Fromage de Banon Croquette Canapé by Penum

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Penum Provisions, leading online provisioner to the SuperYacht Industry, create Yacht Chef inspired Canaps for this party season. We work for Yacht crew, and we love food and wine.


  • 1.CANAP: FROMAGE DE BANON CROQUETTE yacht inspired cuisine

2. INGREDIENTS Fromage de Banon x 3 Panko bread crumbs x 200g Flour x 100g plus flour for panne Butter x 100g Caraway Seeds x 1 teaspoon Eggs x 3 Fresh figs x 5 Baby basil leaves x handful This makes approx. 40 canaps. 3. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Make a light roux from melting 100g of butter, and stirring in 100g of flour. 2. Dice cheese into small pieces, and stir into roux mix. Remove from the heat, and allow to melt with the residual heat as to not draw out the fats. 3. Allow to cool but not set. Lay out a 40cm sheet of cling-film, take a handful of the mixture and roll into a sausage shape 2cm in diameter. Fold over cling- film and tuck it in. Take both ends of the film and roll the mixture, to make sure it is perfectly round. 4. Place in the freezer for 20-30 minutes until partially frozen. This will make it easier to cut without squashing. 5. Halve and scoop out the inside of the figs. Gently mash up using a fork. Do not over do this as it will loose its structure and colour. Place in piping bag. 4. INSTRUCTIONS 6. Remove the film, and slice 1cm pieces with a very sharp knife. 7. Toast and grind the caraway and mix into the panko with a couple of pinches of salt. 8. Whisk the eggs with a splash of milk using a fork. 9. Panne the pieces. Toss in flour then dust off, dip in egg mix then drain a little and roll in panko mix. 10. Deep-fry at 170 degrees C for a couple of minutes. Keep an eye on them so that the cheese doesnt bubble out leaving you with just the shell. 11. Remove and drain a little on kitchen paper. 12. To serve pipe on fig jam, garnish with the baby basil. 5. ! ! ! ! ! ! Serving Suggestion: with excellent Champagne, or a zesty Sauvignon Blanc. 6. ABOUT PENUM Based in Grasse, we work for crew and we LOVE food & wine. We are the only online provisioner to the superyacht industry. We invented eco-friendly cardboard free delivery, reducing waste associated with re-supplying yachts. Customers can access our online catalogue of over 5,000 supplies, using a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Real time pricing is available and invoices can be accessed immediately after delivery. Follow us:


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