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OFFICE OF THE PILGRIMAGE OF THE CHURCH OF CYPRUS · PDF file Source: Publication “Cyprus Island of Saints – A Devotional Journey”, of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Nicosia

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Text of OFFICE OF THE PILGRIMAGE OF THE CHURCH OF CYPRUS · PDF file Source: Publication “Cyprus...

  • Polis Chrysochous

    Agios Epiphanios •Drousia

    •Theletra •Pegeia •Choulou

    Agios Neo phytos



    •Empa †

    •Geroskipou •Acheleia


    Panagia •Chrysorrogiatissa

    † Omodos Anogyra • •Prastio

    •Galataria •Praitori

    Episkopi •


    Kolossi • •



    •Kouka • Louvaras

    Arakapas •

    • Trooditissa

    • Agios Rafail


    • Pyrgos Tilirias Soloi

    Kaliana •• Peristerona

    Kalopanagiotis• Kykkos †

    Pedoulas• Palaiomylos•

    Agios Nikolaos ton Gaton

    Oikos • •Galata •Kakopetria •Moutoulas

    Lagoudera• •Platanistasa •Askas

    • Palaichori† Trikoukkia •


    † Asinou



    Lampousa † Acheropoiitos

    † Panagia Ton Katharon † Agios Panteleimon

    •Morfou Agios Mamas


    Keryneia Agios Ilarion •

    † Agios Ioannis Chrysostomos


    † Antifonitis

    † Panagia Melandrina

    Akanthou •


    •LEFKOSIA Agios Spyridonas •Tremetousia Agios Efimianos


    Agios Prokopios • Sygrasi Apostolos †


    Livadia •

    Panagia Tochniou

    • Leonarisso


    Panagia Kanakaria •Lithr angomi

    Agios Filon † Afentrika † Apostolos


    • •



    Komi tou Gialou

    Trikomo, Panagia

    Agios Anastasios


    AMMOCHOSTOS • Acheritou

    Paralimni •

    Protaras • Agia Napa


    Sotira •

    • Avgorou

    Agios Kendeas

    † Agios Panteleimon

    Acheras † Agios Irakleidios •Tamassos

    •Meniko Agios Kyprianos

    Pera Chorio •

    • Fikardou


    Agros• † Machairas † Stavrovouni

    • Pano Lefkara

    • Kato Lefkara Kiti •

    • Vavla • Kofinou

    Choirokoitia• † Agios Georgios Alamanou

    Kellia •

    •Athienou Agios Fokas

    •Agios Sozomenos

    Editorial and art direction: METHEXIS cultural deaconry Design: Antigoni Theophanous Translation in english: Voulla Michael Logo: Made by hand of Father Demostheni Demosthenous Maps: Cyprus Department of Land Registry and Survey Etchings: Hambis and Giorgos Tsangaris Front cover-Church, Sotira: Sketch by the Architect Neoptolemos A. Michaelides Source: Publication “Cyprus Island of Saints – A Devotional Journey”, of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, Nicosia 2008.

    “The 15th century chronicler Leontios Machairas called Cyprus a holy island due to the large number of her Church’s Saints and Martyrs. With great pride Machairas writes in his Chronicle about the host of Saints that originated from his country: “it is necessary to boast about this holy island but as much as I do, I do not wish to lie”. The list of Saints that were either born in Cyprus or born abroad and then came to Cyprus and who pleased God with their holy lives

    or became martyrs in the name of Christianity, is indeed a long one. Considering the island’s small size, and its population, the Church of Cyprus may boast that, compared to other Churches, it offered a larger number of Saints and Martyrs.”

    “Cyprus the Holy Island”, Archbishop Makarios III of Cyprus, publication of the Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus, Lefkosia 1997, p. 7.

    Icon Collection of Agridia village Τel.: 25 521146, 99 387372 Byzantine Museum of Pedoulas Τel.: 22 953636 Church Museum of Koilani village Τel.: 25 470018, 99 345438 Church Museum of Vasa Koilani Τel.: 25 944227 Icon Collection of the Church of Panagia Katholiki in Pelendri Tel.: 25 550038 Ecclesiastical Museum of the Church of Agios Lazaros Τel.: 24 652498 Church Museum of Sotira village, Ammochostos District Τel.: 23 823932 Sacristy of Paralimni Τel.: 23 742340

    Silver and gilded oil burning lamp, 19th century, Kykkos Museum.

    Monastery of Agios Neofytos, Tala.

    Church of Panagia, Emba, Pafos.

    Convent of Agios Irakleidios, Politiko village.

    Hermitage of Agios Neofytos.

    Agios Neofytos, 16th century, Ecclesiastical Museum of the Monastery of Agios Neofytos.

    “In the mountain of Kykkos a monastery will be born; a golden lady will enter and never more shall leave.”

    Agios Irakleidios, from the Church of Panagia tou Araka, Lagoudera.

    Church of Ieron Apostolon, Pera Chorio

    Church with five cupolas of Agioi Varnavas and Ilarionas, Peristerona.

    Stavrovouni Monastery “Monasteries bloom on sheer mountains

    of the island”

    The Virgin of Kykkou, Kykkos Museum.

    Monastery of Timios Stavros, Omodos.

    Religious procession, Machairas Monastery.

    Monastery of Machairas.

    Scenes of the Second Coming. Saints and Donors, view of the Narthex, Church of Panagia tis Asinou.

    Church of Archangelos Michail, Pedoulas.

    Monastery of Apostle Andreas in the

    Turkish-occupied Rizokarpasso

    peninsula. Agios Mathaios. Mosaics of early Christian years (525-530). From the Church of Panagia Kanakaria, occupied Lithrangomi.

    Apostle Varnavas. Hall of the Great Synod, Archbishopric of Cyprus.

    Agios Lazaros. 16th century. 96X67 cm. Ecclesiastical

    Museum of the Church

    of Agios Lazaros

    Church and Monastery of Apostle Varnavas in occupied Engomi,


    Holy Cross in Omodos where a small piece of the rope

    that the soldiers used to bind

    Christ is kept.

    - - - Limit of area under Turkish occupation since 1974

    Monastery of Agia Napa.

    Church of Agios Antonios, Kellia.

    Agios Spyridon. Chapel of

    Apostle Varnavas within the


    Church of Panagia Angeloktisti, Kiti village.

    Monastery of Agios Nikolaos ton Gaton, Akrotiri.

    Agios Mamas. Church of Agios Mamas, Sotira.


    Church of Agios Lazaros, Larnaka.



    COME TO ME, ALL YOU (MT. 11, 28)

    Τ he Office of the Pilgrimage Tours of the Church of Cyprus opens its doors like a big Mansion to welcome the pilgrim and treat him with the holy

    gifts of an entire religious world. Inviting him to live in the blessed place of the “Island of Saints”, through travels that are real but also noetic, in everliving spiritual landscapes, in the most fascinating geography, in worshipping places that smell incense and from which spurt spiritual fragrance.

    Where Archbishop, Bishops, Abbots, Priests, deacons, hermits, monks, church wardens and laics, all those who make up the body of the Church of Cyprus, with their spiritual work lead the human/pilgrim in a “in spirit and truth” worship.

    In Churches, Monasteries, Cloisters, Ecclesiastical Museums and Holy Sacristies that gave many years ago treatment in humans. It is not by chance that pilgrims came from afar to be cured of their afflictions and seek solace at the shelter of this holyplace island, in the spiritual glow of Christianity’s temperate clime.

    For the same reason the contemporary traveller seeks “in this place the gentle breezer of Paradise”, requesting to be given “at last” an intimate place of stay, just like the gift was granted to Christians in the old days to enjoy and endure the richness of the holy; so as to enter the embrace of a great spiritual family, discovering pure love in the bossom of the Church of Cyprus, where his weary soul, suffering from failure, lack of meaning and withdrawal from God, may at last find rest.

    Anastasia Ieridou METHEXIS cultural deaconry

    Kykkos Monastery.

    Monastery of Apostle Andreas.

    Agios Epifanios. Chapel of Apostle Varnavas within the Archbishopric.

    We greatly thank the Cyprus Tourism Organisation for its cooperation and support, all those who were involved in the accomplishment of this leaflet, and especially our Sponsor.

    The leaflet is distributed for free. ∫À¶ƒπ∞∫√™ √ƒ°∞¡π™ª√™


    Byzantine Museum of the Archbishop Makarios III Foundation, Lefkosia Archbishop Kyprianou Square, P.O.Box 21269, 1505 Lefkosia. Tel: 22430008 Byzantine Museum of Pafos 5, Andrea Ioannou, Pafos. Tel: 26931393 Byzantine Museum of the Assistant Bishop of Arsinoe, Peristerona, Pafos Tel: 26352515 Museum of Byzantine Heritage, Palaichori Tel.: 22 643012 Icon Collection of the Holy Monastery of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Τel.: 22 952659 Kykkos Monastery Museum Τel: 22 942736 Icon Collection of Prodromos Τel.: 25 462636, 25 462063 Icon Collection of Lemithou village Τel.: 25 462651

    Museum of Cultural Heritage of Kaminaria village Tel.: 25 462360 Ecclesiastical Museum of Kyperounta village Τel.: 25 532253, 25 813204 Sacristy of Lofou village Τel.: 25 470325 Museum of the Holy Monastery of Agios Neofytos Τel.: 26 652481 Icon Collection of the Holy Monastery of Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa Τel.: 26 722457 Sacristy of the Holy Monastery of Machairas Τel.: 22 359334 Icon Collection of Arsos Τel.: 99 483881 Sacristy of the Church of Timios Stavros, Omodos Τel.: 25 422833, 25 42

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