of SpeakingEnergy, an international public speaking and humancommunications practice based in Asia. He is the

    author of three novels.

    Photo: Martin Dee

    Cover design: Erin Convy Hasek

    Vivid, hum

    and clearly

    great oppor

    that can m


    a happier,

    I recomme


    MIT research

    Culture Office

    innovation bokonstrukt


    Bjorn will also be serving as theThai -Canad ian Chamber ofCommerces featured speakerat its May 12, 2010 luncheon tobe held at Bangkoks Courtyard

    by Marriott Hotel from 11:30 AM to 2:00PM. Please make sure you take time tohear his motivational presentation on publicspeaking.

    Bjorn is among the few authors to havereleased a work of fiction (his third) and abook of non-fiction on the same day. Iguess you could say I am pretty obsessed

    Bjorn Turmann: Canadian Author and

    Speaker, launches two new books

    with the written and spoken word, saidTurmann, when asked about his work asboth a writer and a speaking coach. I finda lot of similarities between crafting storiesand helping my corporate clients with theircommunications problems. Stories needmemorable characters and a unique plot inorder to be compelling. Likewise, a strongspeech or presentation needs a good storyand a unique strategy in order to be compel-ling. I spend my time developing both.

    Turmann describes his new books asjourneys. My public speaking clients

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    Community News

    By Krystal Crosby

    Canada was the ultimate host for theWinter Olympics. The Canadianswere praised for being hospitableand friendly. Major roads were shut

    down and turned into outdoor party venues.High-fives and hugs were given out to anyonethat happened to walk by. You could becomebest friends with someone from Switzerlandor Australia after only knowing them for fiveminutes.

    I was working in the heart of downtownVancouver, beside Canada Hockey Place. Iwas fortunate enough to get the full Olympicexperience. There was an overall feel of joy,

    acceptance, and comradery.Two days after the Olympics ended,

    I hopped on a plane to arrive in Bangkokjust in time for the annual Snow Ball. Frompersonal experience, I can say that the teamthat planned the ball was able to capture thetone of the real Olympics quite well.

    At the Olympics-themed ball, fun washad by all; with activities for all ages. Guestswere welcomed by a giant ice sculpture In-shuksuk, which was the logo of the Olympics.Photographs were taken, and everyone gota copy as a souvenir to remember the eventby. Guests then entered in through the doors,which were framed by two very large torchesand Olympic rings, and were immediatelygiven refreshments.

    Once inside, the guests could bid on theirfavourite auction items and take part in thebiathlon. The biathlon consisted of shootingfoam darts through Olympic rings, and try-ing to score goals on a team Canada goalie.Points were added together, and the gold

    Passport Canada plans tolaunch an ePassport in 2012,and in the meantime it wantsto hear Canadians' thoughtson the issue including

    revised fees.The new passport will be little changed

    in appearance but will contain an elec-tronic chip encoded with the bearer'sname, gender, and date and place ofbirth, as well as a digital portrait of thetraveller's face.

    medal winners were Ambassador Ron Hoff-mann for men, and Kip Peters for women.

    The cowbell rang, indicating dinnertime,and everyone headed in. Once everyone wasseated, the theme song of the VancouverOlympics I Believe, blasted through theair, as the Olympic torch and Canadian andThai flags relayed to the front stage. The

    Club Canada Thailand Celebratesthe Winter Olympics

    cauldron was lit, and the main part of theevent began.

    The food and desserts were delicious,but the main attraction was the beautiful icebar. At only 100 baht per shot, vodka flowedfrom the ice luge into commemorative shotglasses. The DJ helped get the party startedby playing some dance music. Between the

    dance floor and the bar, everyone had a placeto catch up with friends, and even makesome new ones.

    Just like at the real Olympics, people ofdifferent nations and experiences got to-gether to celebrate diversity and excellence.Even though we are spread out across theearth, a single event like the Olympics canbring people together. I have never been moreproud to be Canadian.

    Ambassador Hoffmann receiving his gold medal

    Father and daughter making memories at the Ice


    "The use of ePassports will allow Canadato follow international standards in the field ofpassport security to protect our borders andmaintain the ease of international travel thatCanadians currently enjoy," Passport Canadasaid in a release.

    With the launch of the new passport, Ca-

    nadians will also be able to choose whetherthey want a passport valid for 10 years orfor the current five-year period. Along with

    the changes will come new fees adevelopment that requires consultationwith Canadians, under the User Fees Act,according to the agency.

    Canadians are asked to fill out an on-line questionnaire on Passport Canada'swebsite by May 7. The comments will be

    considered in the development of the newpassport and its fees.

    Canadian ePassports to launch in 2012Chips to enhance security, fees to changeWednesday, April 7, 2010 11:26 AM ET CBC News

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    May 2010 13

  • 7/31/2019 Voyageur May 2010



    Community News

    KISInternational School is cur-rently accepting applicationsfor their generous secondary

    school academic scholarships for 2010- 2011/2012. KIS scholarships are wellrespected in the international school com-munity and are awarded in order to recognizeacademic excellence and open up the world

    of International Baccalaureate thinking to de-serving candidates. This year, KIS is offeringtwo independent scholarships, both of whichgrant full tuition to the winning students.

    The IB Middle Years Programme is de-signed to help students find a sense of be-longing in the ever-changing and increasinglyinterrelated world and to foster a positive at-titude to learning. KIS Grade 6 Middle YearsProgramme scholarship will be awarded toone Grade 6 / Year 7 student aged 10 / 11(currently studying in Grade 5 / Year 6) andwill cover all tuition costs for one academicyear.

    The 1 Million Baht Diploma Scholarshipfrom KIS International School opens thedoor to many of the worlds best Universi-ties for academically strong and committedstudents. Teenagers currently aged 15 or 16years old can apply to compete for the grantof the full IB Diploma Programme at KIS.

    Both scholarships are open to applicantsof all nationalities who are fluent in English.Appl icants should also be academical lystrong, well-rounded students and will berequired to sit an exam and undergo an inter-view as part of the application process. Can-didates who do not receive the scholarships

    but who do perform above expectations maybe eligible for a partial scholarship.

    Full conditions and details of the scholar-ships can be found at

    Super Students Eager to win

    Scholarships at KIS International School

    KIS International School is an IB world school authorized to offer all three IB Programmes-the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and the IB Diploma Programme.The school was established in 1998 from the vision of a team of enthusiastic and dedicatedpartners and parents who sought to develop a quality international school for students inBangkok. KIS International School is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education. It is anactive member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT). KIS is authorisedby the International Baccalaureate is an accredited member of the Council of InternationalSchools (CIS) and is an affiliate of Washington International School (WIS).

    Contact:Aine Girn, Business Development & Communications ManagerTel: 02-274-3444 ext. 4125, Email: [email protected]

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  • 7/31/2019 Voyageur May 2010