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Culture at DoYouBuzz v0.1

Culture at DoYouBuzz v0.1+1 aussi+1 pour assumerA mon avis ne pas parler de a. C'est hors contexte (c'est plus la limite une introduction quand on introduira cette partie sur la culture).OK avec l'ide de suivre les best practices, mais est-il vraiment ncessaire de le mettre ? a transparat dans tout le doc.Idem hors contexteJey : jadore le gif compltement WTF et lambivalence entre le ct trs corporate de faire un slidedeck sur la culture et le GIF. On sait que a va pas tre commun. A voir si on assume :)As with everything we do and ourselves, this document is a continual work in progress.

We try to show here the culture we share at DoYouBuzz. We try to explain values that we really value. And how we work.

V0.1 was edited in July 2014Always work in progressDef : Organizational culture is the behavior of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to those behaviors. Culture includes the organization's vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, assumptions, beliefs, and habits. It is also the pattern of such collective behaviors and assumptions that are taught to new organizational members as a way of perceiving, and even thinking and feeling. Organizational culture affects the way people and groups interact with each other, with clients, and with stakeholders. (Wikipedia)Def : french :'entrepriseLa culture d'entreprise peut tre dfinie comme lensemble des lments particuliers qui expliquent les bases du fonctionnement dune organisation(entreprise prive, publique...). Elle est, dans un certain sens, un ensemble de valeurs, de mythes, de rites, de tabous et de signes partags par la majorit des intervenants1.

Work in progress means If you see something that cause a problem to you, just speak about it. We can change words, erase and add stuffs, insert new concepts Just talk, please. More of that, culture is moving with time.

Values that we really valueEnron, whose leaders went to jail, and which went bankrupt from fraud, had these values displayed in their lobby : Integrity, Communication, Respect, Excellence. (These values was not, however, what was really valued at Enron)=> No big words. We have to be sincere.

Si c'est wikipedia qui le dit c'est a doit tre vrai...OK.See good examples with Buffer & Netflix

We all take it !! But we have to define our own priorities and values. We have to insist on specific stuff at DYB.

1st, at DYB, we like beautiful pictures and funny animated gif.

Culture eats strategyBien plac le gifWhy culture is so important ?Its best to hire a person with 60% skills and 100% culture, than the opposite.

In a startup company, with smart people, a strong culture is a very good way to align people, motivate them in a long-term perspective, attract and keep the best, etc.

Strategy is too rigid in the actual world. What you really need are smart people, fully-commited, with common and high objectives, who take initative every days, who learn everyday, and who love to work together.

Graph from Spotify engineering culturebig pic here : motion : What are our dreams ?Think about what we really want.We want some fun.For our girlfriends, DYB is like a playgroung for kids. They see us going to work with smile. Dont change that.Pas moyen de up la qualit ?so true le "playground for kids"

We want to be part of a great team.We want a good pay.We want to pay top of the market + advantages (health, lunch ticket)+ generous holidays (6 weeks)+ performance primes (asap)

We want to build our own salary politic, and make it public. Being fair, with almost no negociation.

Opportunity to become a partner open to all employees with 1 year experience at DYB

As Mark Zuckerberg said : We dont build services to make money; we make money to build better services. (with the best We want to break free....from oppression and routine#2 FreedomBest working conditionsBreaking free from oppression or routine

No pyramid. Trust. Flexibility. Nomad style

In exchange of what, we expect to have happy employees and partners, very motivated, who learn fast, who try and fail fast, who never give up, who always plan & measure, who share their work, and most important, who do a very great job!hey a fait 2 ans le mois prochain ;)J'avoue ne pas comprendre tout de suite ce que veut dire "break free", un sous-titre serait bienvenue ("best working conditions, breaking free from oppression or culture")

juste aprs cette scne, ils se crashent ...ouais mais il volue grce a.:)We want happy customers.yes.We want to have some impact in this world.Impact. Ambition.100M users.Be seen from the moon.

+1yes aussi# Culture @ DYB 10 aspects of our culture#1 I work in tech.#2 Bring cupcakes please.#3 All designers.#4 Try. Yoda was wrong.#5 Freedom & responsability#6 Transparency.#7 Respect and solidarity.#8 Determination.#9 Bienveillance.#10 Personal development.

Boite de techosFunAll designersTeam spirit (entraide, unit, respect)No bullshitEmpathy, Bienveillance, Respect,User firstImpact / Sens / UtilitExcellenceTransparencePas de blablaDveloppement personnelHumilitLibert

#1 I work in tech !We love technology, good products and good startups.We are a true web startup.We have experience in consulting, services, media, but what we prefer is about design b2C web products and try to attract millions users.

#1 Important to assume this identity. Dont try to use BIG words, trying to be serious, cause we offer CV and professional stuff.

#2 Its to be performant in B2B with large account if you originally set a b2c true funcking software company

Qualit vraiment en dessous du supportable

#2 Bring cupcakes please.Fun is the most important thing at work.Have fun. Bring fun.

Because when you code, you consume sugar and fat this is why you often need to refill, Thomas BelinBecause when you code, you consume sugar and fat this is why you often need to refill:)

#3 All designers.7 brains > 1 brain.After many years working on DYB, talking with users and friends, we all have an intimate experience with this product. We dont know from where will come the next big idea. Maybe it will be a user, our next technical trainee or one of our official designers.

If you have no idea about the future of this product then we have a big problem. Maybe your place is not inside a startup.

7 brains but 8 hands (c'est pour les stagiaires #petiteBlague)OK.

#4 Yoda was wrong.Try and fail. Fast.Fail often, fail fast.Make test. Avoid long debate.

If you never fail, it means you never take risk. Thats bad.

When you do something, you have to learn something. Try is not enough (so Yoda is also right). Its a success or a failure, but its not just a try.Je serais plutt d'avis de dire qu'il a raison ! "Fait le", "va au bout des choses" plutt que "essaye de le faire" ... a mditer#5 Freedom & responsibility

Freedom + Responsibility = Happiness + Performance

#6 TransparencyBe honest. Track & share. No bullshit.Share information by default (HipChat, Jira, Wiki, Twitter). No silos inside the company.Be transparent.No ego doer.No bullshit.

#7 Respect & solidarityDriving a startup to success is a real fight. You win battles, you lose battle.

Solidarity (it means to help other, it means be interested in their work) Courage (to take a risk, to tell the truth, to recognize a failure, to tell when somethings wrong)

No ego.Tell the truth if there is a problem.Share information.Respect.Teach to other.#8 DeterminationSuccess consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

We are survivor.

#9 BienveillanceWe want happy clients and customers.

C'est meuugnon

#10 Personal developmentOne day, you will leave DYB. But you will leave, we hope, with new skills, knowledges and interesting experience.# New way to work

Flextime.In this company, you can work when you want. DYB cares about the quality of your work and about results, not about the quantity of work.

Obviously, this rule depends on your missions. If you have meetings with clients or you are in charge of answering on phone, then you have to respect some hours.

Remote work.If you have wifi in your caravan, thats ok !

Take risk. Be positive.The journey is more important than the goal.Exploration is more important than to reach success or fail.In data we trust.

Data driven organization and design. No more i like ... => A/BKissMetrics

By adopting a culture of trust and respect, youre empowering individuals to not just show up, but to show results.

Jerome Ternyncky said : In god we trust. All others bring data.Get an eye on best practices. Read books and blogs, talk with your ecosystem, learn.

Short meetings. With goals, and reporting.