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objEtS CoNNECtéS

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Quitbit, un briquet connecté pour suivre sa consommation tabagique-Quitbit est un briquet connecté qui permet de suivre et de mieux contrôler sa consommation de cigarettes pour aboutir progressivement à un sevrage tabagique en douceur.

Connected-ObjectsDepuis des années, le tabac est responsable de nombreux décès

dans le monde. Pour pallier ce problème et traiter cette addiction,

des solutions ont vu le jour à l’image des patchs, des cigarettes

light, des chewing gums à la nicotine ou plus récemment de la

cigarette électronique. D’ailleurs, cette dernière est maintenant

connectée à notre smartphone pour suivre en temps réel sa

consommation. En matière de cigarettes connectées, citons

notamment Smokio ou encore MyVaps. Cependant, un nouvel

acteur fait son entrée sur le marché grâce à une idée originale

: un briquet connecté. Au lieu de connecter la cigarette,

Quitbit connecte l’accessoire indispensable à tous les fumeurs


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Skylock Is the Bike Lock of the Future, and It’s Awesome-GizmodoBike locks, while incredibly necessary, are way behind the times. Even the best of them will break under brute force, and

then where are you? Bikeless and alone. The new Skylock, from ex-Boeing and Jawbone engineers, is about to leapfrog

the competition and bring bike protection into the 21st century. It looks amazing.

Skylock has Bluetooth 4.0 in it. Just like keyless unlock-

ing systems you’ve seen on cars, you can do the same

thing for you bike. Via Skylock’s smartphone app, you

can press a button to unlock the lock. Or set it up to

have proximity detection, so as soon as you get right

up next to it, it unlocks. If your phone dies, you can still

unlock it via a combination (pattern) lock on the lock


In addition to being as strong as any U-lock on the

market (or so it claims), Skylock has built-in acceler-

ometers and Wi-Fi. It works like this: When you lock up

your bike, you can connect the lock to a nearby Wi-Fi

network. If someone starts messing with your bike, the

accelerometers will detect it, and it will send a push

notification to your phone via the app, so you can run

out and thwart any evil-doers. You can adjust the sen-

sitivity, too, so it’s not disturbed by a single, accidental


Obviously, if there isn’t a nearby network you can connect to

you’re out of luck (it works over Bluetooth, too, but you’d have to

be within 30 feet of it), but this is still an awesome feature.

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Niwa, armoire hydroponique connectée pour faire pousser à l’intérieur-Connected ObjectsNiwa est une armoire hydroponique connectée en bluetooth à un smartphone pour permettre à n’importe qui de faire

pousser des plantes à l’intérieur.

Le jardin attire les objets connectés comme des mouches. Après des dispositifs d’arrosage connecté comme Droplet, et des

capteurs de quantified self pour nos amis les plantes (Flower Power ou Koubachi notamment) voici qu’une startup a pensé à

nos amis ayant la main verte mais vivant en appartement. Pourquoi ne pas faire pousser à l’intérieur. On parle de cannabis

tomates évidemment. Niwa est une homebox, ou armoire hydroponique, permettant de cultiver n’importe quelle plante à

l’intérieur. N’importe quelle plante on vous dit…

Evidemment, on ne vois aucune raison à ce stade de vous par-

ler de MyDx, un scanner pour mesurer la qualité du cannabis.

Evidemment. Rappelons que, la culture et la possession de

cannabis sont interdits par la loi en France. C’est mal (bis).

Niwa est un système tout-en-un combinant un bac de terre,

un dispositif d’irrigation contrôlé pour vos plantes et un sys-

tème d’éclairage maitrisé. L’armoire Niwa est équipée d’une

batterie de capteurs et d’actionneurs permettant à tout à cha-

cun d’automatiser un jardinage d’intérieur et prendre soin de

vos cultures au quotidien… là vous souriez, car des idées inter-

dites germent dans votre esprit… attendez la suite!

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Tempo, le thermometre connecté de BlueMaestro-Connected-Objects.frTempo est un thermomètre connecté à une application mobile permettant d’envoyer un suivi des températures

relevées par Bleutooth.

Le suivi de la température inspire aux sociétés innovantes de nombreux objets connectés, comme des thermostats

connectés pour la domotique ou des thermomètres pour la santé connectée comme l’un des accessoires Bleep Bleeps.

BlueMaestro, créateur de la tétine connectée Pacifi, a mis au point un tel thermomètre permettant d’effectuer un relevé

de température régulier afin d’en suivre l’évolution.

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A Smartphone Turns These Fast Food Trays Into Tiny Soccer Fields-GizmodoDecades ago McDonald’s realized that food

wasn’t the only way to draw kids into its

restaurants. Toys, playgrounds, and cartoon

characters all help the cause, and now a

Brazilian food chain called Giraffas has come

up with a clever way to lure soccer fans into

its restaurants, just in time for the 2014 FIFA

World Cup.

After downloading a free app, you can prop

your smartphone up on its side on one end

of the serving tray, allowing its front-facing

camera to detect the soccer field graphics on

the paper insert. Folded paper balls are torn off

the edge of the placemat, and can actually be

flicked at a virtual on-screen goalie, with the

camera detecting their motion and determining

whether a goal has been scored.

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BillGuard Launches Its Personal Finance App On Android And Adds Data Breach Alerts-TechCrunchPersonal finance startup BillGuard has been working hard over

the last several years to help its users to identify fraudulent

charges on their credit and debit cards, and also to keep track

of their spending on the web and on its iPhone app. Today it’s

expanding its reach with the launch of an Android app, and also

adding a new feature that will alert users when their cards have

been affected by a Target-style data breach.

The company, which was a Battlefield Finalist at TechCrunch

Disrupt a few years ago, launched with the goal of alerting users

to hidden fees that would appear on their bank or credit card

statements. With the introduction of its iPhone app last year, it

expanded to include so-called grey charges — i.e., recurring fees

that users might have agreed to but forgotten about.

Last fall, it added tools to help its users track their spending and

compare outflows in different categories on a month-over-

month basis to give them a better idea of where their money is


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Never Forget a Photoshop Shortcut Again With This Interac-tive App-To use Photoshop like a pro, you need to know your keyboard shortcuts—but with so many to remember, you can easily feel more rookie than ever. This interactive app should help you out, by telling you in a jiffy which keys will help you get to work.

GizmodoApplication Shortcut Mapper was created by Waldo Bronchart, and it’s an interactive web app designed to be “a visual shortcuts

explorer for popular applications.” So far, it caters for Photoshop, Lightroom and Blender. The keyboard layout is shown as it

would be when you open the program, telling you what keys will help you out. But it gets better: press another key, like Shift

or Space, and the display changes to tell you what each key will now do. It’s all color-coded, too, so you know which key brings

about what change when you’ve chased down a particular keyboard rabbit hole.

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Foursquare’s Swarm And The Rise Of The Invisible App-Swarm is a new app from Foursquare out today that chisels off the check-in and proximity features of the main app and places them in a sparse, focus-driven new home. The app is nicely done, though it will be of most use to those in dense urban areas with lots of friends.

TechCrunchThe underlying mechanics of Swarm are what’s really interesting

here — and more importantly what it says about the next

generation of apps you’ll be using on your smartphone.

There’s a fundamental shift in the way that we use apps underway,

and the symptoms are all over the map. From a deeper, more

thoughtful approach to push notifications to the breaking apart

of large, unwieldy apps into smaller more focused components.

The shift we’re seeing will be the third strata of user interaction

since the iPhone popularized the mobile app in a major way.

The initial offerings for the iPhone and then Android devices

adhered fairly closely to the ‘information appliance’ model. Using

software, you transformed your phone into a mostly mono-

purpose device just like it said on the tin. Now it’s a phone. Now

it’s a calculator. Now it’s a messaging tool.

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Tapsule Lets You Create Time Capsules Of Photos, Video And Text On Your iPhone-A new mobile application called Tapsule, launching today, combines group messaging with photo and video-sharing.

TechCrunchThe concept is not that dissimilar from a number of other photo-

sharing apps on the market, like Albumatic, Eversnap, Cluster,

Bonfyre, and those dedicated to collecting photos and other

media from big events, like parties or weddings, for example.

However, in Tapsule’s case, the idea is less about organizing

photos into albums, and more about creating what founder

Jeff Jackel describes as “collaborative media,” where a group

of friends comes together to create stories which others can

find and follow through Tapsule, or by viewing the posts as

they’re shared more broadly across social media platforms, like

Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

“I’ve always had a firm belief that, when anyone sees a piece of

social content, what they really care about is the story behind it.

Finding that story requires the ability to go deeper,” says Jackel.

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Team Collaboration And Closing Efficiency Gaps In Responsive Design-Smashing MagazineResponsive design ushers in complexities that require a more involved design and implementation process. Because of

this, the effort has piled up on the front end. Working in silos, where you talk to each other only occasionally or during

scheduled meetings, has too many unknowns. Let’s look at how these new challenges create opportunities to work

together better.

We have to kill the mentality that there is an assembly line of workers waiting for it to be their turn, and instead embrace

more focused collaboration across the project’s entire team.

Four or five years ago, before responsive design was a

“thing,” I was asked to make a comprehensive checklist that

our team could follow when building any website. Inevitably,

an unexpected task or two would come up, along with a

tightrope of a deadline, and we never looked at that checklist

during the build. These days, the thought of making a step-

by-step checklist for a responsive design build sounds like a

cruel joke.

I’ve been on a small team building a large media website

over the last year. It did not take long after the project kicked

off to realize that our design team’s best work is done in

tandem. We’d solve small problems, create momentum and

then solve bigger problems.

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Let It Go: Say Farewell To These 5 Web Design Trends-Forbes TechTrends come and go, especially in the fast-paced world of web design. Yet sometimes we hold onto old trends for too

long when we should really be letting go and moving on.

As technology evolves, it’s easy to fall into the trap of repeating old patterns. The web design industry is constantly

moving forward. Holding on to old trends can only weigh you down, putting you behind the competition.

Here are five design trends it’s time to bid adieu and the new design elements taking their place:

Goodbye: Mobile Versions of Websites

Instead of building mobile-switched sites (i.e. m.websitename.com), many innovative designers and developers are now

focusing on responsive design. It’s not enough to detect devices and switch users anymore. Mobile users are looking for

a more fully integrated experience.

With 55% of Internet usage in the U.S. coming through mobile devices, the best shops are doing mobile-first design and

treating desktop and laptop design as secondary. Responsive design allows the layout to adjust based on the contextual

experience of users. This means site designs need to be built so they respond to the width of the device, regardless of the

gadget type. In more extreme cases, functionality itself can even switch, providing an even more contextually optimized


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Agency Survival Kit : Site web de la semaine

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The startup emerged at a time when the industry was questioning whether or not

Facebook commerce, or “f-commerce,” as some had abbreviated it, was actually

worthwhile. Soldsie, which first launched in May 2012, found that Facebook

commerce could work, when it wasn’t just some other tab for users to click into,

but could instead leverage the social activities already taking place across these

retailers’, sellers’ and businesses’ Facebook profile pages.

On Facebook, sellers were sharing photos of their items for sale, which fans would

then comment on, like and re-share. Soldsie then added another layer to that ongoing

activity – allowing visitors to comment “SOLD” in order to make a purchase.

Consumers would only have to register one time with the Soldsie application, which

allowed the business to access their personal data, including their email address. On

the backend, Soldsie provides an interface for managing the invoicing process, with

tools for tracking sales, invoices, inventory and more.

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Soldsie, The Service That Lets You Shop Via Facebook And Instagram Comments, Raises $4 Million-Soldsie, an e-commerce service enabling businesses to sell directly to their Facebook fans and Instagram followers through the comments section, has raised $4 million in Series A funding from First Round Capital, the company is announcing this morning. Others participating investors include SoftTechVC, Lerer Ventures, Correlation Ventures,

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Omnichannel Commerce: Inside In-Store Tech-No longer is the physical channel a distinct entity from digital – smartphones and in-store technology such as interactive signage, beacons, wearable tech and other sensor-based technologies are bringing Web content to the retail experience.

According to Deloitte digital tech influences 36% of in-

store retail sales, expected to hit 50% by the end of this

year. Research commissioned by Google on mobile use


• 84% of shoppers that own a smartphone use their device to help shop while in a store

• Almost half of smartphone shoppers use their device for 15 minutes or more per in-store visit

• 82% of shoppers use search engines when browsing product information in-store

• 1 in 3 shoppers use smartphones to find information instead of asking store employees

• Shoppers who use mobile in-store have 25%-50% higher basket size (depending on product category)

• Deloitte reports shoppers would rather use their own device or an unmanned digital kiosk than interact with

a human.

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Mark Zuckerberg célèbre son 30e anniversaire-

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PDC Markets Smart Tablet RFID Reader

The tablet will enable hotels, resorts and amusement parks to read a visitor’s RFID wristband in order to provide access or services based on the ID encoded to that band’s passive tag.

RFID JournalPrecision Dynamics Corp. (PDC), a provider of ID wristbands

and related products, has begun marketing a tablet reader

known as the Smart Tablet, designed to allow users to

capture the ID numbers encoded to high-frequency

(HF) 13.56 MHz passive RFID tags at such locations as

resorts, hotels and water parks, thereby enabling faster

check-in, payments or other services. The tablet, which

PDC debuted last month at the RFID Journal LIVE! 2014

conference and exhibition, acts in the same way as a kiosk

with a built-in reader, but enables a company’s staff to

be mobile and thereby go directly to people wearing the

RFID bracelets, rather than requiring them to seek out a

kiosk. PDC partnered with software company Kioware,

which provides the tablet’s software for capturing and

interpreting read data. The tablet can then forward the

collected data to a back-end server via a Wi-Fi connection

or GPRS. The device could also store that information and

upload it to the server at a later time.

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TD Canada Trust launches NFC mobile payments with support from all three major carriers-NFC WorldTD Canada Trust, the retail banking arm of the Toronto-

Dominion Bank, has become the first in Canada to offer

an NFC mobile payment solution that is supported by the

country’s three major wireless networks: Bell, Rogers and


The new TD Mobile Payment feature has been integrated

into the bank’s existing mobile banking application, used

by more than two million customers, and will enable

consumers with compatible NFC phones to make

payments of up to C$50 at any Visa PayWave terminal.

The service can be used with the BlackBerry 9900,

Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung

Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3, Samsung

Galaxy S5 and HTC One, with additional NFC phones to

be supported in future releases.

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MERCIet à la semaine prochaine!

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QUÉBEC325, boul. Marais #234Québec (QC) G1M 3R3+ 1 418 687-1330

PARIS9, rue de Pagès92150 Suresnes, France+ 33 (0) 171 113 600

MONTRÉAL3675, rue Saint-DominiqueMontréal (QC) H2X 2X8+ 1 514 938-1330

TORONTO161 Bay Street, 27th floorPO Box 508, Toronto (ON) M5J 2S1+ 1 418 757-0707