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Irene Town CrierFebruary 2015 / Living in peace


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Greenfields lawn services

Your neighbourhood lawn specialist

Frans Jordaan 082 668 2431

GROW A GREENER, HEALTHIER LAWNWe visit your lawn 4 times a year, once every season and apply our magic blends of fertilizers and

the agents to control weeds, insects and diseases for the best looking lawn in town.

Glenda Saxby, 076 316 9632

[email protected]

Carroll Townsend, 082 560 9423

[email protected]

Sylvia Gibbons



Sylvia Gibbons, 082 374 4778

[email protected]

Glenda Saxby, 076 316 9632

[email protected]

Passionate about Irene property and proud supporters of the ILA

Smuts House MuseumOuma’s Tea Garden

Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Rd, Irene

Caravan ParkSmall Functions Arboretum & Trail

071 100 8481


012 667 1176/80

[email protected] Tea Garden 083 595 7293

Dogs on leads welcome

Smuts House

Tea Garden Closed on Mondays

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Front cover photo: Julia DaviesDeadline for the March 2015 issue of Irene Town Crier is 20 February 2015.

Advertising and editorial contact: Tracey Garde 082 460 6007 [email protected]

Irene Town Crier is published by TLG Publishing (Pty) Ltd. All material is subject to copyright and permission to reproduce may be obtained from the publisher. Editorial contributions are welcome and can be sent to the publisher. All rights in said editorial contributions, whether it be in the form of a letter or article and whether it includes graphics or not, will be treated as unconditionally assigned for the publication and copyright purposes and material will be subject to TLG Publishing’s unrestricted right to edit and comment editorially. TLG Publishing will place editorial contributions at it’s own discretion, space allowing.


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Town Crier February 2015

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Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.

Proverbs 19:17

4 Living in peaceHard to believe that the festive season was just a few weeks ago. We returned from our holiday to the start of the new school year and haven’t had a moment of downtime since!I often find the begining of the year a bit sad as I am flooded with requests from ladies asking me to advertise their domestic services. It’s a blatent reminder of the reality that most are not as fortunate as we are to have secure jobs, homes and family life. However, in the two years that I have been publishing our village magazine, I have come to detest the domestic worker service we used to offer and hence the move to suggesting the employment agency we advertised in recent issues. My frustration levels were tested when I would receive sms’s at all hours of the day from ladies asking to have their names published. And all hours of the day it was, from 2am to 8pm any day of the week. My ‘breaking point’ was when I received a phone call from a lady all the way out in Bryanston who said her domestic worker had asked her to call me as she was told I could find her work! I had times where someone was handing out my telephone number at the local Pick ‘n Pay and another where an employer insisted that I had told her domestic worker that I would find her accommodation in Irene. I honestly would like nothing more than to help all the ladies who contact me find work but we all know that is just impossible. Trying to direct them to the agency has also not helped as my phone is still constantly beeping. So, now I am trying the last resort of appealing to you, the employers, to help!If you are aware that your domestic worker is seeking extra days, please kindly email myself with the details thereof. If possible, please use your first name and phone number as a reference and indicate your address in Irene (your address will not be published). Please try to explain to your domestic that this service is exclusively for the domestic workers of Irene (for security reasons) and that they should not simply hand out my contact details to anyone they may chat to who is looking for work. I will no longer respond to sms’s or missed calls. Hopefully this way we can help the trustworthy, reliable domestic workers of our village earn the extra income they need.With that, I wish all of you a wonderful 2015 filled with blessings, happiness and loads of family hugs!

‘Till next month


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w w w . B l a n k C a l e n d a r 2 0 1 5 . N e t

February 2015

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Valentine’s Day

15 16 Presidents’ Day

17 18 19 20 21

22 23 24 25 26 27 28

5What’s on?

If you have an event that you would like to feature in our new What’s on? section, please email the details to [email protected].

Irene Market

Irene Garden Club

*For more information about the Irene Garden Club please contact Lucia on 083 272 5268. Further details on page 27.

Paper pick up

Paper pick up

Paper pick up

Irene Market

Irene Homes Charity Shoprelaunch

The Stall

*The Stall is a monthly market held at Southdowns Shopping Centre

Paper pick up

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6 You said itThe opinions expressed in this readers’ column are not necessarily shared by the publisher of the Irene Town Crier. Readers’ views can be e-mailed to [email protected].

Slow down!

People that speed needlessly down Jan Smuts Ave have no regard for the wildlife in the area! We have meerkats, jackals, monkeys, tortoises, snakes and a variety of birds. This poor meerkat did make it across the road. Please drive responsibly!

Pat MacDonald


I am trying to assist a wonderful poor destitute child with no funds, no nothing, but a bright head. He did remarkably well at Irene Primary against all odds and he has an incredible Christian family with values. Parents so want a little more for their children, without realising the consequences sometimes. But I so admire and respect them. His father works at Dairy plus one day a month for us.

I helped get him (and 2 younger siblings, so their turn cometh!) into Irene Primary, and the parents get school fee grants but they struggle to pay the other 'stuff'. We help where we can, always difficult as you know.

The young lad will be 14 in February 2015.

He needs the following:

Grade 8: Clothes size 13/14 year old 160cm tall

Khaki ShirtsKhaki ShortsManor tieManor socksBlack Shoes Size 5 to 6

Should the offer of any sports clothing, equipment, etc be available, we will gratefully and gracefully accept anything and everything. Even if I have to take out or tuck in to fit the child.

With much love and appreciation

Ros Lindley012 667 2741Town Crier February 2015

Page 7: Town Crier Feb 15

7Dear Irene residents,

I once had a dog – a very special dog but I lost her and despite putting up notices all over Centurion and visiting and phoning all the SPCA’s in Tshwane and in Sandton for weeks, I never found her. To this day some 13 years later I still find myself “looking for her”.

During this holiday time I picked up a little Chihuahua who was obviously lost and because I had to go to work I took him to the Oval and found Mr. Swanepoel. I asked him what I should do and was immensely relieved that I did not have to take the dog to the SPCA. Mr.Swanepoel picked up this little thing with such tenderness and care out of my car and said he would put out a notice on the email. No doubt the dog has been reunited to his owner.

We, the residents of Irene, owe Mr.Swanepoel and his band of wonderful caring people who look after lost dogs, a great deal of thanks. They provide an incredible service at cost to themselves. If they had been around when I lost my dog maybe she would have been found.

When I last looked at the latest “lost dog” email it seems that 18 dogs had been found wandering the streets of Irene during December – none of them with any form of identification on them. So I now make an impassioned plea because I was guilty of the same – my dog had a collar but her nametag had come off and I have also had occasion to see a number lost animals on the streets this December. Their terror and confusion is pitiful to see and one does not always succeed in preventing them from rushing off.

1. Please put collars with nametags on your dogs. 2. Get them micro chipped. It is so easy for one not to notice them slipping out of an electric gate when you drive out. This is what happened to me. They then can be frightened by something or someone and start running.3. Make sure your property is dog-proof.4. Don’t let your dogs run around outside the property even if everytime it happens they come back (so far).5. When going on holiday especially in December with its thunderstorms make sure the animal is looked after by a reputable caring person in a secure enclosed garden.

Let us not let it happen again that so many these defenseless dogs get lost because of something we could have done but didn’t.

Yours sincerelyJenny Patttinson Town Crier February 2015

Page 8: Town Crier Feb 15
Page 9: Town Crier Feb 15

Thank you to Irene Primary School and all the wonderful people of Irene and surrounds for making this an amazing Christmas at George Mukhari Hospital. The children were thrilled with their gifts and there were enough

gifts left over to give to children in a very poor area near Pretoria North. The generosity of people never ceases to amaze me!

I wish you all a blessed and happy 2015. Barbara Tanton

Page 10: Town Crier Feb 15


082 622 9001

BAKE SALEDear Irene community

The friends of Irene Library (FIL) would like to inform you of their first 2015 cake sale which will be happening on Thursday, 5 March 2015. We invite you to come and support the bake for books initiative, which stands to support our community library by buying new books with the sums of the money that will be raised. We would also like to

thank those have been and still are, donating to this initiative

for their continued support and encourage other community members to do the same. Any donation of baked goodies will be appreciated and welcome.

Let’s all support the library and continue enjoying reading new books.

ThanksFriends of Irene Library (FIL)

Page 11: Town Crier Feb 15

Our BIG Pre-Stock Taking Sale Everything has a discount!

We hate counting stock - Help us to get rid of it all!

From: Sunday 15/2/15 To: Saturday 28/2/15

Tel: 012-665-1105 [email protected]

Shop 17 (next to Cape Town Fishmarket), Southdowns Shopping Centre, Cnr John Vorster Ext & Karee Streets, Irene

Page 12: Town Crier Feb 15

Dear Residents and ILA Members

2015 is well underway and Christmas a long forgotten memory as children go back to school and work resumes its relentless pace. We hope that the festive season provided some well-earned rest and that the year ahead holds much promise and enjoyment.

Firstly, we would like to sincerely thank all of our residents who generously donated goodies and/or cash that enabled us to give every guard and the EBS Control Room staff a bumper goodie bag plus a Christmas bonus. Your gener-osity is very much appreciated.

In addition, we extend our thanks to Dawie, EBS Security Site Manager, for his dedication and commitment to our security especially over the holiday sea-son. Dawie was on duty every day, including Christmas and New Year’s Day, ensuring that we were able to safely enjoy our year-end break.


The monthly ILA Security Update has been emailed to our membership. Please take the time to go through the information and ensure that the high-lighted points are taken to heart to safeguard our homes and valuables, mov-ing into 2015.

Although this has been raised as a huge problem over a number of years, our residents continue to leave valuable items in their cars, thereby attracting opportunistic criminals. Please ensure that you remove ALL items from cars – even clothing and books, etc. - as these criminals will break in to find other valuables that may have been left behind.

Criminals forcing the palisade fencing open on Main Road, using a jack, have tested our perimeter security! Swift reaction from EBS has prevented the suc-cess of most of these incidents but we would ask that any suspicious behav-iour be reported immediately. Perimeter residents are also advised to regularly check their boundary fences and report any sign of tampering. EBS Security

Page 13: Town Crier Feb 15

staff also arrested a man stealing a bicycle in the village. The suspect was handed over to SAPS and the stolen bicycle recovered.

Contractors in the village remain a problem. A recent attempted house break-in can, yet again, be linked to a contractor in the vicinity. Some residents still fail to notify the ILA when they have contractors on site thereby limiting our ability to offer some protection. We appeal to all residents to please notify Jan of any contractor that you employ, however small the job.

Over-active alarms

There were, unfortunately, a number of faulty and over-active alarms over the festive season and many residents also failed to provide the details of a key-holder. This caused much distress to neighbours, especially when the alarm siren continued to wail for several days! We would very much appreciate it if, when you go away, we are able to call upon someone to switch off the alarm siren and arrange, if necessary, for it to be fixed.

House rentals

Yet another resident has fallen victim to a rental scam! Before allowing oc-cupation of your home by a prospective tenant, ensure you do a background check of bank statements, ID’s, personal references etc. as well as a credit check. Most importantly, ensure that the deposit and the first month’s rent are in your account before handing over the keys.


In all, 22 dogs escaped between 18 Dec and 5 Jan! Due to the kindness of residents, not one was taken to the SPCA. Many pet-sitters, domestic workers and gardeners were frantic trying to find their ‘charges’ and in some cases, it took the ILA several days to find the owners! We also received many com-plaints of non-stop barking!

Whilst on holiday we tend to be unaware of what is happening at home but the pets left behind get lonely. They bark, they pine, they whine and in some cases they escape! For the benefit of your pets and the sanity of your neigh-bours, residents are asked to consider arranging for a house-sitter to stay in, or owners could consider taking their dogs on holiday or perhaps place them in kennels where they will be in the company of other dogs.


Page 14: Town Crier Feb 15


Our membership stands at 78%. To sustain and further improve Irene’s secu-rity means we need 100% support. If you are not an ILA member, please give serious consideration to becoming a part of the community that is paying to keep our beautiful village safe. Your Village needs you! If something is holding you back, please tell us - call us for a chat and share your concerns. You may call Jan (083 607 6600) at any time or meet privately with our Chairman, Jaco van der Westhuizen. We value your input and any suggestions you may have.

Wishing you a very blessed and safe 2015.

Your ILA

Town Crier February 2015

Page 15: Town Crier Feb 15

Seniors Tea 2014

Thanks, once again, to all the residents of Irene and surrounds who supported our annual Sen-ior’s Tea last year.

A great morning was had by all.

Come share the re-launch of our Charity Shop

after restructuring we’re done!

13 February 2015

At 10h00

See you there!

Page 16: Town Crier Feb 15

Dear Town Crier...

Congratulations to Dirk and Blossom van Schalkwyk who were married for 55 years on 19 December 2014.

They have two children and 4 grandchildren. I would like to say congratula-tions and thank you to them for being such a wonderful example as parents

to me and grandparents to our children. We as a family have truly been blessed. Barbara Nel

Naomi Smith083 461 1231

Your reSideNt realtor ServiNg ireNe reSideNtS SiNce [email protected]

Love is... a beautiful home

Millions of people all over the world know that

LOVE is a beautiful HOME!


Page 17: Town Crier Feb 15

We always love to share news with our fellow villagers so whether it’s a birth, marriage, achievement or anything you wish to share, please email the details to [email protected]

Well done!

David Crewe-Brown took part in the 94.7 cycle

race last year mid-November,

riding as a cow for CHOC

Town Crier February 2015

(Childhood Cancer Organisation of South Africa). The event was a particularly

significant one for David, as it has been about two years since his last

chemotherapy treatment for testicular cancer.

Some friends, uniformed of CHOC and their ‘mascots’, thought David was

being extremely patriotic to Irene, in his cow suit and all. To ride as a “cow”, a

fundraising effort of R6 000 is required. David managed to raise a whopping

R95 000 through personal donors for CHOC this year. All in all, the Cows

raised well over 3 million Rands through the 94.7 cycle tour! An

incredible achievement.

Page 18: Town Crier Feb 15

Classic beautiesAs a classic car enthusiast one tends to observe car activity closely. Some-times you would see a classic car drive by or see one peeping behind a house. It became clear to me that there are quite a few fellow enthusiasts in our community. I tested the idea with some of the guys and everybody thought arranging for us to get together and meet each other would be a good idea.

A date was picked and the Oval seemed to be the obvious location. The notice in December’s Town Crier caused many car nuts to crawl out of the woodwork. I was hoping we could get 10, maybe 20 cars together. Great was our disappointment when it became apparent, at the eleventh hour, that the Oval won’t work as there was a risk of cricket balls going through very hard-to-find wind shields. Luckily the Irene school’s parking lot was close by and had enough space.

I arrived early and waited about 15 minutes before the first car appeared - and then they just continued to arrive. At one point we counted 34 classic cars and motor cycles. Neighbours with the same passion, introduced them-selves to each other and admired each other’s prides and joy.

The oldest cars were a 1935 Rolls-Royce and a 1935 Bentley. Everybody had their own favourites, to me it was a close call between an impeccably restored 1965 Alfa Romeo, a completely original (unrestored) 1969 Lotus Cortina and another completely original car – a Mercedes-Benz 220S fintail with 45,000 kilometres on the clock!


Page 19: Town Crier Feb 15

Some of the participants went to a lot of trouble. An uncooperative 1952 Mercedes-Benz found itself towed to the school. A Rolls-Royce was bor-rowed from a friend in Benoni. One enthusiast had to arrange 5 friends and family members to help drive his entire collection for us to enjoy.

Page 20: Town Crier Feb 15

The afternoon was made more special by the attendance of Irene residents that are enthusiasts but hadn’t gotten round to actually owning a classic car. Schorman street was filled with people talking – a real community get-togeth-er.

Too soon dark clouds gathered and a few drops sent the owners of the old cars, especially those without roofs, scurrying to get their prized possessions safely under cover.

We now have a contact list containing almost 50 classic cars which is very impressive for a suburb with 550 houses. There seems to be a lot of demand for more regular events, so watch this space.

Thanks a lot to the residents of Schorman street for allowing us to ruin you Sunday afternoon nap and thanks to everybody that helped with the arrange-ments.

Gustav Raubenheimer

Page 21: Town Crier Feb 15
Page 22: Town Crier Feb 15

Fire WoodDelivered per solid cube 1/2 ton load or 1.5 ton load

delivered to your doorstep

Oscar078 389 9632

Page 23: Town Crier Feb 15

NEW BOOKS IN THE IRENE LIBRARY – January 2015Adult Non-fictionMacbeth- William ShakespeareConversations with my sons and daughters- Mamphela Ramphele *323.0420968 RAMEntertaining from the Grill- Jean Pare *641.5784 PARJob Hunting for dummies – Max Messmer *650.14 MESConspiracy theories- Will Bryan *T001.9 BRYThe Indingo children – Lee Carroll & Jan Tober *155.45 CAR

Junior and Teen non-fictionMockingbird – Kathryn Erskine

English fictionBad Blood- Amanda CoetzeeRedemption song- Amanda CoetzeeDeath benefit- Robin CookNano -Robin CookThursday Children – Nicci FrenchIdentical - Sout TurowNameless- Jesse KeaneA possible life- Sebastian FaulksWorst case- James PattersonDarkest Longings - Susan LewisA world apart and the witching hour – Nora RobertsDeath Mask – Kathryn FoxLie Down with Lions –Ken FolletCode to Zero- Ken FolletEye of the needle- Ken FolletA place called freedom- Ken FolletSing you home- Jodi PicoultHost – Peter James

The coffin Dancer- Jeffrey DeaverFalse Friends- Stephen LeatherInvisible -James Patterson & David EllisVicious Circle – Wilbur SmithPolice- Jo NesboCobra- Deon MeyerBrocken Monsters – Lauren BeukesThe shining girls – Lauren BeukesThe silence of the sea – Yrsa Sigurd-ardottirHappily ever after- Harriet Evans The Silkworm –Robert GalbraithSepulchre – Kate MosseTo touch the stars – Jessica RustonThe engagement – J.Courtney Sul-livanHouse Secrets –Mike Lawson

English Junior and Teen fictionHow to draw your dragon: How to be a pirate- Cressida CowellBroken sky- Chris WoodingOblivion – Anthony HorowitzThe rise of the nine- Pittacus Lore

Town Crier February 2015

Page 24: Town Crier Feb 15


1768 Zwane Street, Extension 1 PO BOX 851 REFILWE, CULLINAN 1003 NPO 013 669 CULLINAN TEL 061 878 7763 Established in 1996 1000 Fax 086 684 6672 E-mail [email protected] www.tshepongcentre.co.za





CHINESE PROVERB Happiness was made on Wednesday 26 November, 2014 the children of Tshepong Centre for the Disabled boarded the buses in Refilwe with smiles and excitement lighting up their faces. Arriving in Irene after a slight detour we arrived at Railways Café, the hosts of the party for the day.

Santa Claus, the most wonderful man called Selby, was dressed and waiting for the children’s arrival. The elves had been busy planning the party over the past few weeks and so on Wednesday morning they set up the party area at Railways’ Café. The day was about spoiling the children and giving them some Christmas Cheer. Many, in the impoverished area of Refilwe, will not experience the luxury of Christmas feasts or presents. So the elves set upactivity areas to make this the best party the children had ever had. They set up painting areas where the children could express themselves, lost in the world of Christmas. Music played but the children had their own musical gift to show as they played the marimbas, other danced and little Thabeng entertained us all with his singing.

Then the feast for Christmas began. Sponsored by Railways Café, Meshack and Felix worked hard to make pizzas for all of the children, quite a feit accompli in the hot sun. Cool drink and water quenched the thirsts during all of the activities. The children in awe looked at the ginger bread house that had been lovingly baked by Paulina, Bronwyn and Tania. Wow, the taste was divine.

Town Crier February 2015

Page 25: Town Crier Feb 15


1768 Zwane Street, Extension 1 PO BOX 851 REFILWE, CULLINAN 1003 NPO 013 669 CULLINAN TEL 061 878 7763 Established in 1996 1000 Fax 086 684 6672 E-mail [email protected] www.tshepongcentre.co.za

Santa rested in his chair all morning, watching the children, chatting to some of them and asking the practitioners of Tshepong the all-important question “had all the children been good throughout the year? Could he give them presents?” The answers must have been good because due to the generosity of The Character Linen Group and Skull Foundation, each and every child went home laden with presents. Santa did not forget about the hardworking and dedicated practitioners and carers who work endlessly to make a difference in the lives of these special children with mental and physical disabilities. And so later in the afternoon, weary tired children climbed aboard the bus clutching their presents to return to Refilwe. There are no words to thank everyone who made this outing possible, from the hearts of everyone at Tshepong we say thank you. The day was made possible by Railways

Café, Petra Diamonds, City of Tshwane, The Character Linen Group, The Skull Foundation, MIP Process Technologies and our friends in the UK -Alice Eastwood, Lynne and Margery. To the people who helped, TJ, Tania, Bronwyn, Craig, Sipho, Paulina, Selby, Meshack, Felix, Leonard, Joseph, Mr Marimba, Mr Woodman, Mr Glassman, and all the other kind giving persons who were behind the scenes making the day possible. From Tshepong Centre for the Disabled, we say Merry Christmas and thank you from the depths of our heart. With Kindest Christmas Greetings William Kgabo Principal

Town Crier February 2015

Page 26: Town Crier Feb 15

Ann Campbell (ARAD – Teach Dip) School of Dance: offering Pilates and Body Conditioning, Ballet – especially for the younger child at home studio and Irene Homes Hall, Ballroom and Latin American – social group classes, private lessons and wedding dances. Phone Ann 012 667 5187/083 316 7842 or email [email protected].

LP Gas: Cannisters delivered to your home. 9kg, 19kg, 48kg. Phone Colin 082 856 5335 e-mail orders [email protected] School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan: Holistic Internal Martial Art incor-porating deep breathing, slow rythmic movement bringing balance and harmony, peace and tranquillity. Self defence martial applications. Often described as a moving meditation. Please Con-tact Ainslie at 012 667 2262 or 082 568 0467.

Security/Steelwork: Welding and repair work of steel fencing, burglar bars, security gates and motorised gates and intercom systems. Guar-anteed professional work. Phone Koos Sutherland 082 374 7164.

Extra Maths classes for Gr 8 to 12 in Irene (English or Afri-kaans). Available from 16h00 to 18h00 week-days. Fees payable per class or month. Contact Sigrid van der Walt (B.Sc (Hons) Mathematics) at 082 253 5079.

Education products: For good quality, reason-ably priced educational toys, books, posters. wooden products, fantasy furniture, music instru-ments, stationary and arts and crafts from Grow, Unique kids, Smile and other education ranges please contact Mandy 083 256 7949 or email [email protected].

Certified Body Talk Practioner: Body Talk is a natural health care system, which is de-signed to work with, and support, your body’s own natural ability to heal it-self. Contact Eleanor 082 812 7606, www.body-talkhealth.co.za or email [email protected].

For advertising in the small business section please email [email protected].

Small businesses

Paving: I am John Banda and I do very good paving. I have learnt my skills from a paving company so I can do all kinds of patterns. Now I am working on my own. I have done paving in Irene so I have good referenc-es.Please call me at 078 039 5197.

Do you feel tired, unhealthy? Then try the world’s highest ranked dietary supplement, guaranteed to increase your health naturally or your money back! Do you want to look younger? Ask for your free anti-ageing product demon-stration and experience great results immediately!


Town Crier February 2015

Page 27: Town Crier Feb 15

27Contact Werner or Janet for more information at [email protected] or call us at 071 450 9136.

Writing services: also includes editing, proof-reading, translation or English tutoring. Contact Anrica Mills at 084 800 0660 or email [email protected].

For bee removal con-tact Anton 073 527 9666.

Ladies Oasis in Irene provides a private, peace-ful surrounding for women that need to relax with a

one hour full body mas-sage for R200. Also provides Sport Massages for women only.Please contact Charmaine on 079 412 0044 or alterna-tively send a sms to make a booking.

Professional organ-iser: I will assist you with organising your home. Let me help you declutter and take your unwanted items to charities. I can also project manage a renovation then clean up and pack the house back for you to move back into. References available.

Contact Coleen 072 618 3180 or 012 665 0716.

Conquer English: Personal English Tuition from TEFL/TESOL quali-fied teacher - Founda-tion to Advanced levels; IELTS exam preparation; Improve your grammar, reading, writing, speak-ing and listening skills; Individual or small group tuition; Secondary school and adults; Business English. Flexible times to suit your needs. We travel to you if required. For more information contact Marion +27 82 805 2798.


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Time: 09h30 for 10h00

Speaker: Pam Cullinan, Garden and Nursery visit

Venue: Sunherbs

Old Olifantsfontein Road

Visitors are very welcome

Please contact Lucia Holmes

on 083 272 5268 for further details

Page 28: Town Crier Feb 15

28 Small criesAccommodation

Cottage in Irene, 1 bedroom, fully furnished and equipped, to let. Suits single professional person. Short term lease possible, R6 000p.m. incl. E/W/DSTV. Contact Petra 082 453 6133.

Bachelor pad available 1 February 2015, small pet in order R3 700. Cell 072 064 5312 Ria.

Two bedroom, two bathroom, large living area and garden R7 000pm. Cell 072 064 5312 Ria.

Flatlet to let fully furnished. Suitable for a single person. R3 300 per month water and electricity included. Available 1 March 2015. Call Louis 082 822 1509.

Accommodation wanted

I am looking for a small garden bachelor flat in Irene village. My budget is approximately R2 500 a month and I need only

the bare minimum (a bed, table and cupboard and a place to prepare simple meals) and preferably a private entrance. I lecture at a school in Southdowns. Please call me at 083 328 6503.Hougaard Winterbach.

I am a single and professional lady, working at UNITAS and desperately looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom cottage to rent in Irene. Also prepared to house sit if anyone is going oversees or traveling and also willing to share accommodation. The place I am renting at the moment is temporary and I will be available immediately. Price range between R6 500 to R8 000.00, depends on the cottage. I have excellent referrals. I do have a dog and must be a pet friendly cottage environment. Len Bernardt 083 227 2938.

Single professional male looking for a flat/garden cottage to rent. Sean - 082 737 3997.


Tracy Chomudondo has been working for me for over two years on Wednesdays. She is looking for domestic work for Thursdays and Saturdays. One of the qualities that have impressed me the most is that Tracy takes pride in her work. She cleans thoroughly and efficiently and I have found her to be completely trustworthy. She has a happy, pleasant personality and is a pleasure to have around the house. Tracy lives near Irene. Please phone Tracy on 073 242 4204 or for a reference phone Telsa on 083 253 8252.

Room wanted

Room wanted for domestic worker during the week. Regina is quiet, reliable and mature and has been working in Irene for the past 10 years. To discuss compensation for the room, etc. please contact Carien vd Watt on

To place an ad in the Small Cries section please email [email protected].

Page 29: Town Crier Feb 15


PLEASE NOTE: Domestic advertisements will only be accepted via email from the reference person of the person seeking employment. The refer-ence person must be a resident of Irene and their address must be stated in the request for domestic ad placement. The reference person must be willing to have their first name and telephone number published as the relevant reference. All domestic advertisement requests received via SMS or What-sapp will be ignored. Email: [email protected].

082 990 1686 or Alyson Lea-Cox on 072 714 3740.

For sale

Ontruim motorhuis: Tweedehandse mansfiets, 8 wit plastiese stoele, 1 strandsambreel, 2 kampeerstoele en cadac skottelbraai beskikbaar teen halfprys. Ook die volgende houtwerkgereedskap: werksbank, elektriese saag, (radial armsaw), verdiepsaag (router), draaibank (lathe) en ‘n verskeidenheid klampe. Selnommer: 082 664 6226.

Tweedehandse kantoor/studeerkamer meubels teen baie redelike pryse beskikbaar: Lessenaar, tafel, liasseerkabinet, staalkas en 7 stoele.

Selnommer: 082 664 6226.

For sale: Thule Pacific 200 roof box in excellent condition R4 000; Snowmaster plastic camping fridge/freezer 33litre with cover 12v/220 R3 000; Camp Master single roll up mattress x 2 R300 each; Camp Master 2 shelf cupboard with aluminium slat top 80x70 x 2 R350 each. All in excellent condition. Tracey 082 460 6007.


Simon Thoka is looking for garden work on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Has worked in Irene for many years. Has S.A. ID and does not travel far to get to work. Reliable and punctual! Please contact him on

073 873 2137.

If you are looking for a gardener for Mondays and/or Thursdays, I would recommend Laurence Ng’omo who works for me on Wednesdays. Laurence is intelligent; a hard worker, takes initiative and is very pleasant and reliable. He is looking for work in the Irene area. Please call Laurence on 078 607 0872 or for a reference phone Telsa on 083 253 8252.


Female Irene resident requires early morning lift on weekdays to Centurion Gautrain station or to Rosebank, Johannesburg. Will share traveling/parking costs. Call 083 726 4842.

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Important Telephone Numbers

EBS24hrs Control Room:

012 667 6337 or 071 576 5904

EBS Irene Manager (Dawie): 071 476 4110

ILA members without alarms should phone the EBS 24hr Control Room for assistance.

ILAIrene Village Manager - Jan Swanepoel: 083 607 6600

e-mail: [email protected]

ILA Administration Accounts (Veronica): 071 657 9547

(Alyson): 072 714 3740 Fax: 086 776 7452

e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected]

Street Lightse-mail: [email protected] tel: 012 358 9999

Tshwane Metro Emergency Services

Power Failures: 012 358 2541 Water Supply: 012 358 2111

Ambulance/Fire: 10177 Metro Police: 1 0111

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Important Telephone Numbers

EBS24hrs Control Room:

012 667 6337 or 071 576 5904

EBS Irene Manager (Dawie): 071 476 4110

ILA members without alarms should phone the EBS 24hr Control Room for assistance.

ILAIrene Village Manager - Jan Swanepoel: 083 607 6600

e-mail: [email protected]

ILA Administration Accounts (Veronica): 071 657 9547

(Alyson): 072 714 3740 Fax: 086 776 7452

e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected]

Street Lightse-mail: [email protected] tel: 012 358 9999

Tshwane Metro Emergency Services

Power Failures: 012 358 2541 Water Supply: 012 358 2111

Ambulance/Fire: 10177 Metro Police: 1 0111

Irene Area Agent



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Twin Rivers

076 373 0124 073 185 5077


Office: 012 667 2167www.seeff.com

[email protected]@seeff.com

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Book your appointment now on 012 667 233191 Jean Avenue Doringkloof Centurionwww.EndermologieCenturion.co.za


Valentines special

Bellabaci Back MassageSea salt Back scrub OR Coconut Indian Head Massage Sea salt Hand and foot scrubGlass of wine

1h45 min R480 ppValid until 14 March 2015

Specializing in:Permanent hair removal, Regim A Peels, LPG Endermologie (Slimming), all beauty treatments

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