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    A publication of the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce 02 / 2011

    Corporate PartnershipPremier Sponsors

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    21st TCCCAnnual General MeetingWednesday, March 16, 2011

    Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel

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    Based on financial need.

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    2010/2011 TCCC Executives

    Patron:His Excellency Ambassador Ron Hoffmann

    President John CasellaVice President Sranyoo Chanate

    Vice President Ali Fancy

    Secretary Dr. Tim CornwallTreasurer Michael Howard

    Executive Board:John Casella

    Sranyoo ChanateNeil Chiu

    Dr. Tim CornwallKobsak Duangdee

    Ali Fancy

    Michael HowardRon Livingston

    Sukanya RattanavadeeNiccolo Sozzi

    John StevensDerek Van Pelt

    Embassy Representative:Ping Kitnikone

    Advisors:Raymond Bodemer

    Sam CohenSurachit Chanovan

    Don LavoieLuc Mtivier

    Executive Director:Randy Shockley

    Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce139 Pan Road, Sethiwan Tower

    9th floor, Bangkok 10500Tel: +66(0) 2266-6085-6Fax: +66(0) 2266-6087

    Email: [email protected]:

    The Voyageur is the monthly magazine of

    the Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce,

    covering all Thai-Canadian business, legal

    and social news of interest to the members

    and others who are active in expanding

    Thai-Canadian bilateral trade.


    Randy Shockley, Executive Director,

    Thai-Canadian Chamber of Commerce


    Scand-Media Corp., Ltd.

    4/41-2 Moo 3, Thanyakarn Village,

    Ramintra Soi 14, Bangkok 10230

    Tel: +66(0) 2943-7166-8 Fax: +66(0) 2943-7169

    Design: Disraporn Yatprom

    Email: [email protected]

    Advertising Contact:

    Mr. Finn Balslev, Marketing Director

    Scand-Media Corp., Ltd.

    Tel: +66(0) 2943-7166 ext.151 or 08-1866-2577

    Email: [email protected]

    Calendar of events:



    Upcoming events in the region:JAPAN: www.cccj.or.jpWhen: Thursday, February 3, 2011What: Improving Your Global ReadinessWhere: Place Canada, 7-3-37 Akasaka, Minato-ku, TokyoPrice: 5,500 yen, includes the workshop, drinks and dinner

    VIETNAM: www.canchamvietnam.orgWhen: Saturday, February 26, 2011What: Canada RocksWhere: BP Compound, An PhuPrice: 750,000VND/person

    WHEN: Friday, February 11, 2011; 10:00 am 6:00 pmWHAT: The 13th Annual TCCC Maple Leaf Cup Golf TournamentWHERE: Bangkok Golf ClubPRICE: 11,200 baht/team or 3,000 baht/player & 750 baht/non-player

    WHEN: Wednesday, February 16, 2011; 7:00 pm 9:00 pmWHAT: Canuck Connections Networking Night.WHERE: Q- Bar, Sukhunvit/Soi 11PRICE: 200 baht Members; 400 baht Non Members

    WHEN: Tuesday, February 22, 2011; 11:45 am 1:30 pmWHAT: Speaker Luncheon: H. E. Ron Hoffmann, Ambassador of Canada will speak on

    Canada-Thailand Relations at 50 Years: Whats Next?WHERE: Courtyard by MarriottPRICE: 700 baht Members; 850 baht Non Members

    OTHER BUSINESS & COMMUNITY EVENTS:WHEN: Saturday, February 19, 2011; 6:00 pm onwardWHAT: Club Canadas Snow Ball 2011WHERE: Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel, Asoke RoadPRICE: 2,700 baht per person

    21st TCCC Annual General Meeting

    with distinguished guest speaker

    Khun Mechai Viravaidya

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel

    30 Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke) RoadKlongtoey Nua, Wattana

    Bangkok, 10110, Thailand

    AGM Agenda10:30 Member arrival and registration11:00 Quorum reached and AGM declared open11:45 Ballot Box closed; members seated for lunch12:00 AGM Luncheon13:15 Key Note Address - Khun Mechai Viravaidya will speak on

    The School that Wants to Fly: The New Paradigm of RuralThai Education

    13:45 Announcement of new Board members

    14:00 Meeting Adjourned

    AGM Speaker Luncheon700 Baht (members), 850 Baht (non-members)

    (Corporate members can use their 2011 luncheon vouchers)

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    he year ahead marks the 50th an-niversary of Canada-Thailand officialrelations, and it's shaping up to beone of the most important years so

    far in our bilateral relationship. Working inclose partnership with the Canadian businesscommunity and our Thai partners in businessand government, we will be seizing the op-portunity this anniversary affords us to giveCanada-Thailand relations a boost.

    We are already seeing much forwardmomentum. Direct investment in bothdirections has hit record levels withScotiabank's and CANADOILs increasedcommitments to Thailand, but in pastweeks we have also seen PTTEP make itsbiggest foreign investment ever, and it wasin Alberta's energy sector. Our countries are

    becoming more interdependent, with mutualinterests tangibly growing. The Embassyteam and I are going to go all out this year tosupport and encourage more investment inboth directions. We will also try to encouragemore new-to-market Canadian exporters inThailand, and we are determined to tacklemarket access barriers wherever they areunwarranted or unreasonable. 2011 will seeCanada put more emphasis on energy sectorrelations, high tech, transport, agriculture andeducation sectors in particular. We will also beputting our efforts into deeping relationshipsin Cambodia and Laos, using Bangkok as

    a natural staging point, with plans for high

    Toward the Next 50 Years

    level trade and investment missions to bothcountries. Canada also has assertive plansto deepen relations with ASEAN as a wholeand with the broader Asia region. We will play

    our part here in Bangkok in support of theseCanadian efforts.

    This will be a big year for the political rela-tionship as well. The Government of Canadais responding positively to Thai Governmentrequests for capacity building in democraticinstitutions and processes following lastyear's political crisis. With a Thai electionlikely as early as this spring, our Embassywill play its natural role in monitoring eventsand engaging the players involved to advance

    the interests of Canada and Canadians. Gov-ernment-to-government relations are set todeepen in terms of security cooperation thisyear, and we are planning several senior-level

    visits in both directions. Canadian companieshave called for active Canadian political sup-port for the Canada-Thailand relationship,and I can confidently say that the CanadianGovernment is heeding that call.

    I am pleased to advise that Canadawill step up the pursuit of its political andhumanitarian interests in Myanmar (Burma)this year, especially to support a growingcivil society and strengthen democraticforces. Canada's voice regarding Burma on

    Ambassador Hoffmann at the Mercy Centre in Klong Toey, Bangkok. The Embassy has just donated 1.2million baht to help the Centre establish a Mobile Library for underprivileged children in the Klong Toey slumarea.

    Counsellor Jennifer May addressing the closing cer-emony of the Canadian-funded pilot Chemical andExplosive Systems Exploitation t raining course at the

    Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Ambassador Ron Hoffmann with Shan villagers during a UNDP-organized visit to Southern Shan State

    Embassy News

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    February 2011 5

    BOI News

    all matters of concern to Canadians will be clearlyheard. Political and social relations with Cambodiaand Laos will be active on several fronts, with CIDAprogramming and further Canadian governmentactivities and engagement on the increase.

    The Embassy's consular role is as important asever, with the number of Canadian visitors to Thai-land approaching 200,000, and with tens of thou-sands more to our other countries of responsibility,

    namely Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar/Burma. Wewill also continue to do everything possible withinour mandate to support the approximately 10,000Canadians living in Thailand and neighbouringcountries.

    I am excited to say that this year will also havesome special features. As part of our 50th Anniver-sary of Canada-Thailand relations, we are workingwith Canadian companies to have the highest-impact Canada Day events for a generation. TheEmbassy will also be launching a new CanadianAwards for Excellence initiative, which we plan toannounce soon and which will complement theTCCC's own Business Awards. We are also working

    with an extraordinary Canadian performance groupto help them become a centrepiece in the BangkokDance and Film Festival in October. Moreover, weare working on Thai youth programming to see moreyoung Thais working in Canada, and our CanadaFund will increasingly focus on supporting youngpeople and vulnerable communities in Thailand.

    Ambassador Hoffmann and Bangkok GovernorSukhumbhand at the Canada Day Reception.

    The Board of Investment (BOI) has made a major move to promotehealthcare industry investment by expanding the scope of activitieseligible for promotion to cover hospitals, rehabilitation services, special-ized medical service, medical technology services and medical logistics,

    and offering additional incentives to promote more investment in hope of helpingto upgrade the countrys medical technology.

    Mr. Chaiwuti Bannawat, Minister of Industry, said that the board of theThailand Board of Investment (BOI), chaired by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva,approved the BOIs plan to upgrade its incentive offerings for healthcare industryinvestment projects. The move will support the countrys competitive strategythat focuses on healthcare industry development.

    The new incentives include redefining the scope of hospital business as

    healthcare-related business in order to cover five other businesses as follows:1. Hospitals: the current condition covers only hospitals with more than 50

    beds. The new measure will cover hospitals with more than 30 beds, whichis in line with the minimum condition set by the Ministry of Public Health.

    2. Rehabilitation service business: At present, the country still lacks qualifiedrehabilitation service centers which provide physical and mental rehabilitationservices to their own patients or to patients referred from other departments.Since at present this medical service is only provided in large scale hospital,the government considers that this segment should be promoted.

    3. Specialized medical service: This is to promote Thailand as the hub forspecialized medical services, such as cancer, heart and allergy centers.

    4. Medical technology service: This is aimed at promoting cooperation andsharing of high-value medical equipment among hospitals. The list of medi-

    cal equipment included under this condition will be provided by BOI.5. Medical logistics service: This is to promote the availability of providers ofspecialized logistics services for efficient patient or medical staff transport.

    These five kinds of businesses will be granted corporate tax exemption

    for 5-8 years according to their locations in order to avoid problems related tomedical personnel. The corporate tax exemption is limited to 100 per cent oftotal investment value. These businesses will also receive import duty exemp-tion privileges on all imported machinery or equipment throughout the projectlifecycle because medical technology changes quickly.

    Mr. Bannawat added that the meeting also approved incentives for existinghospital upgrade projects. This includes the import of more technologically ad-vanced medical equipment for use within a hospital. This condition is applicableto all existing hospitals, be it BOI-promoted or non-BOI promoted.

    Hospitals currently promoted by the BOI may apply for new incentivesunder this program once their corporate income tax exemption period ends.Hospitals without corporate income tax exemption incentive are also eligiblefor this incentive. Interested hospitals must present their medical equipmentand machine upgrade plan together with their application by December 31,2012. The projects must be completed within three years after the issuance ofthe investment promotion certificates. The approved projects will enjoy importduty exemption on machinery and three-year corporate income tax exemptionon the existing business operation for no more than 70 per cent of the totalinvestment (excluding land and revolving capital). They will also enjoy corporateincome tax exemption.

    The meeting also assigned concerned government authorities, such as theMinistry of Public Health, the Immigration Department, the Ministry of Financeand the Ministry of Education to facilitate and provide assistance needed.

    For example, concerned government agencies should help solve problemsrelated to the transporting of patients in critical condition into the country andencouraging private hospitals to offer courses in Medicine

    Healthcare industry in focusBOI offers more incentives toencourage rapid development

    As Canadian Ambassador in Bangkok, my

    top priorities include serving Canadians travelling,working, and living in the region, and to help ourcompanies to succeed here. I am privileged tohave such a talented and committed team at theEmbassy to work with in support of these aims,and I remain highly impressed by the leadership ofthe TCCC in tangibly supporting two-way businessinterests. I am particularly excited by the potential Isee for deepened partnerships among Canadiansto promote our values and our interests, which areincreasingly intertwined with those of Thailand. Wehave done much together over the last year to morevisibly signal our commitment to the relationship,and Thai authorities and partners have noticed and

    are responding favourably. This year we can do evenmore, and I know we will do so by working together.Bring 2011 on!

    Ron HoffmannAmbassador of Canada to Thailand

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    The Great Canadian

    You missed a fun filled evening if

    you didnt attend this years GreatCanadian BBQ on Saturday, January22, 2011. Upfront, we thank our

    sponsors, Ambassador Hoffmann, AndreaHoffmann and the Canadian Embassy stafffor all of their support in ensuring a successfulevent.

    As in prior years, the BBQ was held on thelawn of the Ambassadors official residencewith one of the largest Calgary Stampedeinspired groups to ever attend. The BBQmaintained its traditional down home focuson great food and family fun with plenty of freeflowing Canadian beer and wine, as well as an

    outstanding selection of country & westernmusic provided by the Outlaw Brothers Band.

    Catering support for this years event wasalso outstanding with Courtyard by Marriottproviding grilled marinated rib eye skewers,BBQ pork with onions and pineapple, chickenteriyaki skewers and more. While the BritishClub served up a wide array of salads includingpotato, mixed greens, Greek and grilledchicken with cranberry, as well as a completeBBQ menu offering pork ribs, hamburgers,sausages, hot dogs, grilled chicken, beefkebabs, baked beans, chili, corn on the coband baked potatoes. Desserts included apple

    and berry crumble with hot custard sauce,fresh seasonal Thai fruit and the eternalfavorite of most kids and adults chocolate,strawberry and chocolate chip ice creamcones.

    When it became time to select the BestStampede Outfits in the Men and Ladiescategories, the judges were certainly offereda large group of qualified contestants. Infact, the ladies category was so competitivethat the judges were required to declare twowinners during years event. However, whilethe men and ladies competed vigorously tobe the Best of the Best in their respective

    category, the hands down favorite was a smallgun totting Cowboy by the name of ThomasWillats who stole the show and garneredspecial recognition. Now I understand whyW. C. Fields never wanted to share the limelight with a small child. He was clearly awareof being upstaged as validated by Saturdayevenings competition.

    Another exciting part of this years BBQ wasthe Lucky Draw and Raffle which offered somewonderful prizes including: several BlackBerryTorch devices provided by Research In Motion(RIM), Cross pens by the Royal Bank ofCanada, gourmet jelly beans by Jelly Belly,Genesis Skin Klinik gift vouchers, AlexanderKeiths and Kokanee beer, and a CanadianParty in a Box, Canadian wines and more.

    We look forward to sharing another greatevent with you in 2012 !




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    6 7

    Chamber Activity

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    February 2011 7

    BBQ 2011The Great Canadian BBQ

    Corporate Sponsor:

    Food/ Berverage Sponsor:

    Prize Donors:

    1. Ladies lining up for the Best Dressed Cowgirl competition

    2. Brad and Cristel on set

    3. John Casella with his new and expanded family

    4. Ambassador with BBQ guests

    5. Peter van Haren was the lucky winner of the Canadian Party in a Box

    6. Jason Saunderson presents a Raffle Winner with a new BlackBerry Torch device

    7. Guest receiving a Lucky Draw gift voucher from Genesis Skin Klinik

    8. Guests enjoying the Great Canadian BBQ buffet provided by The British Club

    9. Yves Gaboriault and family

    10. John Stevens, Brad Mol and Ambassador Hoffmann

    11. Ambassador Ron Hoffmann presenting the #1 Cowboy prize to Thomas Willats!

    12. Craig Ritchie and friends enjoying a great afternoon

    13. Guests enjoying the Western music

    14. Michael and Julie Howard

    15. Martin Parent and family

    16. Todd Switzer and partner17. The Livingston family

    18. Ambassador Ron Hoffmann and Sheriff Andrea Hoffmann

    19. Sam and Sumon Cohen

    20. Buffet sponsored by Courtyard by Marriott.












    Chamber Activity

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    February 2011 9

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    Member Profile

    ShamaShama was founded in 1996

    and is recognized across Asiafor creating residences with adistinct personal touch. Witharound 2,000 units, Shama is apremier provider of luxury andboutique service apartments inAsia. Each of Shamas brandedproperties across the regionreflect the companys passion for

    chic homes that exemplify quality,

    style and unparalleled customerservice. Shama is currentlyexpanding across China and tothe major gateway Asian citieslike Bangkok.


    hama Sukhumvit, Shamas firstproperty in Thailand, is a celebrationof modern living coupled withShamas reputable signature service

    and world renowned Thai hospitality. Itoffers 90 contemporary designed servicedapartments (one, two and three bedrooms)and its located in a prestigious residentialarea among fashionable restaurants, stylishshopping centres all in the heart of the CentralBusiness District with a Skytrain station onlya short walk away.

    This unique resort within a city meetsthe refined standards of business andleisure travelers alike. Amenities includetropical gardens (awash with flora & fauna),

    an extensive clubhouse, an Infinity rooftopswimming pool (with an incredible view ofSoi 4), a fitness centre, a kids area, as wellas yoga and meditation rooms, which allcombine to make Shama Sukhumvit a trueretreat away from the hustle and bustle of citylife.

    But best of all Shama has everythingyoull need to complete your work andgo about your business without having toeven leave your apartment. First, therescomplimentary wi-fi and broadband access,which obviously youll need. Theres also aniPhone docking station with a speaker and

    alarm clock.Each unit has its own Electrolux washer/

    drying machine, and theres a fully-equippedkitchenette featuring a toaster, stove,microwave and a full-size fridge so you canprepare whatever meals you desire. Your

  • 7/31/2019 Voyageur Feb 2011


    February 2011 11


    balcony can even be fitted with a BBQ if youso desire.

    In the larger suites, theres a LCD TV withinternational programming in both the livingroom and the bedrooms, so you can watcheither while either lounging around on the sofaor from the comfort of your bed. Theres alsoa DVD player with USB ports and a stereohi-fi system.

    Theres an in-room safe to store yourvaluables and precious documents; and dailymaid service, even on Sundays and holidays,with a towel and linen change twice a weekif you are staying for an extended period oftime. Theres also a professional laundry anddry-cleaning service on offer.

    The Shama Den is also a good place to

    unwind as it contains a pool table as wellas PlayStation 2 for the kids. Theres also acomplimentary VCD/DVD library.

    Then for those who want to get out andabout, Shama provides a complimentarybreakfast on the ground floor, which willhelp you start your busy day. The Skytrainis literally a seven-minute walk away, eitherthe Nana or Ploenchit station. Many hotelsand serviced apartments say they are withinwalking distance of a Skytrain stop, but onceyou get there, you find thats hardly the case.They can be at the end of a long soi, servicedby cranky motorcycle taxi drivers who mayonly pick you up at their discretion and if youwalk out, particularly in mid-day, you may be

    soaked in sweat before you reach a main

    traffic artery. Not so with Shama, the BTSreally is a hop, skip and jump away.

    Shama hides behind the JW Marriott hotelon Sukhumvit. That hotel features many fine F& B outlets, including one of Bangkoks bestbakeries The Bangkok Baking Company.Then across the street from Shama lies thePloenchit Centre, which features a Starbucksand a McDonalds. You get the point, if youget cravings, you dont have far to stroll. Also,the back entrance of Shama leads directlyonto Soi 4 and its myriad of nightclubs, barsand restaurants. Despite the din rising upfrom Soi 4 late at night the double-glazedglass on the Shamas suites keeps the noiseout, so you can have your fun and sleep too.

    Shama Signature Living combines style,service, location & lifestyle. It provides a truesense of living comfort with personalizedservices to suit the individual lifestyles of itsresidents and families. Theres even a noboundaries privilege lifestyle program, whichintroduces residents to Bangkoks hiddengems, whether they be dining, partying,shopping, pampering, escaping or relaxing.

    Shama will also offer short and long termleases for this new property (1 day 12months), which will appeal to both tourists toBangkok, and long term corporate tenants.

    39/1 soi sukhumvit 2, sukhumvit road,klongtoey, bangkok, 10110t: +66 2 105 6000 f: +66 2 105 6001e: [email protected] hotline: +66 2 105 6002

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    February 2011 13

    TCCC News

    The Chamber kicked off its 2011 Speaker Luncheon Series with featured speakerKhun Pimpaka Nichgaroon, Head of Research for Thanachart Securities. As aprior luncheon speaker, Khun Pimpaka is known for delivering a pragmatic andinsightful presentation and her talk on "Thailands 2011 Economic Outlook" was

    no exception. Key takeaways included:

    Thailand is entering a new and more sustainable economic cycle For the first time in 5 years, the domestic economy is emerging as the countrys key

    economic driver Earnings growth is showing signs of sustainable improvement, reversing its long-term

    trend With a strengthened domestic economy, the case for fund inflows is now clearer than

    ever And, the banking sector may be one of the leading players in this economic cycle,

    followed by consumer goods, property and building materials. While showing signsof improvement, the tourism sector could counter as a more cyclical player.

    Speaker LuncheonWednesday, January 12, 2011

    Library 1918, Dusit Thani Hotel

    The Chamber also thanks the Dusit ThaniHotel for hosting this luncheon and deliveringa great service experience to all in attendance.Library 1918 is an outstanding venue andprovided a great setting for kicking off ourfirst event of 2011.

    The ImmigrationSection of theCanadian Embassyin Bangkok Launches

    A New Website.

    The website,, provides all

    the information needed about how and whereto submit applications, what supportingdocuments to provide, office hours, mailingaddress, and other important information.The website also provides all forms andchecklists required for temporary visas whichcan be downloaded for free from the website.

    Generally, applicants can submit ap-

    plications (with all supporting documents)in person at the Embassy, Bangkok, fromMonday -Thursday between 07:30-10:00hrs. It normally takes five working days toprocess a complete application. Note thata new application form is now in use thatincludes a 2D barcode page at the timeof downloading and printing the application.If the new form is not used, and the applica-tion is completed by hand or without a 2Dbarcode page, applications could take up totwo weeks to process.

    In addition, applications received by mailor by courier service could take up to 4 weeks

    to process. Applicant will be informed withinthree weeks after a complete visa applicationis received by this office as well as whethera personal interview with a visa officer isrequired. If an interview is warranted, theapplicant will be invited for an interview inBangkok. Applicants residing in Cambodia,Lao or Myanmar will be offered either to beinterviewed in Bangkok or be interviewed inPhnom Penh (for Cambodia), Vientiane (Lao)or Yangon (Myanmar) during the next avail-able visit by a Visa Officer to that country.Dates of visit are not known in advance andit may take several weeks and up to severalmonths before the next Visa Officer's visit.

    A medical examination is required if ap-plicants intend to remain in Canada for longerthan six months or at the discretion of theofficer based on the circumstances of thecase. Medical instructions are issued onlyonce an application is provisionally approvedby a visa officer. Only applicants who receivemedical forms and instructions are requiredto complete a medical exam.

    It is important to note that processingtimes vary from case to case, often due toreasons beyond our control. Some cases,

    whether due to the individual complexity ofthe case or the high volume of applicationsreceived, will take longer to process than thetimes indicated on the website.

    Mr. Michael Howard, TCCC Treasurerpresents Khun Pimpaka with theChamber's speaker gift

    A large crowd turned out to hear Khun Pimpaka's 2011 economic forecast

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    For more information contact +66 (0) 3841 8418

    Bangkok | Chiang Mai | Pattaya | Koh Chang | Koh Samui | Phuket | Krabi

    Amari Orchid Pattaya offers the ideal setting for a beach getaway with a choice ofcontemporary style rooms and suites in the Ocean Tower with glittering views ofPattaya Bay or the relaxed resort style rooms in the Garden Wing. Soak in the scenictropical panorama as you unwind on a shaded beach lounger. Take a refreshing dip inone of the two swimming pools or drift into a blissful state of relaxation at Sivara Spa.Dining at Amari Orchid is a journey for all the senses with the latest culinary creationsfrom the worlds favourite cuisines on offer.

    Visit for the latest special offers.

    loves Pattaya

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