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    and Cleaners.',M 8I& Eiim m^ Hi dmkn I

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    A MEDICAL WONDER.HAMLINSWIZARD OILCURESAll Aches, Pains, Soreness, Swelling and

    Inflammation from whatever cause.CURES

    Kbeumatism,Lame Back,Stiff Joints,ContractedMuscles,Neuralgia,Headache,Toothache,Earache,Cuts, Wounds,.Sprains, Bruises,Burns, Scalds,Bites of Dogs andother animals,Stings of Insectsand Reptiles,Etc., Etc.

    CURESSore Throat,


    Diphtheria,Stomach Pains,

    Cramps,Cholera Morbus,Pain in Bowels

    Tumors,Swelled Glands,

    Sore andBleeding Gums,Corns,


    Try One Bottle and you will not be without it. It is infact a Household Doctor. Sold by all Druggists.50C. AND $1.00 PER BOTTLE.

    Hamlin's Blood and Liver PillsFor Indigestion, Constipation and Torpid Liver, 25c per bottle.

    Hamlin's Cough Balsam. 50c per bottle.

    Manufactured only byHAMLIN WIZARD OIL CO., CHICAGO, ILL.

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    $1,000,000 dui^Efor KhEumati^m


    Never Failed. Cures Gout, allR h e u in a I i s 111 and Neuralgia.Send for free testimonials.Doesn't cure everything. Mailorders filled. Highly indorsedby ablest doctors.

    William Ladd, 1-14 Unity Bldg., city, served five years in U. S. cavalryin Arizona, now with board of education, says: "My left knee swelledup and finally cracked open in three places. I suffered frightful agony.Six bottles of 'Schrage's Reumatic Cure' has made me a well man.Wouldn't be without it for all the money in Chicago."'William Schulte, 1214 Biddle St., St. Louis, Mo.: "1 is all you claim

    for it." A, V. Penn, Druggist, Sidney, Iowa: "It is a wonderful remedy. Sendme threedozen more."Gen. O. L. Mann, 90 Washington St.: "I can cheerfully recommend

    it for gout or rheumatism."George Renshaw, Jonesboro, Ark.: "It has cured me. Send me three

    bottles for some friends."G. F. Utterbeck, Cashier Savings Bank, Sigourney, Iowa: "Schrage's

    Rheumatic Cure has cured me. Send me four bottles for two friends."A. J. Edwards, Meridian, Miss.: "No one need suffer from rheuma-

    tism if he will take your remedy."J. C. W. Coxe, M. D., Washington, Iowa: "You may refer to me."Indorsed by hundreds of able and learned doctors and thousands of

    people now cured. There are no "ifs" or "ands" about this remedy,it cures people, that's all. All letters answered. Mail orders filled,$1.50 a bottle. Never Failed.References: J. V. Clarke, Fres. Hibernian Bank, Chicago; N. W.Mundy, Am. Sugar Regfining Co., 31 Lake St. Chicago.Accept no other.SWANSON RHEUMATIC CURE CO.

    Sole Proprietors. 167=169 Dearborn St., Chicago.

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    OVER ONE MILLION packages sold last seasondemonstrates that Van's is the leading Buckwheat.

    VAN'S '=' BUCKWHEAT perfectly wholesome, not injurious to

    the most delicate, easily digested, it requiresNO YEAST OR BAKING POWDER

    simply mix with sweet milk or cold water to abatter and bake at once on hot griddle.MAKES THE FINEST OF CAKES.

    Sold in Five Pouad Packaije Only.USE VAN'S na^hixe: oaxs.Sold jy All Grocejl-s.

    THE VAN MILLS, 129=131 Grand Ave.There is nothing better thanj

    Forbidden FruitCHEWING GUM

    iHr^/Hhjs \yty CHICAGO.Hanufacturers of

    Finest Chewing GumSome of Our Special Brands:

    YUCCA, PEPSIN. BANANA. p,NEAPPLE o. r^r. o*Moe-int.i-i-i.e.. BLOOD ORANGE.

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    '*** .l $125,000Challenge ^




    Challenged the World in ISSS; up to date tins clialicnge has not beenaccepted. In order to prove the FR.ACTIC.AL, I )ES1 K.XBLE, ADMIR-ABLE and acceptable merits of his VIOLINS, MAN I )OLINS, (iUITARSand ZITHERS, he is willing to present his entire stock, valued at ?12:).0OO,to any one maker, and if he has not enough talent to accept tlie challenge,let him call in twelve of the WANT TO BE SO-CALLED LEADINGM.-\NUF.\CTURERS, and if these thirteen have not the ability to make theabove four instruments, let them call on the world to assist them to make asgood instrument in strength, clearness of tone, excellence of finish anddesign as those made by "^'-ilimann. from the root to finish ready for theartist to play. The public .las long since become convinced of the perfectconstruction of the Bohniann instrument. Mr. Bohmann is proudof theAmerican Flag and would defend it with his last drop of blood, and wantsthe American people to know that he is ready at all times to give his talentsto the world. Let his competitors come to the front and show what theyhave done in improving these instruments. They are all trying to copy them.They come close to the model, but NE\ER car ,eaeh the tone that theBohmann instruments possess. There are over 1.30,(XX)of the Bohniann makein use at the present time. Only the most superior grades of very old andthoroughly seasoned wood is used in the manufacture of Bohmann instru-ments, which requires great practical knowledge to select, and which insuresthe best quality and volume of tone and vibration that constitutes the higheststandard of excellence.Twenty-eight years ago when Mr. Bohmann came to this country, he wastold no use of his coming here to make instruments, as there was no woodavailable. But he knew how to find it, and only use American wood in hisinstruments. JOSEPH BOHMANN,

    The World's Greatest Musical Instrument M.inufacturer,N. B. .Ml Kinds of Repairing Done 178 WABASH AVE.ATIR nPPPP If you can go into any large Re-UUn UrrCin tan store m Chicago and pur-chase a Chair similar to ours, namely: Full rollarms, full reed sral, all beitt oak frame. War-raiiiea J^ure rattan and hand made, for as lowpriced CASH as we offer ours on TIME or easypayments, we will give you your choice free fromour Chairs.EASY PAYMENTS OR CASH.$2.00 FIRST PAYMENT, $2.00 PER MONTH.Send us f2 (X)and we will send the chair, exi)resspaid; then you can send $2.(>0 per month. We an:

    the manufacturers, we sell only direct to thfpeople. I'rice $n.OO, Jl 00 discount if paid in oOdays or cash. t^ ji ORDWAY & CO.,E. B. Webster, Mgr. 469 Madison St. Chicago.

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    (6^(>ou\jUv^EST2 1881. OPTICIANS


    NEAR WABASH AVE. CHICAGO.Eyefitting our specialty-


    William R. ManierreProprietor

    THE MUSSER-SCUDDER SYRUP CO.Syrups and Molasses

    Sole Importer "OLD MAXSE"Absolutely Pure Canadian Sap Maple Syrup.

    BEWARE OF IMITATIONS.None Genuine Unless Bearing Our Trade Mark.

    Refinery, Nos. 211 and 213 Michigan Street,Chicago.

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    The best labor saoing soap-powder ever made.The best soap-powderfor household cleansing.^^ Peerless Soap = Powder''

    No wear and tear. Clothes washed perfectly clean with-out wash board, without rubbing, scrubbing and positivelywithout injury to hands or texture.A CHILD CAN USE IT.

    Fully tested and given entire satisfaction in every way.As a labor saver especially for washing clothes, we mentionsome of its merits and claim that it is superior to other soap-powders for that purpose. It is made of materials that cannotmjure any fabric. Clothing that has been washed with it forfive years is still good, which if rubbed on a wash-board wouldlong since have worn out.

    It cleans floors, painted surfaces, tin ware and everythingelse beautifully; and your silverware washed in the hot sudsremains bright for months.ASK YOUR GROCER FOR IT.Sample packages free.

    PEERl-ESS MAXIFAC'TI RIXG COMPAXY.Office and Factory: 688 W. Lake Street, CHICAGO.1S4


    K Simple, Novel and Practical.ECONOMY AND CONVENIENCE IN HEATING.

    DC No Smoke. No Odor. Perfect Combustion.

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    B^ant&SfHiffonBusiness Collegemcagoi:*To32lWABASH AV. OPPOSITE_ AUDITORIUM'Lar|est*Oldest-* Best-D/r& NIGHTCOURSESBusinessShoithandEn^lisli*MosrLuxuRiousLY Furnished Schooi >uri' Ihi'V hutc tli

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    Compliments of...MERRIAM, COLLINS & CO.

    Wholesale GrocersCorner Wabash Ave. and South Water St.


    We recommend to those who desire full value for theirmoney any goods bearing

    the "butterfly "or "mAGNET" labelsand sold by us.


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    FrioevOrif=^ Oollwr


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    Fat Folks Reduced105 POUNDS LOSS

    No Qain in 14 flonths

    Mrs. Hattik Johnson, Benedict, Neb., before and after treatment.Benedict. Neb., July 5, 1894.Dr. Snyber, Sir:It is fourteen months since I stopped taking your treat-ment and my weight and measurements remain the same as when I quit.No one is so proud of my reduction as I am.

    I cheerfully recommend your treatment to all sufferers from obesity as ithas done wonders for me. I will gladly answer inquiries when stamp isenclosed. Mrs. Hattie Johnson.PATIENTS TREATED BY nAIL Confidentially, and withno starving, inconvenience or bad effects. For particulars andtestimonials call or address with six cents,

    O. W. F. SNYDER, M. D.,580 McVicker's Theater, CHICAGO.


    FOR THE CURE OFEnuresis (Bed Wetting), Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Inflani'

    mation of Kidneys and Bladder, Incontinence,and "Night Rising."

    Bottle, 100 doses, $ 1 .00. Package, 200 doses, postpaid, $1 .00.Bottles by Express at buyer's expense.

    For Sale by All Druggists andO. W. F. SNYDER, M. D.,680 McVicker's Theater Bids:.. CHICAQO.


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    Best Dining Car Service in the WorldARE SOME OF ITS SPECIALTIES.The Great Tourist Car Route to and

    from California.JOHN SEBASTIAN. G. P. A., Chicago.

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    VV C have the most complete stock of-^

    PIANOSOrgans, riusic Boxes^Harpsto be found anywhere

    TERMS: Cash or Installments. Send for Catalogue.


    VEGETABLE SEEDSBULBS PLANTSnearly EverythingSeeded for the . . .FARM AND



    Our annnal Catalogue con-taining descriptions andprices of all that is mostdesirable in this line is sentfree to all who ask or writefor it.



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    4 PREFACE.

    pushing them, and allow no minor disappoint-ments to depress or discourage you.The chief difficulty with those who havestruggled for years against fortune has beenthe want of a method to point out the way toimprovement.We believe this volume is as serviceable tothe person well along in life, even though hialabors up to the present in other fields may havebeen unrewarded, as to the young man just bud-ding into manhood and who is eager to reach thehighest round of the ladder without a trace ofcare or age to mark his brow.

    Andrews Metal Chairs # TablesComfortable, Attractive and Indestructible.

    Supplanting all wooden chairs.Piano and Stenographer Chaironly $5.00. Highly polished withadjustable seat and back. Supportsthe back where it is needed.Best and CHEAPEST Chairs made.ANDREWS FOLDINGRevolving Mirror D tU vCOMFORT SAFETY BEAUTY

    Low Price*. Send for Catalogue.

    A. H, Andrews & Co.21s Wabash Ave. CHICAGO

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    HARDWOOD FLOORS.Wood Carpets,Parquet Floors,


    IS and 50 Randolph Street)CHICAGO, ILL.


    Molasses CandyOne cup molasses (Xew Or-leans is best), h cup white sugar, butter as largeas a cherry, 1 spoon vinegar. Boil until itbreaks crisp in water; just before taking from thefire add ^ teaspoon of soda.

    KissesWhites of 2 eggs beaten to a stifffroth, 1 cup powdered sugar, beat this together15 minutes, drop in teaspoonfuls on brown paper,put on dripping pan turned bottom side up inthe oven; bake until a crust forms on them.Cream CandyOne bowl white sugar, 2 table-

    spoons vinegar, 1 teaspoon cream tartar, 1tumbler water; put in vanilla just as it is done.Boil until it crisps in water. Pull it when it iscool, until white and porous, and cut in pieces.

    Peanut CandyTwo cups molasses, 1 cupsugar, 1 cup water, ^ cup vinegar (a smallone), butter size of an egg. Boil until brittle,then stir in the peanuts (take the skins off

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    6 CAPTIVE SECRETS.first), and pour out on greased plate. Can useEnglish walnut or hickory nut meats.Cream for French Caiidies (Without cooking)Roll and sift 3 pounds confectioners' XXX

    powdered sugar (get it at the confectioner's).Put the whites of 2 eggs in a tumbler, and markwith the thumb the amount; pour this in a dishand add the same measure of cold water, and ascant tablespoon of vanilla (or any flavoring youlike). Stir these well together, then addsugar slowly, stirring all well together with asilver spoon. It sometimes takes more or lesssugar; make it stiff enough to mould into shapewith the fingers; roll this with your hands onthe moulding board until smooth, and then withthe hands shape into small balls for chocolatecreams, or into squares and put English walnutmeats on them, or roll grated cocoanut into it,or chop figs and mix with it, or oj^eu dates andfill them with some of the cream, or coveralmond meats with it, then roll them in granu-lated sugar. For the chocolate creams makewith the fingers little cone shaped balls, placeon greased platter to harden (over night), ormake them in the morning and leave them untilafternoon. Melt some chocolate (confec-tioners' is best), in a basin, set in another

  • 7/29/2019 Captive SecrCaptive secrets 500 Favorite Formulasets 500 Favorite Formulas



    basin of boiling water; when melted, and thecreams are hard enough to handle, take one at atime on a fork and droj) it in the melted choco-late; roll it until well covered, then slip fromthe fork uj)on waxed paper (or greased plates),and set away to harden.

    Chocolate CaramelsOne and one-half cupssugar, 1 cup molasses, i cup sweet milk, i cakebakers' chocolate scraped fine, 4 teaspoon sodadissolved in milk, 2 teaspoons pulverized gumarable, piece of butter half size of an egg; boilwithout stirring until it breaks crisp in water,pour out quarter of an inch thick in greased tins;cut in squares with a knife when it gets a littlecool; i of this recipe makes 1 square tin full.

    Fever SoresSuccessful TreatmentWhitevitriol, 1 teaspoonful; copj)eras, 3 teaspoonfuls;gunpowder, 5 teaspoonfuls; soft water, 1 quart.Put the articles into an earthen or glass dish,

    and pour the water upon them, boiling hot, andstir till cool. Let it settle, and bottle the clearliquid for use. It will be very black whilestirring, but settles very clear. Wash the sores 3or 4 times daily. It is equally valuable for freshsores, cuts, etc.Asthma InhalentEther, ounce 1; oil tur-

    pentine and benzoic acid, each, drachms 4; tola

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    8 CAPTIVE SEOEETS.balsam, drachms 2. To be inhaled from awide-mouthed bottle, during the attack.

    SnufF for Hay FeverBoric acid, grains 30;sodium salicylate, grains 40; cocaine hydrochlo-rate, grains 2. Mix them thoroughly.

    SnufF for ColdsSodium bicarbonate, grains2; magnesium carbonate (light), grains 3;menthol, grain 1; cocaine hydrochlorate, grains4; milk sugar, drachms 1^.The most marked relief will follow the use of

    this powder, and a few applications will domuch to abort the catarrhal attack. Its effectsare immediate, highly agreeable to the patient,and continuous for a number of hours.Spray for CatarrhAcid carbolic, grains 20;

    sodium borate, sodium bicarbonate, each, drachm1; glycerine, rose water, each, ounce 1; waterpint, 1. Dissolve and use with an atomizer.

    THE CARE OF THE TEETH.The teeth should be brushed twice daily, upon

    arising and retiring. The brush employedshould be not too stiff so as to cause the gumsto bleed, yet suflBciently hard to enter the crev-ices and remove the impurities. The brushshould always be thoroughly washed after each

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 9operation, and placed in a position to dry quickly.The following shows the composition of the bestdentifrices:

    Cherry Tooth PastePumice, honey, glycerine,orris, each, 2 ounces; myrrh, 4 drachms; essenceof lemon, 90 m.; oils of cloves, 30 m.; oil of rose,8 drops; cochineal coloring, enough.Damask Rose Tooth PasteOrris, prepared

    chalk, each, 3 ounces; alum, 4 drachms; cochi-neal, lavender water, each, 3 drachms; potassiumbitartrate, 2 drachms ; oils of cloves and rose,each, 10 m; glycerine, enough.Saponaceous Tooth PastePrecipitated chalk,2 ounces; castile soap, orris, each, 1 ounce; oilsof sassafras and bay, each, 10 m.; honey, enough,or about 3^ ounces.Pink Tooth PastePrecipitated chalk, 200

    grains; pumice, orris, each, 100 grains; cinna-mon, cloves, each, 60 grains; oil of cloves, 6drops; carmine, 5 grains; ammonia, 1 drop;honey, enough, or about 400 grains.

    Odontine (a)Castile soap, white, 1^ ounces,alcohol, 24 ounces; water, 8 ounces.

    (6)Myrrh, 3 ounces ; alcohol, 24 ounces;water, 8 ounces.

    After filtering the two tinctures, add: Spiritpf lemon, ^ ounce; oils of peppermint, winter-

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    10 CAPTIVE, star anise, each, 15 drops; glycerine, 4ounces: acetic ether, i ounce.

    Color with tincture of alkanet.EudontoQuillaia bark, 1 ounce: cochineal,

    1 grain; alcohol, 3 ounces; water, -ih ounces.Macerate for one week, filter, then add: Oil

    of wintergreen, i drachm; alcohol 3 drachms;peppermint water, 4 ounces; glycerine, 2 ounces;water, enough to make 24 ounces.

    Artificial Seawater is Prepared FromSodiumchloride, 78 parts; magnesium chloride, 1 1 parts;potassium chloride, calcium sulphate, each, 3parts; magnesium, 5 parts. Of the dry mixture100 kilos are to be dissolved in 3 cubic meters ofwater. This compound was used with entiresatisfaction in the aquaria of the Paris Ex-position.

    Curlolina for the HairA preparation, as itsname indicates, for curling the hair. Mix together1 pound olive oil, 1 drachm oil origanum, \hdrachm oil of rosemary. Bottle and label.Many recipes could be given for curling the

    hair, but we consider this one of the best and asthe ingredients are all cheap will yield a largeprofit.

    Chilblain OintmeiitChilblains arise from asevere cold to the part, causing inflammation,

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    often ulcerating, making deep and very trouble-some, long-continued sores.

    2 quarts of lard, 1 pint of turpentine, \ poundof camphor. Powder the camphor and mix welltogether. This will stop the itching and theajiplication causes no pain.Put it up in tin boxes labelled, paste the label

    entirely around the box to prevent the evapora-tion of the camphor.

    Green Writing Ink1 ounce crystal of ver-digris, dissolved in 1 pint of vinegar, add to it5 drachms gum arabic and 2 drachms whitesugar, dissolved in half pint of water. Let itstand two or three days, strain off the liquid andbottle it. The novelty of this ink will cause itto sell well, and with a fancy name its manu-facture will be profitable.Stoughton BittersSteep | ounce of Peruvian

    bark, 1 ounce wild cherry bark, 2 ounces of gen-tian root, 1 ounce dried orange peel, and 1 ouncecardamon seeds bruised, in one gallon of spiritsfor two or three weeks, when it is ready for use.Immense fortunes have been made on bitters,as they are excellent as astringents and tonics for

    weak stomachs. This is good for dyspepsia. Putup in bottles according to price. Dose, a table-spoonful three times a day in a little water.

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    12 CAPTIVE SEOBE*^.Silver InkMix 1 ounce of the finest pewtei?

    or block tin, and 2 ounces of quick silvertogether till they become fluid, then grind itwith gum water.When used as an ink, the writing will look as

    if done with silver.Bottle with a fancy label.Glue for Labeling TinBoil 2 ounces pul-

    verized borax, 4 ounces gum shellac in one quartof water until all is dissolved. When cold it canbe used as a paste or glue for pasting paperupon tin boxes. Ordinary paste or glue willnot answer, as the paper will peel off; this willnot.Rat ExterminatorMake 3 pounds of flour

    into a thick paste with water. Dissolve 1 ounceof phosphorous in 1^ ounces of butter by heat-ing, mix all together v'ell, then color it by work-ing up in it 2 ouncec. pulverized tumeric.

    This is certain death to rats, and is largelysold. Put it up in tin boxes holding about onegill. It will sell for 25 cts., and pays a largeprofit.

    Electric OilPut 1 ounce of pulverized salt-petre in 1 pint of sweet oil. Bottle and label.This is an excellent remedy for inflammatoryrheumatism.

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    Friction SoapMix 4 pounds of fine whitesand with 2 pounds of good brown soap, bymelting the soap in a vessel. When it is thor-oughly mixed, mould it into small cakes.

    Tricopherous for the HairMix well together6 ounces of [)ure castor oil, 10 ounces (95 percent.) alcohol, 1 drachm oil of bergamot and 1drachm oil of lavender.

    This is a very agreeable and most excellentpreparation for the hair, serving to soften it,stimulate its growth, and keep it dark andglossy. And as all preparations for the hairare eagerly sought after they pay well to man-ufacture.Put it up in pint beetles neatly labeled.

    Regulate the price of this - d of all other recipesaccording to the cost of your mixture. Manyfortunes have beenmade with hair prepara-tions.

    Hudson's Lip SalveMelt 1 ounce of whitewax and 1 ounce of spermaceti, add 2 ounces oilof lemon, mix, and while warm add 2 ounces ofrose water, and ^ ounce of orange water. Beatwell together.The lips are very liable to chap in cold

    weather and crack to a considerable depth caus-ing much pain and annoyance. The above

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    14 CAPTIVE SECRETS.preparation will be found excellent for curiiigthe complaint.Put the salve up in neat metal boxes.Liquid GlueDissolve in a wide-mouthed

    vessel 8 ounces of the best glue, in J pint of water.Set the vessel in a larger one containing waterand heat it. When the glue is thoroughly dis-solved add 2| ounces of strong aquafortis (nitricacid), stirring slowly while putting in the acid.

    This is to be put into bottles and kept wellcorked. It is a handy and valuable composi-tion as it does not gelatinize, ferment, or be-come offensive, and can be used cold for all theordinary purposes of glue in making or mendingfurniture, or broken vessels that are not exposedto water or heat.

    This recipe for glue is the discovery of aFrench chemist and is selling about the coun-try as a secret, at from one to five dollars forthe recipe. Bottle and label.

    Extract of VanillaTo 1 quart of pureFrench brandy add 1 ounce of vanilla beans(cut up fine), and 2 ounces of Tonqua beans,bruised. Let it digest for two weeks, frequentlyshaking; then filter carefully, and it is ready foruse. Filtering paper can be procured at anydruggists.

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 15This is excellent for flavoring pies, cakes,

    puddings and ice-cream. It is sold by everydruggist and grocer in the country and canl)e disposed of at a good profit. Bottle andlabel.

    Golden Pomade Melt 5 ounces of beefmarrow, 1 ounce of yellow wax, ounces oflard; perfume while cooking with oil of berga-mot or oil of almonds to suit.

    Put up in 2 oz. glass jars and label.A variety of pomades can be made from the

    above recipe by changing the perfume.For rose pomade, scent with ottar of roses

    and color by tying alkanet root in a bag, andpressing it in the hot grease to the color re-quired.

    It will command a higher price if put up infancy bottles or jars.

    Magnetic Insect PowderRub red cham-omile to a fine and mix it with some cheapdivisor (such as fine mahogany or cherry sawdust).When this powder is dusted into cracks about

    the corners of walls, etc., out walk the cock-roaches and all other insect intruders withoutfail. It clears insects from plants, and is deathto bed bugs.

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    16 CAPTIVE SECRETS.All the insect powders manufactured owe

    their efficiency to red chamomile.Put up in glass bottles.French Furniture PolishMelt 2 ounces of

    beeswax and ^ ounce of alkonet root in anearthen pot, add 2 ounces of spirits of win(> andh pint of turpentine.

    This polish is to be rubbed on with a woolencloth, and polished with an old piece of silk.

    It makes old furniture look like new, and isextensively sold on the street and in the stores.Put up in small bottles.

    Clothes BallMix together 2 pounds pipeclay,4 ouncesof Fuller's earth, 4 ounces whitingand 4 pint ox gall.Make into small balls.

    This an excellent article, very easily made,and there is no trouble in finding a market for it.The cost of manufacturing is trifling. Put up

    in packages with circular containing directions.Cologne, equal to FarinaTo 2 quarts

    deodorized or cologne alcohol, add 1 pint rosewater, 1 ounce of bergamot, 1 drachm neroli, ^ounce jessamine, 1 drachm garden lavender, 5drops cinnamon, li ounce tincture of benzoin, 4ounce tincture of musk. Use fancy bottles andlabels.

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    CAPTIVK SECRETS. 17Allow the pi(.'[);iratiou to stautl two or three

    days, shake occasioually, filter and bottle.This is ('xpt'iisivc, yet a very nice article.Compound Blackberry Root for Diarrhea will

    be fouml very valuable. Take blackberryroot, waHhed, cut fine and l)ruis('d. and the driedfruit, of each, i ounces; bayberry bark 2 ounces;crane's bill (geranium) root, and cinnamonbarks, of each 1 ounce; gum myrrh and fennelseed and cloves, of each \ ounce; pulverizedsugar i pound; brandy or best rye whisky 1pint.

    Bruise all the articles and put them to 8 or 4quarts of soft water, and half cf the whisky andsimmer for ^ a day, or until about half thewater is evaporated, then strain and press outand boil down to a pint and add the sugar whilehot; and when cold add the ^ pint of spirits left.

    DoseA teasjioonful every hour, for 2 or 3times, then once in 3 or 4 hours, as needed,especially valuable with children, in Doses from5 to 30 drops, according to age, and if over 5 or6 years old, a teaspoon ful may be given for aDose.Diarrhea TinctureVery ValuableTincture

    of rheubarb, 1 ounce; spirits of camphor, lauda-num and tincture of ginger, and essence of cin-

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    18 CAPTIVE SECRETS.namon, of each ^ ounce; tincture of capsicum, 4ounce. Mix, and shake when using.DoseHalf a teaspoouful, on sugar or in a

    little sweetened water, and repeat every 30minutes, in severe cases, until relief from painis obtained, then every hour or two, as needed,until the evacuations are lessened and improvedin appearance. The friend from whom this wasobtained, was first cured with it, after a longsiege, and afterwards cured many others. Ifused with judgment, it will l)e found a veryvaluable medicine.Carmine InkMix 12 grains carmine, pow-

    dered fine, and 3 ounces spirits of ammonia with18 grains gum arabic dissolved in i ounce ofwater. Bottle and label.Put in square bottles, fluted at the bottom,

    with a French label, as this is often put up inthis manner and sold as imported.

    Cheap Hard SoapPour 4 gallons boilingwater on 6 pounds salsoda and 3 pounds un-slacked lime; stir and let stand over night.Pour off very carefully the clear liquor, and add6 pounds good grease or fatboil two hoursstirring. Try it occasionally by putting a littleto cool, and when thick remove from the fire,stirring in a handful of salt.

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 19Have ready a tub in which cold water haa

    beeu standing to jjreveut sticking; put the soapinto it and let stand till solid, cut into strips orpour into moulds for cakes. This will make aboutforty ])ounds soap at a cost of two cents perpound.

    Essence of PeppermintTake 1 pint of alco-hol ami add J ounce of oil of peppermint. Bottle.

    Mix, and shake it well; let it stand a day andif not clear filter it through j)aper. If you wishto color, add a little turpeiitint;.

    Put up in 2 or 15 ounce bottles.Black InkTake 1 pound logwood, and 1

    gallon of water; simmer in an iron vesselfor one hour; dissolve in a little hot water 24grains bichromate of potash, 12 grains prussiateof potash, and stir into the li(|uid over the fire;strain through a fine cloth.No other ink will stand the test of oxalic acid,

    and is so indelil)le as not to be removed frompaper by it. It is the cheapest ink made.

    Ink is put up in various sizes and styles ofbottles from 2 ounce to quart. The corks ofthe bottles should be sealed with a cheap waxmade of rosin and Vermillion, and packed indoz

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    20 CAPTIVE SECRETS.of pulverized gum mastic, add I ounce (weight)chloroform. Mix together till the mastic is dis-solved, then bottle.

    This will relieve the toothache almost in-stantly in nearly every instance.Put up in small bottles well sealed. It wouldbe better to have ground glass stoppers.

    Heliotrope SachetPowder 4 ounces orria root,2 ounces damask rose leaves, 1 ounce tonquabeans, J ounce vanilla bean, 15 grains dry muskand 2 droj^s oil bitter almonds. Mix thoroughlyby sifting several times through a sieve, thenput in satin bags.

    Nothing pays better if well made and put upin nice bags with fancy name. It is a fine per-fume bag for bureaus, trunks or boxes.Fly DestroyerTake 1 pint of infusion ofquassia, 4 ounces brown sugar, 2 ounces ground

    pepper. Mix. Put in shallow dishes whenrequired, it makes short work.For sale, it can be put up in small bottles,

    with directions and label.Pomade DivineMelt and incorporate well

    together 8 ounces beef marrow, lo- ounces cinna-mon, 1 ounce white wax, 2 drachms essence ber-gamot, 1 drachm of oil of lavender, and 1 drachmoil lemon.

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    Put up in small wide-mouth bottles, neatlylabeled.

    Silver Plating FluidDissolve 1 ounce nitrateof silver in crystal in 12 ounces soft water; thenadd to it 2 ounces cyanuret of potash. Shakethe whole together, and let it stand till it becomesclear.Have ready some half ounce vials half full of

    Paris white, or fine whiting; then fill up the bot-tles with the liquid and it is ready for use.The whiting does not increase the coating; itonly helps to clean the articles, and to save the

    silver fluid by the bottles.It is used by rubbing it on anything that is to

    be silvered with a rag until it is well covered.Put up in 1 ounce bottles.Carriage VarnishPale and GoodOne of thebest varnishes for carriage work is made by mix-

    ing boiled linseed-oil, hot, 2| gallons, with paleAfrican copal gum, 8 pounds, melted in an ironvessel of suitable size to hold all, and to allowthe mixture to have slowly stirred into it 4 poundof sulphate of zinc, and the boiling continueduntil it jjecomes ropy, or stringy; then removedfrom fire and thinned down to a proper consist-ence for use, with turpentine. It dries in a fewhours, and is durable.

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    Blue InkPowder Prussian blue and oxalicacid, equal parts, add soft water until you havethe right shade. Add tablespoon ful powderedgum arabic to each quart ink.

    Strain, bottle and label. The bottles shouldbe of various sizes, and packed in a wooden boxin dozens with chaff or sawdust.

    Hair RestorativeTakel drachm lac-sulphur,1 draclini sugar of lead and 4 ounces rose water.Mix, and shake the vial on using the mixture.Bathe the hair twice a day for a week. This

    preparation does not dye the hair, but restoresits original color. Keep from children as it ispoisonous.

    Put up in h pint and pint bottles.Cold CreamAdd 1 pound of oil of almonds,

    to 4 ounces white wax. Gently melt the abovein an earthern vessel, when nearly cool stir in 10ounces rose water.

    This is good for chapped lips, rough skin, etc.Put in small pots or metal boxes and label.

    Freckle-LotionTake i drachm muriate ofammonia, 2 drachms lavender water, J })int dis-tilled water. Bottle.Apply with a sponge 2 or 3 times a day.Put up in tight bottles, well sealed.Shaving SoapTake 2 pounds best white bar

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 23soap and l pound good common bar soap, cutup fine o that they will dissolve readily. Putinto a vessel with 1 quart soft waterdissolve,then add 1 pint alcohol, 1 gill beef's gall, J gillspirits of turpentine; stir while boiling togetherf(jr five minutes; while cooling add oil of sassa-fras to suit and color with fine vermillion.This soap makes a rich lather, softens the face

    and can be made cheaj). This is the best articleof the kind ever invented.Red Sealing WaxMelt 4 ounces good shellac(very pale) cautiously in a bright copper pan over

    a clear fire and when fused add 4 ounce Veniceturpentine, and add vermillion enough to makecolor to suit. Roll into sticks on a warm stoneslab by means of a polished wooden block, orpour into moulds while warm. Put U2) by wrap-ping each stick separately in paper and then intopackages of one dozen with labeled wrappers.

    Complexion SoapTake ^ pound of white cas-tile soap, slice it down into a pew'ter jar and pourupon it 2 quarts of alcohol; place the jar in avessel of water at such a heat as will cause thespirits to boil, when the soap will soon dissolve;then put the jar, closely covered, in a warm placeuntil the liquor is clarified; takeoff any scum thatmay appear on the surface, and jjour it carefully

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    from the dregs, tben put it into a jar again, andplace it in a vessel of hot water, distilling all thespirits that may arise; dry the remaining massin the air for a few days, when a white transparentsoap will be obtained free from all alkalineimpurities, and perfectly void of smell. It is muchused for softening and beautifying the skin.Put up in small cakes with fancy wrapper.Marking Ink for LinenTo make marking ink

    take 1 drachm of nitrate of silver (lunar caustic),dissolve it in double its weight of water. Thisforms the ink; then dissolve 1 drachm of salts oftartar in 1 ounce of water, wet the linen withthis liquid, and when dry it can be written onwith the ink.

    Put up the ink in very small bottles, holdingabout 1 tablespoonful, and the salts in a 2ounce bottle. Put them together in a pasteboardbox with directions and label.

    Genuine Windsor SoapTo make this famoussoap for washing the hands, shaving, &c.,nothing more is necessary than to slice the bestwhite soap as thin as possible, melt it in a sauce-pan over a slow fire, scent it well with oil of car-away, and then pour it into a frame or mouldmade for that purpose, or a small drawer adaptedin size and form to the quantity. When it has

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    stood three or four days in a dry situatiuu, cutit iuto square pieces, and it is ready for use. Bythis simi:)le mode, substituting any more favoritescent for that of caraway, all jjcrsons may suitthemselves with a good perfumed soap at themost trifling expense. Shaving boxes may beat once filled with the melted soap, instead ofthe mould.Ink Powders^Powder 4 pounds galls, 2

    pounds green vitriol and 1 pound of gum arabic.Put this up in two ounce packages for sale,one of wliich will make a pint of ink.Extract GingerTake 2 ounces powdered gin-

    ger and 2 pints alcohol. Digest in a gentle heatfor several days and strain. Bottle and label.

    This tincture is a cordial and stimulantit isgenerally used as a corrective to purgativedraughts, without which the latter are apt to begriping. It makes a wholesome and pleasantdrink for summer. The sale is extensive andyields a large profit. 4 ounce bottles would bethe best to put it up in.Marble CementSaturate plaster of paris in astrong solution of alum; then bake in an oven

    for two hours, afterwards grind to powder.It sets into a very hard composition capable

    of taking a very high polish. It can be mixed

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    26 CAPTIVE SECRETS.with various coloring minerals to produce acement of any color capable of imitating marble.It is a very rare recipe.Eureka SalveMelt 1 ounce of beeswax, 1

    ounce of tallow, 1 ounce rosin and 1 ounce lard;then take from the fire and put in 1 ounce eacholive oil, oil of amber, oil of spike, and justbefore congelation, add 1 ounce verdigris, stir-ring until perfectly cold. The verdigris must bewell pulverized.Put in tin boxes to sell for 25 cents. It is ahealing salve.Stomach BittersMix well together 1 pound

    wild cherry bark, 1 ounce peruvian bark, 1 ouncedried orange peel; steep in 5 gallons pure ginfor two wrecks. Strain, bottle and label.

    This cures sour stomach,dyspepsia,loss of appe-tite, etc. Dose, tablespoonful ])efore each meal.

    Polishing Paste for MetalsTake equal partsof pulverized rotten stone and brick dust, mixwell into a stiff paste with lard. It should beput up in tin boxes.

    Profits large.Stick CementHeat a good article of shellac

    and while soft draw out into stick.This cement is sold about the country as a

    great secret. When you ap|)ly it, heat the article

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 27a little above boiling water heat and apply athin coating on both surfaces of the broken ves-sel, press together, and when cold it will be asstrong as when new. A stick about 5 incheslong and as thick as a lead pencil can be soldfor 10 cents.

    Black Court Plaster, No. 1Dissolve l ouncebalsam of benzoin in (3 ounces spirits alcohol; ina separate vessel, dissolve 1 ounce isinglass inas little alcohol as possible, strain each and mixtogether, let stand, so that any undissolved partsmay subside; when the clear liquid is cold it willform a jelly. Strain black silk on a frame andbrush over it several times the above by firstwarming it. When the coated silk is dry it mustbe finished off with a coat of a solution of 4ounces turi3entine in 6 ounces tincture benzointo prevent it cracking.

    There is a foituue in this if you push it.Lemon Syrup, No. 1One pound of loaf or

    crushed sugar, to every i pint of lemon juice.Let it stand 24 hours, or till the sugar is dis-solved, stirring it very often with a silver spoon.When dissolved, dij) a flannel in hot water andwring it very dry. Strain the syrup and bottle it.This will keep almost any length of time.Put in pint bottles.

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    28 CAPTIVE SECRETS.Sarsaparilla MeadThree pounds of sugar, 3

    ounces of tartaric acid, 1 ounce of cream tartar,1 of flour, 1 of essence of sarsaparilla, and 3quarts of water. Strain and l)ottle it, then let itstand ten days before using it.

    Twigg's Hair DyeAn excellent dye, as wellas most serviceable hair-wash.Take 1 drachm lac-sulphur, i drachm sugar

    lead, 4 ounces rose water. Mix carefully. Washthe hair repeatedly, till it assumes the desiredshade.

    Bottle in 4 or 6 ounce bottles, with directions,and label.

    Dalby's CarminativeTake oils caraway, fen-nel and peppermint, each 10 drops; rub themup with 10 ounces of white sugar and 5 ouncesof carbonate or lump magnesia, then add 1^drachms of sal-tartar and 2 ounces of laudanum.Mix with 3i pints of water.Put up in small bottles.Ointment for Frosted FeetTake 1 ounce

    stramonium ointment, or, if that cannot be pro-cured, of spermaceti ointment, and 1 drachm ofGoulard's extract. Mix together perfectly andanoint the parts affected several times a day. Itwill relieve the worst cases.Put up in small metal boxes.

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    CAI'TIVi: SECRETS. 29Harness Blacking Melt 4 ounces of mutton

    suet with 12 ounces of beeswax; add 12 (nnicesof sugar candy, 4 ounces of soft soap dissolvedin water, and 2 ounces of indigo finely pow-dered. When melted and well mixed, add halfa pint of turpentine. Lay it on the harness witha sponge, and polish off with a lirush.

    Bottle and label.Blackberry Wine There is no wine equal to

    the black) )erry wine when properly made, eitherin flavor or for medical purposes, and all per-sons w^ho can conveniently do so should manu-facture enough for their own use every year, asit is invaluable in sickness as a tonic, and noth-ing is a better remedy for bowel disease. We,therefore, give the recipe for making it, and,having tried it ourselves, we speak advisedly onthe subject. Measure your berries and bruisethem; to every gallon add 1 quart of boilingwater. Let the mixture stand 24 hours, stirringoccasionally; then strain off the liquor into acask, to every gallon adding 2 pounds of sugar;cork tight and you will have wine ready for usewithout further straining or boiling. This makesa most excellent and jialatable wine.Baking PowdersThe following are the bak-

    ing powders in general use: 1. Tartaric acid, 4i

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    30 CAPTIVE SECRETS.ounces; arrow-root or rice flour, 5 ounces; mix.Alum, 5 ounces; bicarbonate of soda, 2f ounces;bicarbonate of ammonia, | an ounce; arrow-root, 4 ounces.

    Purple InkA beautiful purple ink is made byboiling 1 ounce of ground logwood in 1^ pintsof soft water and half an ounce of pulverizedalum. Boil 20 minutes, strain andbottle for use.Keep the air out, and it will keep a long time.Put in bottles of various sizes.Brown's Bronchial TrochesTake 1 poundof pulverized extract of licorice, 1|^ pounds pul-

    verized sugar, 4 ounces of pulverized cubebs, 4ounces of pulverized gum arable, and 1 ounceof pulverized extract of conium. Mix.Make into a dough with flour, and roll prepara-

    tion out in thin sheets; cut out in small wafers.Peppermint CordialTo make peppermint

    cordial take 13 gallons of rectified spirits, 1in 5 under hydrometer proof, 12 pounds ofloaf sugar, 1 pint of spirits of wine that willfire gunpowder, 15 pennyweights of oil of pep-permint, and as much water as will fill up thecask, which should be set on end; after thewhole has been well mixed this will make 20gallons.

    Bottle ip. pint and quart bottles.

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    Razor PaperThis article supersedes the useof the ordiuciry strop; by merely wiping therazor on the paper to remove the lather aftershaving a keen edge is always maintained with-out further trouble; only one caution is neces-sarythat is, to begin with a sharp razor, andthen "the paper" will keep it in that state foryears. It may be prepared thus: First, pro-cure oxide of iron (by the addition of carbonateof soda to a solution of persulphate of iron),well wash the precipitate, and finally leave it ofthe consistency of cream. Secondly, procure agood paper, soft and thin, then with a softbrush spread over the paper (on one side only)very thinly the moist oxide of iron; dry and cutinto two inch square pieces. It is then fit foruse.Put up in packages of one or two dozen sheets.Honey RecipeWhite sugar, 10 {rounds; water,

    3 pints; bees-bread honey, 2^ pounds; creamtartar, 40 grains; oil of peppermint, 12 drops;gum arable, 2 ounces; ottar of roses, 1 drop.Put into a hriinH or copper kettle and let boil for5 minutes; then take pulverized slippery elm, 2teaspoonsful, and water, 1 quart; mix and straininto the kettle and let boil for 5 minutes; takeoff and mix in the whites of 2 eggs well beaten.

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    and when nearly cold add 1 pound of bees-breadhoney. By adding more slippery elm and gumarable to a proportionate quantity of water, youcan make it as cheap as you please. ^ Bees-breadhoney is that made by the bees in the fall of theyear to subsist on during the winter, it being

    much stronger than that made in the spring.When this cannot be obtained, honey in thecomb will answer, but it requires half a poundmore. Use dark sugar if you want it dark col-ored. Above recipe makes about 20 pounds, butto make cheap use 20 spoonsful slippery elmand 10 of gum arable. This will make about40 pounds.Burgundy Pitch Plasters2 pounds Bur-

    gundy pitch, 1 pound labdanum, 4 ounces eachyellow rosin and yellow wax, 1 ounce expressedoil of mace. To the pitch, rosin and wax,melted together, add first the labdanum andthen the oil of mace. After a long con-tinued cough in the winter, a pitch should beput over the breast bone.

    Adhesive Plaster, No. 1Take 5 ounces com-mon or litherage plaster, 1 ounce white rosin.Melt them together, and spread the liquid com-pound thin on strips of linen by means of aspatula or table knife. This plaster is very

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    adhesive aiul is used for keeping on otherdressing.

    Put iij) in l;ir

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    34 CAPTIVE SECRETS.60 parts (by weight) of raw linseed oil, 2 partsof litharge and 1 part of white vitriolboilingthe whole together; until all the water hasevaporated.French RougeFrench chalk, 2 ounces; oilof almonds, 1 drachm; carmine, i drachm. Mix.Crystalize GrassesDissolve 9 ounces alum

    in 1 pint water. Put in the grass when thealum water is cool enough to bear the hand; watchit, and take it out when the crystals are largeas you wish; dry them on paper. If you wishcolors, get a few powdered paints and sprinkleover it when it comes from the water; heat thealum over when it becomes cold.Cough Syrup2 tablespoonsful molasses, 2

    teaspoousful castor oil, 2 teaspoonsful paregoric;mix over a slow fire. Dose: adult, teaspoonfulthree times a day.

    Leather VarnishQuart alcohol, i poundgum shellac, 1 ounce rosin, ^ ounce camphor.Set in warm place, stir frequently for severaldays until dissolved,then add 2 ounces lamp black,mixed with a little alcohol, and it is ready; if toothick, thin with alcohol. Bottle and label.

    Metal PowdersPound fine crushed chalk,^ pound whitening; 1 ounce oil of cinna-mon; mix. Box and label.

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    CAI'TIVE SIXKKTS. 85Universal Liniment for BurnsEqual parts

    ulive oil, linseed oil, lime water; shake well.Bottle and label.

    Oil for HarnessMix 1 quart of ueats-footoil, 4 ounces of beef tallow and 8 tablespoons-ful of lamp black. In summer add 4 ounces ofbees wax.Laundry Blue2 ounces Prussian blue, h

    pint water, add 1 pint spirits. Bottle and label.Cure for DrunkennessSulphate of iron 5

    grains; magnesia, U) grains; peppermint, 11drachms; spirits of nutmeg, 1 drachm; twicea day. This preparation acts as a tonic andstimulant, and so partially supplies the i)lace ofthe accustomed licjuor. and prevents that ab-solute physical and moral ])rostration that fol-lows a sudden breaking off from the use ofstimulating drinks.Diamond CementFor joining broken glass,

    china, etcTake 1 ounce pulverized mastic, dissolved in a

    little alcohol, and 1 ounce of isinglass that hasbeen steeped in water until soft, also in alcohol;then mix the two alcoholic solutions, and add 2t" . achms of very finely powdered gum annnoniac.Use a gentle heat by a water bath until theybecome amalgamated; then jjour the mixture

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    iuto ^ ounce phials, and cork well. When itis to be used, place the phial in warm water,and warm it before applying the cement. Pressthe 2)ieces of the broken vessel closely together,and set it aside for a whole day.Soap for "WashingThe American Agricultu-ralist is responsible for this recipe:To eachpound of common hard soap, add i to | of anounce of common borax, pulverized, and 1quart of'water. Put the water into a tin pan,or other convenient vessel, and put on the stove;put in the borax, and then add the soap,cut in small, thin pieces. Keep them hot,but not boiling, several hours, or until thesoaii is dissolved. When cool, it will be doublethe quantity, and thus save at least one-half.Rub the dirtiest part of the clothes with thiscompound and soak them over night, if conven-ient, or an hour or two in the morning. Thismixture does not cut the hands, and is adaptedto all sorts of ctethescalicoes, flannels, etc., aswell as white cotton or linen. They are to bewashed, boiled and rinsed as usual, but the laborof rubbing is greatly lessened.

    Cologne, No 2To a quart of proof spirit,add 3 drachms oil lemon, 3 drachms oil gardenlavender, 1 drachm oil rosemary, i ounce ber-

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    CAI'TIVi: SKt'RKTH. 37gamot, () drops oil ciunamou, one ounce essencemusk, T) drops meroli, or orange flower.

    Water-Proof BlackingTake three ouncesspermaceti, melt it in an earthen vessel over aslow fire; and six drachms india rubber, cut itinto thin slices, let it dissolve; then add Bouncestallow, 2 ounces lard, and four ounces ambervarnish; mix, and it will ])e fit for use.Indelible InkMarking Liquid:Lunar caus-

    tic, 1 drachm; rain water, 2 drachms; nitricacid, 10 ggt.

    Wetting Liquid:Salt of tartar, 1 drachm;gum ara])ic. I drachm; Rain water, IJ ounce.

    Cologne, No. 3To a pint of proof spirit, add1 ounce essence musk, 8 drops oil cloves, 1drachm bergamot, 1 drachm garden lavender, 2drachms, each, oil rosemary and oil lemon.

    Composition for GraftingTake one part tal-low, two parts beeswax, and four parts rosin;melt it together, turn it into water, and mix itas shoemakers do wax.

    Water-proof CompositionTo be applied tosaddles, harness, gig aprons, boots and shoes;also, to well ropes, handles of various imple-ments, and many other uses, may be thus pre-pared: Rosin, 1 part; lard, 2 parts; mix andapj)ly warm, drying it in before the fire.

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    38 CAPTIVE SECRETS.Water-Proof BootsBoots aud shoes may be

    rendered impervious to water by the followingcomposition. Take 3 oz. of spermaceti and meltit in a pipkin, or other earthen vessel, over aslow fire; add thereto drachms of india rub-ber, cut into slices, and these will presently dis-solve; then add seriatim of tallow, 8 ounces;hog's lard, 2 ounces; amber varnish, 4 ounces.Mix, and it will be fit for use immediatdy. Theboots, or other material to be treated, are toreceive two three coats with a common blackingbrush, and a fine polish is the result.Hot DropsIn one gill of brandy, put one-

    quarter of an ounce of pure cayenne pepper.Let it stand a few days, then filter.

    Black Ink, No. 2Powdered galls, 3 oz.; cop-peras, logwood, gum Senegal, each, 1 ounce;water, 2 pints.Mix well together, and let it stand two or

    three weeks; bottle, and it will be fit for use.Cologne, No. 4Of alcohol, 1 gallon; oil of

    lavender, 12 drachms; oil of rosemary, 4drachms; essence of lemon, 12 drachms, oil ofbergamot, 12 drachms; oil of cinnamon, 12 drops.

    Furniture VarnishWhite wax, two ouncesoil of turp(>ntine, 1 gill; melt the wax, and grad-ually mix in the turpentine.

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 39Cologne, No. 6 -Oil bergamot, oil lemon, and

    oil garden lavender, each 4 ounces; oil rose-mary, i ounce; oil cloves and cinnamon, each, Idrachm; essence musk, 8 ounces; proof spirit,gallons.

    Excellent TonicPour I pint of boilingwater on several dandelion j)lants, root and leaf:cover it until cold; drink a teacupful everynight and morning.

    Liniment for FrostbiteTincture of opium, |an ounce; spirits of camphor, | an ounce; tinc-ture of cautharides, J an ounce. Mix, and applyas soon as possible. I have found this to beuniformly successful remedy.

    Axle, or Lubricating GreaseThe ScientificAmerican, informs us that the following com-pound was patented in England, and, that with25 parts of black lead mixed with it it makes agood axle grease for carts and carriages.

    1. Tallow, 252 parts; oil, 333; soda, 14;potash, 12, and water, 389 parts, pounds, grains,ounces, or whatever weight shall be taken. Thepotash and soda are first dissolved in the water;and the tallow and oil mixed and kneaded tothoroughly incorporate. It can be made insmall quantities for one's own use; or in largequantities, and boxed for sale.

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    40 CAPTIVE SECRETS.2. Another. Fine black-lead, 1 pound;

    lard, 4 pounds. Grind the two articles togetheron a painter's stone, or else rub them thoroughlytogether with a spatula, upon a smoothboard.

    3. Booth's axle grease, patent, expired,consists of common soda, ^ pound; tallow, 3pounds, and palm-oil, 6 pounds, or if you pre-fer, palm-oil, 10 pounds, with no tallow; water, 1gallon. Heat to 200 degrees or 210 degrees Fah.,and mix by constantly stirring; then remove fromthe fire and stir until cool, to prevent any sepa-ration of the articles.

    4. A THIN composition is made with the sameamount of soda and water, with rape-oil, 1 gal-lon, and tallow, or palm-oil, 4 pound; mixed byheat. The rape plant belongs to the cabbagetribe, but has a root and seed like the turnip.The oil is made from the seed.

    5. For carriages having a nicely turnedbearing, or axle, in warm weather, there is prob-ably nothing better than castor-oil alone; andfor winter, castor-oil mixed with about an equalamount of petroleum oil, which prevents thethickening of the castor-oil. This last alsomakes a valuable lubricating oil for shaftingjournals.

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    captivl; secrets. 41

    1. Babbitt's Anti-Friction MetalFor BoxesThis nit'tal Is com\}os('(.\ of copper, 8 pounds;block tin, 3 pounds.; and antimony, 1 pound; andin this proportion for any amount desired.

    First melt tlie copper, then add the tin, thenthe antimony; and when all is melted, pourinto bars, ready for use as desired, or {)our intojournal boxes, if needed at the time.

    2. Where small shafts have got to be run ata very high rate of speed, the journals invaria-bly heat with any of the common metal boxes.But in cases where they have been run as higlas 7,000 revolutions per minute, the followingaluminum bronze has proved successful: Cop-per, 90 parts; aluminum, 10 parts.

    Scald Head OintmentTake 1 ounce sulphur1 ounce lard, 2 drachms sal ammoniac; mix andbox.To be rubbed upon the part affected two or

    three times a day.Ringworm OintmentTake h drachm finelypowdered subacetate of copper, 1 draclim pre-

    pared calomel, 1 ounce spermaceti ointment,mix well together. To be rubbed over theparts affected every night and morning. This

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    42 CAPTIVE SECRETS.ointment is also very efficacious in cases offoul and languid ulcers.

    Citrate MagnesiaTake 120 grains magne-sia, 450 grains citric acid, 40 grains bicarbon-ate of potassia; dissolve the acid in four fluidounces of water, and having added the magne-sia, stir until it is dissolved. Filter the solu-tion into a strong 12 ounce bottle, into whichhas been poured 2 tluid ounces of syrup of cit-ric acid. Then add the bicarbonate of potassiaand enough water almost to fill the bottle; closewith a cork and secure with twine. Shakemoderately till it is dissolved. This is a verypleasant drink, and in the dose of a tumblerful,a pretty active and cooling purgative.

    Tomatoesto Dry for Winter UseSmallsized, but (juite ripe tomatoes are to be chosen.Wash and scald them with boiling water; thenpeel, and squeeze, singly in the hand, to removea little of the juice, or water, after which slicethem and dry on tins, in an oven to preventsouring. For use, soak awhile, then stew, orcook as fresh tomatoessaves the expense ofcanning.Balsam of HoneyTake 2 ounces balsam of

    tolu, 2 drachms gum storax, 2 drachms opium,8 ounces honey. Dissolve these in a quart of

  • 7/29/2019 Captive SecrCaptive secrets 500 Favorite Formulasets 500 Favorite Formulas



    spirits of wine. This balsam is exceedinglyuseful in allaying the irritation of a cough.Dose, 1 or 2 teaspoonsful in a little tea or warmwater.Rhubarb WineTake of sliced rhubarb, 2|ounces, I ounce cardamon seeds, bruised and

    husked, 2 drachms saffron, 2 pints Spanishwhite wine, ^ pint proof spirits. Digest for tendays and strain. This is a warm, cordial, laxa-tive medicine. It is chiefly used in weakness ofthe stomach and bowels, and some, kinds oflooseness. It may be given in doses of ^ to 8 or4 teaspoonsful, or even more, according to thecircumstances of the disorder and strength ofthe patient.

    Aniseed Cordial-^Take 2 pounds aniseed,b^-uised, 12i gallons proof spirits, 1 gallonwater. Draw off 10 gallons, with a moderatefire. This water should never be reduced be-low proof, because the large quantity of oilwith which it is impregnated will render thegoods milky and foul, when brought down be-low proof. But if it should be milky, it maybe restored by fi Iteration.

    Extract of VerbenaOne gallon rectified alco-hol, 2 ounces English rosemary, 1 ounce oillemon peel, 1 ounce oil of balm (Melissa), ^

  • 7/29/2019 Captive SecrCaptive secrets 500 Favorite Formulasets 500 Favorite Formulas


    44 , CAPTIVE SECRETS.drachm oil of mint, 1 pint espril-de-rose, 1 pintextract orange.

    Violet PowderTwelve pounds wheat starch,2^ pounds powdered orris root, ^ ounce oil lemon,^ ounce bergamot, 2 drachms oil of rose. Mix.Stick PomadeUse lard and wax, or muttonsuet, in proportion to the consistency you wish.In moulding, be sure not to run too hot, ascavities will occur in the center, rendering thesticks liable to break. Scent 1 pound of pom-ade to 1 drachm each essence bergamot,thyme, lavender and orange peel. Color withannitto or saffron.Camphorated VinegarTo 6 drachms cam-

    phor, 2 ounces alcohol, 1 pound strong vinegar.Powder the camphor by the aid of alcohol in amortar and add the vinegar.

    Flour PastePaste is formed principally ofwheaten flour, boiled in water, till it be of aglutinous or viscid consistency. Add a smallquantity of oxalic acid. This is a secret not generally known. You can label on tin or metal.Mark it poison.Black Sealing WaxFour and one-half

    ounces Venice turpentine, 9 ounces shellac, 3ounces calaphony, and sufficient lamp black,mixed with oil of turpentine, to color it.

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 45Bottle Sealing WaxEighteen ounces dark

    or coniniou rowin, 1 ounce shellac, 1 ounce bees-wax. Mt'lt together, and color with red lead,venitiau red or lamp black.

    Sympathetic InkWrite with weak, boiledstarch, and when the writing is required to ap-pear, brush over with a weak solution of iodinethe letters will appear black.

    Violet InkEight parts logwood, 04 partswater, boiled down to half, then strain, and add1 part chloride of tin.To Remove Ink from PaperWash alternatelywith a camel brush, dipped in a solution ofoxalic acid and cyanide of potassium.

    Poison.Freezing Without IceFour ounces of each

    sal-ammoniac and nitre in 8 ounces of waterwill reduce the temperature from 50^ to 10^.When extreme cold is required, the body to befrozen should be first cooled as much as possi-ble by one portion of the mixture, then by asucceeding one.

    Fire Proof PaperDip the paper in a strongsolution of almn, and then thoroughly dry it.Some paper requires to be dipped more thanonce, and must be repeated until thoroughlysaturated.

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    46 CAPTIVE SECRETS.Roach WafersThese are ^made with Hour,

    sugar and red lead, heated in wafer irons.Orris Tooth WashWater, 1 ounce; honey, 8

    ounces; alcohol,! ounce; tincture myrrh, i^ ounce;orris root, 1 ounce; tincture bark, ^ ounce.When thoroughly mixed, bottle in 2 or 4ounce bottles, and label neatly. This is an ex-cellent preparation for the teeth.Cinnamon SoapThirty pounds tallow soap,

    20 pounds palm oil soap,7 ounces essence cinna-mon, l^ounce essence bergamot, 1^ ounce oil sas-safras, 1 pound finely powdered yellow ochre.Mix with olive oil, and melt into a mass, bymeans of steam or water bath.

    Stick Pomatum, WhiteMelt together, 6pounds mutton suet, j pounds white wax, %pound spermaceti, 1 ounce powdered benzoin;scent with 4 parts essence bergamot, 2 partsessence lemon, and 1 part cloves. Roll insticks; wrap with tin foil.

    Castor Oil PomadeCastor oil, 4 ounces;sweet lard, 2 ounces; white wax, 2 drachms; oilbergamot, 2 drachms; oil lavender, 20 drops.Melt the fat together, and on cooling, add thescents and stir till cold.Put up in nice, wide-mouth bottles, holding

    al)out 4 ounces.

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 47Razor Paste No. 1Take 1 ounce prepared

    putty, and mix with a saturated solution ofoxalic acid sufficient to form a paste. Spreadthis over the strop; when dry, add a little water.It gives a fine edge to the razor.Fly PaperHalf a pound quassia wood and\ pound long pepper are boiled in 15 poundsof water until they are reduced to 10 pounds.The decoction is next filtered, and 8 poundsof sugar with 2 pounds of honey are dissolvedin clear liquor; to which are then added 40pounds of glycerine and 40 pounds of sodaley. The paper is dipped in this liquid.The quantities of the ingredients may, ofcourse, be greater or less, but the above pro-portions must be preserved.

    Black Court Plaster, No. 2.Strain black silkon a frame, and brush it over with a solution of1 ounce of isinglass, in 12 ounces of proofspirit, and mix 2 ounces of tincture benzoin(Turlington's balsam) with it; when dry, repeatthe process 4 or 5 times, and finish oflf with acoat of tincture black balsam of Peru.

    Flesh-Colored Court Plaster.To make flesh-colored court plaster, stretch fine white silk ona frame, and brush it over 5 or 6 times with asolution of 1 ounce best isinglass in 12 ounces

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    48 CAPTIVE SECRETS.proof spirit, to which you should first add afew drops of tincture cochiueal, to give a slighttint.

    Black Ink, No. 3Ink of the very finest andmost intense black may be prepared by addinga very minute portion of vauadic acid, or van-adiate of ammonia, to a solution of nutgall.This ink is much more lasting than ordinary ink.

    Cure for Ear Ache.Equal parts of strainedhoney and best balsam-capavia and Frenchbrandy, put into a vial. When wanted, warm,shake and put 1 or 2 droj^s in the ear 3 times aday. It will even cure deafness in some cases.

    Cologne, No. 7To a quart of proof spirit,add one drachm, each, oils garden lavender andbergamot; 2 drachms, each, oils lemon and rose-mary; 8 drops, each, oils cinnamon and cloves.Mix well.

    Lip Salve, No. 1.Of white wax, 1 ounce;oil of almonds, ^ ounce; oil of roses, 6 drops;orcanette, | ounce.

    Essence of Celery This is prepared bysoaking for a fortnight I ounce of the seeds ofcelery in 4 pii^t of brandy. A few drops willflavor a pint of soup or broth equal to a head ofcelery. It can be put up in 2 ounce bottles,with labels and directions.

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    CAPTIVE SECnETS. 4^9Leather CementAn adhesive cement for

    uniting the parts of boots and shoes, and for theseams of articles of clothing, may be thus made:Take 1 pound of gutta percha, 4 ounces of

    india rubber, 2 ounces of pitch, 1 ounce ofshellac, 2 ounces of oil.

    These ingredients are to be melted together,and used hot.Baking Powders Baking soda, 6 ounces;

    cream of tartar, 8 ounces; first free them fromall moisture by drying them separately in anoven on papers. Then mix thoroughly.The amount required to raise each quart of

    flour being baked is one teaspoonful.Mix with cold water and bake immediately.This contains none of the drugs generally

    used for baking powder; it is very easily made,and costs but little.The best way to put this powder up would be

    in 6 ounce bottles, well corked and sealed, as itattracts moisture from the atmosphere.

    Root Beer.For each gallon of water to beused, take hops, burdock, yellowdock, sarsapa-rilla, dandelion and spikenard roots, bruised,each h ounce.The same proportion will answer for any

    quantity. Boil twenty minutes and strain it

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    50 CAPTIVE SECRETS.while hot; add 5 drops oil of spruce and 5 dropsoil of sassafras; when it has cooled off alittle, put in 3 tablespoousful of yeast, pint ofmolasses, or | pound of white sugar.

    After it is well mixed, let it stand in a jar towork for two hours, covering it with a cloth, thenbottle and set in a cool place.

    This makes an excellent and wholesome drinkfor the spring and summer months, and if putup nicely will find a ready sale.

    Grafting WaxTo work well early in thegrafting season, while the weather is still cool,the wax must be a little softer, to spread nicely,than later, as the weather becomes warmer.

    1. Then for cool weather, take rosin, 4 pounds,bees-wax, 1 pound; and linseed-oil, 1 pint. Meltall together and pour into cold water, and as soonas it is sufficiently cool to be handled, greasethe hands a little and begin to work it, by pull-ing out, doubling over, and pulling out again,etc. The more it is worked, the easier it willspread, and the nicer it will be.

    2. For warm weather, add 1 pound more ofrosin to the wax mixture, above, and work other-wise the same as No. 1.Honey SoapCut into thin slices 2 pounds

    of yellow soap. Put into a saucepan, which

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 51must be sot in another containing l)oiling waterover the fire, occasionally stirring it till melted,then add 4 pound of palm oil, J pound ofhoney, small quantity of oil of cinnamon; letall boil together or 8 minutes; then pour outinto moulds. It will be lit for use the nextday.

    Green Mountain SalveRosin, 5 pounds; Bur-gundy pitgh, bees-wax. and mutton tallow, each\ pound; oil of hemlock, balsam of fir, oil oforiganum, oil of red cedar and Venice turpen-tine, each 1 ounce; oil of wormwood, ^ ounce;verdigris, very finely pulverized. 1 ounce; meltthe first articles together, and add the oils, hav-ing rubbed the verdigris up with a little of theoils, and put it in with the other articles, stir-ring well; tlien pour into cold water and workuntil cool enough to roll.

    This salve is excellent for rheumatic pains, orweakness.

    Put up in rolls, with fancy wrapper and direc-tions.Camphor Tablet for Chapped Hands, etc

    Melt tallow, and add a little powdered camphorand glycerine, with a few drops of oil of almondsto scent. Pour in moulds, and cool.Wrap in tin foil and again with a paper

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    52 CAPTIVE SECRETS.wrapper containing fancy label. It should beput up nicely, and will sell well.

    Orange SyrupPut H pounds of white sugarto each pint of juice; add some of the peel; boilten minutes, then strain it. Bottle and cork it.When mixed with cold water it mades a delight-ful beverage, and is useful to flavor pies, etc.Put up in pint bottles, with a neat label.

    Ginger Beer PowdersPut into blye papers,


    80 grains of bicarbonate of soda, 5 grains ofpowdered ginger, and 1 drachm of powderedwhite sugar. Put into white papers 25 grainsof tartaric acid.When used, dissolve the contents of each

    paper separately in h a tumbler of water; whenthoroughly dissolved, pour one tumbler into theother, and drink while effervescing.

    Put up one dozen of each powder in a box,and label, and enclose directions.

    Cancer OintmentLinseed oil, 1 pint; sweetoil, 1 ounce; boil them in a kettle on the coalsfor nearly 4 hours, as. warm as you can;then have pulverized and mixed, borax ^ounce; red lead 4 ounces, and sugar oflead Ih ounces; remove the kettle from the fireand stir in the powder; continue the stirringuntil cooled to blood heat, then stir in 1 ounce

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 53of spirits of turpentine; try if it is thick enoughto spread on linen, as a salve, by taking out alittle and letting it get cold; if not, boil itagain.Put it up in boxes.Black Stick PomatumPrepared lard, melted

    with .\ in winter, and h its weight in summer,of wax, and colored with powdered ivoryblack, and strained through tammy, or anysubstance that will permit the fine particles ofivory-black to pass through. Stir it constantly,and when it begins to thicken, pour it into papermoulds.Put up in tin foil, with a wrapper containing

    directions, etc.Chinese DepilatoryThis is for the purpose

    of removing superfluous hair.Crystallized hydrosulphate of soda, 3 parts;quicklime in powder, 10 parts; starch, 10 parts.Mix together well. When used, it is to bemixed with water, and applied to the skin wherethe hair is to be removed, and scraped off in twoor three minutes with a wooden knife.

    Put up in wide-mouth bottles.Spanish Gingerette 1 pound of white sugar,

    i ounce best bruised ginger root, \ ounce creamof tartar, 2 lemons, sliced, and 1 gallon of water.

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    54 CAPTIVE SECRETS.In makiug 4 gallons, boil the ginger and

    lemons 10 minutes in 2 gallons of the water,the sugar and cream of tartar to be dissolved inthe cold water, and mix all, and add h pint ofgood yeast; let it ferment over night, strain andbottle in the morning.

    This is a cooling and refreshing beverage, andrecommended for dyspepsia and sick headache.

    Pain KillerPut 5 tablespoonsful of cayennepepper, ground, in a wide-mouth bottle; add^ pint of alcohol and a small piece of camphor.Cork, and let it stand two weeks, then pour care-fully into bottles. This is an excellent internaland external remedy.Put up for sale in 4 ounce bottles.Soothing SyrupTo 1 pound of honey, add

    2 tablespoonsful of paregoric, the same of oil ofaniseed, and enough water to make a thicksyrup. For children teething, dose, a teaspoon-ful occasionally.

    Bottle in 3 ounce bottles.Arnica LinimentTo 1 pint of sweet oil, add

    2 tablespoonsful of tincture of arnica; or theleaves may be heated in the oil over a slow fire.This is an excellent liniment for wounds, stiffjoints, rheumatism, and all injuries. Bottle in4 ounce bottles, with directions and label.

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 55King of PainBurning fluid, 1 pint; oils of

    cedar, hemlock, sassafrns, and origanum, each, 2ounces; carbonate of ammonia, pulverized, 1ounce; mix well together. This is a good remedyfor toothache, rheumatism and neuralgia. To beapplied freely by bathing the parts aflfected.

    Bottle and label.Pop Corn BallsPut ^ bushel of nicely

    popped corn on a table, or in a large pan.Make a syrup with 1 pound of white sugar

    and a little water, when it has boiled until itslightly hardens on being tried with cold water,remove it from the fire and add to it table-spoonsful of dissolved gum arable, very thick.The solution of the gum must be made withboiling water and stand over night. Saturatethe corn with the mixture, by pouring it overdifferent parts, and mix well together with thehands or a stick, then press it into balls veryquickly, lest it sets before they are all made.This amount will make about one hundred balls.

    Dr. Hale's Cough TinctureWild cherrybark, black cohosh root {macrotys racemosa)and liquorice root, of each, 2 ounces; blood-root,1 ounce; good whisky, li pints; soft water, 1pint; white sugar, 1 pound; wines of ipecac andantimony, of each, '2 ounces; (I greatly prefer

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    56 CAPTIVE SECRETS.for my own use tincture of lobelia, 1 ounce, inplace of the wine of antimony, but an allopathwill prefer the wine of antimony; each cansuit himself).

    Let the roots and bark be coarsely bruisedand put into the whisky for 48 hours, thenstrain and gently press to obtain 1 pint of spirit,which set by, and put the water upon the rootsand gently steep in a covered dish for 2 or 3hours, and then strain and gently press out theliquid, in which dissolve the sugar, then add thespirit tincture first set aside, and also the wineof ipecac and tincture of lobelia.DoseA teaspoonful Vv'henever the cough is

    troublesome. In recent colds, attended withconsiderable cough, take a teaspoonful 2 or 8times, once in ^ to 1 hour before retiring, andit will ordinarily start a gentle perspiration, andvery greatly help any other means of relief.Milk of Wax for the SkinThere are quite a

    proportion of the ladies who have a very thinand active skin, i. e., the blood circulates in theskin freely; and as the common yellow soapscontain a large amount of alkali, they irritatethese delicately organized surfaces, especiallythe face, so much so that a very unpleasantroughness is almost always present. Persons of

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    this class will find a great satisfaction in tlio useof the following combination, instead of thecommon soaps for toilet purposes:

    Pure white wax, oil of sweet almonds, sperm-aceti, and any nice, white bar soap, of each, ^ounce; rose water, li pints, and essence oflavender, 6 ounces. If any one should prefer theflavor of camphor to that of lavender, they cansubstitute camphor spirits for the essence oflavender.

    Shave the soap fine and put it into a suitabledish to set inside of a pan of hot water, and putal)Out h pint of the rose water with the soap andset it where the heat shall dissolve the soap;then add the oil, wax and spermaceti, stirringwell; then, as soon as the wax melts, add thebalance of the rose water, a little at a time, andlast, the lavender or camphor, whichever flavorsuits you best; or alcohol may be used, if noperfume at all is desired.Milk of Almonds for the Complexion.A very

    nice Cosmetic is prepared with:Sweet almond meats, or pits, 4 pound; nice

    white or curd soaji, \ ounce; rose water, 1 quart.Pour boiling water over the almond meats for

    3 or 4 minutes, then pour off and put on coldwater for a minute or two; then pour off again

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    58 CAPTIVE SECRETS.and with the fingers slip off the skin of all themeats, now rub them and the soaps in a mortaror bowl to a fine pulp, for 10 or 15 minutes;then begin to add the rose water, and rub to amilky appearance; then strain and bottle foruse. To be applied after washing by means ofa towel or cloth.

    Stick GlueAffords a very convenient meansof uniting papers, and other small light objects;it is made by dissolving by the aid of heat, pureglue, as parchment glue, or gelatine, with about^ or ^ of its weight of coarse brown sugar,in as small quantity of boiling water as possible;this, when perfectly liquid, should be castinto thin cakes on a flat surface very slightlyoiled, and as it cools cut up into pieces of a con-venient size. When required for use one endmay be moistened by the mouth, and is thenready to be rubbed on any substances it may bewished to join; a piece kept in the desk or work-box is exceedingly convenient.

    Bronzing FluidRed aniline, benzoic acid,violet aniline, each, grains 50; alcohol, ounces 2.Dissolve the aniline in the alcohol, in a bottle,by the aid of water bath, add the benzoic acid,boil in the water bath 5 or 10 minutes, until thegreenish color of the liciuid has changed to a

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 59light brownish bronze. This is applied to leather,metal, wood or other surfaces.

    Leather BronzeTannin, parts 5; alcohol,parts 100; goldbronze, real, enough. Apply thismixture witli a sponge.

    Acid-Free Shoe Blacking To a solution ofcasein in soda add ivory black, glucose, olive oiland oletate of iron. A little soluble blue orPrussian blue dissolved with oxalic acidimproves the color.

    Dressing for Tan ShoesBees-wax, 1 part;oil of turpentine, 4 parts.

    Elastic MucilageSalicylic acid, 1 drachm;soft soap, 3 drachms; glycerine, 20 drachms. Dis-solve and add to a mucilage composed of acacia,12 ounces; water, 24 ounces.To Clean Marble CountersBrush the dustoff with a piece of chamois. Then apply with a

    brush a good coat of gum arable about the con-sistency of tliick mucilage and exposse it to thesun or wind to dry. In a short time it will peeloff. If all the gum should not peel off wash itwith clean water and a clean cloth. If the firstapplication does not have the desired effect itshould be tried again.Bedbug PoisonTobacco, crude naphthalin,

    each, 1 ounce; oil of melissa, enough; benzine, 10

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    60 CAPTIVE SECRETS.ounces. Extract the tobacco by macerating for5 days in the benzine and dissolve the otheringredients iu the filtrate.

    Insecticide for Agriculturists The followingis recommended as one of the best preparationsknown for killing aphis, mealy bug, cotton blightand other insects: Rub 1 pound of sulphuratedpotash as fine as possible, and mix intimatelywith 4 pounds of soft soap. A large teaspoonfulof this should be mixed with each gallon of softwater, and the plants should be well sprayedwith the solution.

    Liquid for Destroying Parasites on PlantsBoric acid, 10 parts; salicylic acid, 5 parts;alcohol, 20 parts; water, 200 parts. Apply bymeans of a spray.

    Universal Insecticide Dissolve 1 ounce eachof the oils of cedar and winter-green in 2 pintsdeodorized benzine. This is claimed to resemble"Kern's Insect Annihilator" in all respects, andis certain death to cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas,and other insects.To Keep Earth Worms out of Flower Pots

    Pour on the soil a warm (80-90^F.) decoctionof quassia wormwood and powdered horse-chest-nuts. In a few moments every worm will cometo the surface and can be removed.

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    CAPTIVE SECniiTS. 61Spanish Rat PoisonCantharides, brown

    sugar, inusk, each 1 ounce; oil of rhodium, oilof caraway, each 4 drops; mix with 10 ouncesground malt.

    Fertilizing Mixture for LawnsNitrate ofsodium, SO parts; superphosphate of calcium,100parts; guano, '200 parts, gypsum, 120 parts.

    This amount is sufficient for one acre, andshould be applied once or twice a year. Thisyields excellent results.

    Chemical Food for PlantsSulphate of am-monium, 4 parts; nitrate of potassium, 2 parts-sugar, 1 part.

    About forty or fifty grains should ])e added to1 gallon of water and applied once or twice aweek.

    Preston SaltsTakeof sal-ammoniac and saltsof tartar, of each about two ounces; pound upthe sal-ammoniac into small bits, and mix themgently with the salts of tartar. After being wellmixed, add a few drops of oil of lavender, suffi-cient to scent, and also a little musk; stop up ina glass ))ottle, and when required for use, add^afew drops of water, or spirits of hartshorn, whenyou will immediately have strong smelling salts.The musk, being expensive, may be omitted; itwill still be good. Any person can for a few

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    02 CAPTIVE SECRETS.cents obtain those ingredients at any druggist's,and they will make salts, which to buy, prepared,would cost at least tweuty-five cents.

    Spruce Beer PowdersPowdered white sugar,3 ounces; essence of spruce, 40 drops; car-bonate of soda, 5 drachms and a scruple. Mix,,and divide into 2 blue papers. Tartaric acid,C) drachms; wrap in 12 white papers. Mix asginger beer powders.

    Portable LemonadeTartaric or citric acid,1 ounce; finely powdered lump-sugar, ^ a pound,essence of lemon, 20 drops. Mix. Two or 3teaspoonsful make a capital glass of lemonade.

    OrangeadeSqueeze out the juice of an orange,pour boiling water on a little of the peel, andcover it close. Boil water and sugar to a thinsyrup, and skim it. When all are cold, mix thejuice, the infusion, and the syrup, with as muchmore water as will make a rich drink. Strainthrough a jelly-bag, and ice.

    Ginger LemonadeBoil 12J pounds of lumpsugar for 20 minutes in 10 gallons of water; clearit with the whites of 6 eggs. Bruise i pound ofcommon ginger, boil with the liquor, and thenpour it upon 10 lemons pannl. When quite coldput it in a cask, with 2 tal^lespoonsful of yeast,the lemons sliced, and add ^ ounce of isinglass.

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    CAPTIVE SECRETS. 63Bung up the cask the next day. It will be readyto bottle in three weeks, and to drink in anotherthree weeks.

    Raspberry VinegarPut 1 [)ound()f line fruitinto a l)owl, pour u[)ou it a ([uart of the best whitewine vinegar, next day strain the li(j[Uor on apound of fresh raspberries; the following day dothe same, but do not squeeze the fruit, only drainthe licpior as dry as you can. Bottle, and corkwell, then cover the corks with bottle cement.Yellow Basilicon is composed of 2 ounces of

    yellow wax, T) ounces of white rosin, and 7 ouncesof hog's lard; these must be slowly meltedtogether, and stirred constantly with a stick, tillcompletely mixed. This ointment is sometimesused in treating scalds and burns; also for dress-ing blisters, when it is washed to keep up a dis-charge from them for a few days. This is astimulating ointment.

    Fly WaterThe following preparation, with-out endangering the lives of children, or otherincautious persons, is not less fatal to flies thana solution of arsenic. Dissolve 2 drachms of theextract of quassia in J pint of boiling water, adda little sugar or syrup, and put the mixture onplates.Camphor Ceiate for Chapped HandsTake IJ

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    64 CAPTIVE SECRETS.ounce of spermaceti, h ouuce of white wax, scrapethem into an earthen vessel or pipkin (an earthenjam-pot will do), add G drachms of pounded cam-phor, and pour on the whole 4 tablespoonsful ofbest olive oil; let it stand before the fire till itdissolves, stirring it well when liquid. Beforeyou wash yovir hands, take a small piece of thecerate, and rub it into your hands, then washthem as usual. Putting the cerate on beforegoing to bed is very good.Put up in wide-mouthed bottles.Rose Lip Salve Eight ounces sweet almond

    oil, 4 ounces prepared mutton suet, 1^ ouncewhite wax, 2 ounces spermaceti, 20 drops otto;steep a small quantity of alkanet root in the oil,and strain before using. Melt the suet, wax andspermaceti together, then add the chloric oil andotto.

    Fever-Sore OintmentExtract of tobacco (keptby druggists), 1 drachm; alcohol, 1 ounce; bees-wax, ^ ounce; lard, 4i ounces. Dissolve theextract in the alcohol, having melted the bees-waxand lard together, add the dissolved extract andcontinue the heat to evaporate the alcohol. Stirtill cold.Pomade VictoriaThis highly-praised and

    excellent pomade is made in the following way

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    iiud if SO iiiiuli', will l)i- l(Miii(l to giv()a bt'iiutifulgloss ami softness to the hair:Quarter of apound of houcy and l o