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Text of L’Association de la Famille Boudreaux / Boudreau / Boudrot ...· la Louisiane: Les bons Mots Un

  • Family Logo Etoile Acadienne / Acadian Star Chene Evangeline / Evangeline Oak

    LAssociation de la Famille Boudreaux / Boudreau / Boudrot / Boudreault LEtoile Acadienne A Boudrot Family Newsletter

    Vol 12 Issue 1 Bilingual Newsletter / Bulletin Bilingue Date : April 2010 / avril 2010 LOUISIANE-ACADIE, INC. ANNONCE Le GRAND RVEIL ACADIEN 29 janvier 2010 Lafayette, Louisiane : Louisiane-Acadie, Inc., visant accomplir la mission pour mobiliser tout les Acadiens pour participer cette expression de leur langue et culture franaises indignes, annonce Le Grand Rveil Acadien , une runion d'une semaine des Acadiens de partout dans le monde, tenir en Louisiane en octobre 2011. Du 30 septembre au 9 octobre 2011, la rgion entire d'Acadiana ouvrira ses portes pour accueillir la famille acadienne et leurs amis, qui veulent clbrer et aider a conserv la culture, les coutumes, les traditions et l'histoire acadiennes/Cajun des premiers colons nord-amricains, les Acadiens. (VoyezRveilAcadienpage13)

    Dictionnaire de Franais de la Louisiane : Les bons Mots Un quipe de linguistes dite un dictionnaire attendu depuis longtemps, un dictionnaire de franais cajun et franais crole. par Mary Tutwiler Pre Daigre, un prtre catholique de 90 ans, avez cr le premier dictionnaire du franais cajun, dit en 1984. C'est un travail incroyable, dit professeur du franais cajun Amanda LaFleur, mais c'est un travail par quelqu'un pas spcifiquement qualifi en lexicographie et est beaucoup un (Voyez Dictionnaire page 14)

    LOUISIANE-ACADIE, INC. ANNOUNCES Le GRAND RVEIL ACADIEN / GREAT ACADIAN AWAKENING Lafayette, Louisiana. January 29, 2010 Louisiane-Acadie Inc., aiming to fulfill the mission to mobilize all Acadians to participate in the continued expression of their native French language and culture, announces "Grand Rveil Acadien / Great Acadian Awakening, a one week gathering of Acadians from around the world, to be held in Louisiana in October 2011. From September 30 to October 9, 2011, the entire Acadiana Region will open its doors to welcome family and friends, who want to celebrate and assist in helping preserve the Acadian/Cajun culture, customs, traditions and history of the first North American settlers, the Acadians. (SeeAcadianAwakeningpage2)

    Dictionary of Louisiana French: Les Bons Mots A team of linguists publishes a long-awaited, all encompassing dictionary of Cajun French and Creole French By Mary Tutwiler Father Daigre,a 90 year old Catholic priest, created the first dictionary of Cajun French, published in 1984. Its a incredible piece of work, says LSU Cajun French profess Amanda LaFleur, but it is a work by someone not specifically trained in lexicography and is very much a work of his French, the French he grew up with in Lafayette and of course, Welsh. (See Dictionary, page 3)

    Boudreaux Family Association Gathering Set for April 24th

    Saturday April 24, 2010 11:30 AM

    Golden Corral Resturant 3110 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy

    Lafayette, LA 70506-7210 (337) 993-7858

    Members of the Boudreaux Family Association will meet at the Golden Corral Restaurant located at 3119 Ambassador Caffery Parkway in Lafayette at 11:30 AM, Saturday, April 24, 2010. Members are encouraged to attend and also to invite your relatives who are not members to show them what the Boudreaux Family Association is all about. Attendees are asked, if they would like to participate in a fun drawing, to bring an inexpensive prize. Hand made arts & crafts are welcomed. The proceeds will go to the association for future projects. We will discuss the Great Acadian Awakening scheduled in October 2011 along with the role of our organization in this grand event. Lunch will be Dutch treat from a great selection of favorite Cajun dishes. Please pay for your lunch as you enter the restaurant For those from out of town, the Golden Corral is a few blocks north of the intersection of Johnston Street and Ambassador Caffery Parkway next to Walmart. See you there! 1

  • LEtoile Acadienne Issued by: Boudreaux / Boudreau Family Association U.S.A. / Etats Unis Association Officers: Don Boudreaux President / Treasurer Family Genealogist 124 Claremont Circle Lafayette, Louisiana 70508 Tel. 337-988-3454 E-mail: donboudreaux@earthlink.netDon@boudreauxfamilies.orgJoseph Floyd Boudreaux Vice-President 4413 Lake Vista Drive Metairie, Louisiana 70006 E-mail: Floyd@boudreauxfamilies.org Dana Boudreaux Guidry Secretary 324 Brookside Drive Lafayette, Louisiana 70506 E-mail: Dana@boudreauxfamilies.org mailto:Mbv853@coxinternet.com

    Membership Dues It is that time of year, so this is a gentle reminder for all members whose renewal date fell in January 2008. Receiving our newsletter LEtoile Acadienne (Acadian Star) is a great way to keep abreast of what is happening in the Acadian community and with our own grand Boudrot family. Our organization is non-profit; the dues are used for printing and mailing the newsletter and for support of the French Immersion Program in Louisianas public schools. Annual membership dues remain at $10.00 or

    receive a 3 year membership for $25.00. As a reminder we still print your renewal date on your mailing label. Please contact us for any change of address, mailing error or membership error. Make check payable to Boudreaux Family Association. Send to: Don Boudreaux (treasurer/family genealogist) 124 Claremont Circle Lafayette, Louisiana 70508 We would like to hear from you . . . Wont you drop us a line! Tell us what you like about the newsletter and what you would like to see more of: genealogy, history, news articles, stories about Boudreau (x) (lt) families from Acadiana , across the U.S.A., Canada and France, etc. Take up your pen and write an article yourself. It is one easy way to participate in the organization without even leaving home. For those who live too far away to attend our meetings and reunions, send us a photo to introduce yourselves. From time to time we include photos of members so you can get to know us also. Hope to hear from you! Write to: Charles Boudreaux 4038 Cedar Forest Kingwood, Texas 77339-1332 E-mail: acadien44@aol.com New Members

    Jason & Susana Leniski (3 years) Sammamish, Washington

    GREAT ACADIAN AWAKENING (Cont. from page 1) The "Grand Rveil Acadien / Great Acadian Awakening will be held the week before Festival Acadiens et Croles and will close with a huge celebration of renewal on the last day of the Festival. After engaging a group of young adult Cajuns (Les Jeunes Cadiens) to represent the Louisiana Acadians at the 2009 World Acadian Congress, an awakening of their heritage became evident. "The spirited Acadians of the Acadian Peninsula of New Brunswick, hosts of the 2009 Congress, more particularly the Grand Rassemblement Jeunesse, sparked a renaissance and awakening of our younger generation's pride and interest in preserving their Cajun ancestor's native French language and culture, states Louisiane-Acadie President Ray Trahan. The Acadians left France in the early 1600s to colonize Acadie, present - day Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada. Years after the Deportation of 1755, over 3,000 Acadians arrived and settled in south Louisiana bringing with them the French language and rich French-Acadian customs. These settlers, now called "Cajuns," are estimated to number over 600,000. As the Louisiana gulf coast, where many Acadians settled, dwindles, the Cajuns are forced to move further north to English-speaking communities. Consequently, as the older generation of Acadians passes away, our French language and many Cajun traditions risk being lost forever. When Cajun parents/grandparents pass away, material possessions from those loved ones are dearly preserved to remember and honor them. "There is no better way to honor and remember our loved ones, than to keep and to live their native French language and culture, says Trahan. (Cont. on page 3) 2

  • The importance of keeping this momentum cannot be lost. It is time to invite the world, especially those of Acadian descent, to join us, in Louisiana, and continue the fight to keep this culture alive! We have awakened a renewed spirit of our Cajun people and need everyone, including our international families and cousins, to support us in our efforts. Vive lAcadie! Dictionary of Louisiana French: Les Bons Mots A team of linguists publishes a long-awaited, all encompassing dictionary of Cajun French and Creole French By Mary Tutwiler (Cont. from page 1) LaFleur, along with folklorist Barry Ancelet, and French teacher and cultural activist Richard Guidry had in mind a more encompassing dictionary, one that represented the girth of the Cajun universe, from the French spoken from Lake Charles to Chauvin, from Marksville to Iberia Parish. They are different worlds, says LaFleur. The Cajun team joined forces with a scholar of the Creole language, linguist Albert Valdman, retired form Indiana University. Valdman, like Alan Lomax before him, spent decades recording Creole voices. He analyzed his field recordings while the Cajun team dug through anything published from the 1930s