Film noir task 5

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Text of Film noir task 5

To start off with in a typical Film Noir it is always starts of in a city and it is most of the time set in a Big American Sin City. This is because it brings the expectation of something going to happen. Also what else you can see is that it is set at night time this means that they can make the lighting more distinctive and effective. This is an extreme long shot.Here we see that they are building up the tension by the car driving quickly through the city and what you cant hear is the music and they used music all the time to set the scene. The music gave the impression that something had just happened. This is a long shot.

In every movie there is always a main guy that usually has a flirt with the main women character. But what he does is he always stays calm when he speaks on the phone and at no point he does not start shouting. What we also learn is that because he deals with insurance he can maybe help someone in the movie and this could potentially foreshadow something. This shot is a close up.

In every movie there is a women also known as a fatale and this means that a women who you know who is going to need help and usually ends up backstabbing the man in the movie because she is in distress. But with most women who are in a film noir they are blonde and are wearing a distinctive piece of clothing or red makeup to attract the man and stand out from the crowd. But as its a film noir we cannot clearly see what colour of makeup they are wearing. This shot is a medium shot.

As you can see in this shot the woman and the man are having a flirt and this is usually so the woman can take control of him and get him wear she wants to take control of him. Also to maybe force him to do something. The lighting in the room gives a good atmosphere by what they are talking about and how it has a bad side. This is an over the shoulder shot this is effective because it means they dont have to keep cutting.

In most Film noir they always have a voice over and in this movie it almost seems like he is confessing to committing the murder in the film. The voice over helps because it gives a good idea of what is happening. But also in this scene there is not talking just the voice over about how he is intoxicated by her and the smell of her. This shot is medium close up.

It applies to the theory that text can apply to a different genre in a different time period. This shows this by how he is in a car and how he talks about how he can still smell the women and this can still apply to the text of a romantic film. Also how it can still be the same nowadays and how the man can still remember the women and how he is still hooked to her.