Internet, Une RéVolution Dans Linfo

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Text of Internet, Une RéVolution Dans Linfo

  • Internet, une rvolution dans linformation?

  • Les 4ges delinformation

  • 1.LEcriture

  • 2.Gtenberg

  • 3.Marconi


  • The Medium is the MessageMarshall McLuhan :

  • mais la rponse de Gtenberg:Daprs une campagne de la PQR franaise

  • dclencha en retour

  • La Terreur

  • The NewsAre OnlineNowFOR FREE !

  • Vanishing Monopoly

  • La Pressepart en vrille

  • Les plus faibles chutent les premiers

  • Les fortsfaiblissentet souffrenteux aussiNew York TimesGannett Cy

  • If cable and satellite broadcasting, as well as the Internet, had come along first, newspapers as we know them probably would never have existed Warren Buffett :

  • If you work for a newspaper that thinks paper is the most important part of that word, then my suggestion would be to get your resume readyRob Curley:

  • The Perfect Storm

  • LEmpire?

  • Daprs louvrage de Jeff Jarvis

  • The Mass MediaAre DeadLong LiveThe Mass of Media

  • Next Step?

  • Now that information is so plentiful, we don't need new information so much as help in processing what's already availablePhilip Meyer :

  • http:// www.charlesbricman.be