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  • 1. kece& mes keeceleke :03 : 31 , 2013 -8 : . 2 /- - : RNI No. : MAHBIL2011/42221 , , ,, , , , , 8383838571 9819772806 , , , , , , , , , , .: 8383838571 9819772806 PostalRegdNo.:MH/MR-NW-222/2012-14 Email-karamsekamtak@gmail.com www.chhatraekatarashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in www.karmsekamtakrashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in kece& mes keece leke je^ere vetpe heshej SJeb e$e Skelee je^ere vetpe heshej keer lejHe mes veJeje$eer kes MegYe DeJemej hej ceneYeb[ejs kee Deeeespeve efkeee ieee nw, Yeejer mes Yeejer cee$ee ceW Yee hengbeves keer ke=hee kejW M.8383838571 mebmLeeheke-mebheeoke kece& mes keece leke,e$e Skelee osMe keer kejes[es pevelee kees efoee pee jne nw leejerKe hej leejerKehe[ jne nw~ Fmekees keb^esue kejves kee Gheee SJeb efJeeej kejkes cenbieeF& kes mebke mes kewmes osMe keer pevelee kees yeeeee peees en Fme mejkeej kee keesF& GsMe efoKeeF& veneR oslee~ keejCe peye efkemeer he$ekeej ves keefheue efmeyyeue mes hete efke cenbieeF& kes eueles heepe ueesieeW kes Deebmet efvekeeue jne nw, lees ceb$eer peJeeye osles nQ ncemes keee het jns nes, peeDees Gve JeeheeefjeeW mes hetes keee keefheue efmeyyeue peer en Yetue iees nQ efpeme ceb$eer heo hej yew"s nQ GvnW Gme kegmeea hej Deece veeieefjkeeW ves yew"eee nw Deewj Deece veeieefjkeeW leke Keyej hengbeeves kee keece he$ekeej ner kejlee nw~ en Meeeo keefheue efmeyyeue Yetue jns nQ~ Ssmee ner nceejs ceb$eer Mejo heJeej keer neuele nw, Deepe osKee peees lees osMe ceW cenbieeF& kes keejCe ueesie Deelcenlee leke kej jns nQ~ Fleveer cebnieeF& ye{ ieeer nw efke ueesieeW kees Kesleer kejves kes efueS meeefnle pege heevee cegefMkeue nes ieee nw~ Deewj cenbieeF& Deheves ejce meercee kees heej kejles Deemeceeve kees gles pee jner nw~ Deewj nceejs mejkeej kes ceb$eerieCe kees keesF& hejJeen veneR nw~ eens osMe keer pevelee cenbieeF& keer DeeieesMe ceW keeeW ve mees peees hej nceejer lees heebe meeue leke yeveer nw,nce lees njs keebe kes cekeeve ceW jnles nQ, nceejer ogefveee hetjer njer Yejer nw Deewj nceeje hee@efke Yeer nje Yeje nw~ peje meeseeW keer nceejs osMe keer neuele keee eue jner nw? Gvekees nje Yeje kewmes efkeee peees? Deepe hes^esue keer keercele 80 heee nw~ JeneR hej heepe keer keercele Yeer 80 heee nw~ hes^esue peuee jne nw Deewj heepe DeebmetDeeW mes uee jne nw~ JeneR cej YeeF& yeesueles nQ Dejs nce efkemeer mes kece veneR nceeje nje cej 120 heee efkeuees nw, lees ceej ueeue YeYegkee neskej yeesuelee nw nce keeeW kece jnW nceeje Yeer YeeJe 60-70 nw~ efHej Deeuet keeeW eghe yew"s, Deeuet yeesuelee nw nceeje lees nj meypeer ceW Gheeesie neslee nw nceeje YeeJe efceeerle nw, 25-30 hees efkeuees~ lees efceeea ueeue Ye[ke neskej yeesueer cesje lesJej leerKee nw cesje Yeer YeeJe 50-60 heee efkeuees nw lees Deojke Yeer Ye[ke G"e Gmeves yeesuee meye Deeies ye{les pee jns nQ lees nceeje Gheeesie pevelee oJee leke kejves ceW Gheeesie kejleer nw cegbyeF&, Deepe hetjs osMe kes veeieefjke cenbieeF& kes Deelebke mes petPe jns nQ hees kee YeeJe [e@uej kes cegkeeyeues efiejlee pee jne nw~ keYeer Lees[e mee Ghej ngDee lees ngDee veneR lees hees kee mlej [e@uej kes YeeJe nj efove efiejles pee jne nw Deewj Fmekeer Jepen mes cenbieeF& keer DeeefLe&ke ceej osMe kes kejes[es pevelee kees Yegielevee (Mes
  • 2. kece& mes keeceleke2 , 2013 www.chhatraekatarashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in www.karmsekamtakrashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in / mebheeokeere... meeryeerDeeF keer ye[er peerle eeje Ieese}s mes peg[s Deve Deveske cegkeoceesb kes meeLe }e}t hemeeo Deewj peieve>eLe efcee kes ceece}esb kee Yeer Debpeece leke hengbevee kesbere peebe yetjes kes ef}S efkeMes
  • 3. kece& mes keeceleke , 2013 3 www.chhatraekatarashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in www.karmsekamtakrashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in mebheeoke ebMesKej ieesmJeeceer 8383838571/ 9819772806 mebheeoke ebMesKej ieesmJeeceer 8383838571/ 9819772806 kece& mes keece leke je^ere vetpe heshej keer lejHe mes efJeMes
  • 4. kece& mes keeceleke4 , 2013 www.chhatraekatarashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in www.karmsekamtakrashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in Ye}s ner oerefhekee heeogkeesCe ves efkebie Keeve kes meeLe yee@}erkeg[ cesb Dehevee hen}e keoce jKee nw, }sefkeve keee Deehe peeveles nwb efke Gvnsb meyemes hen}s me}ceeve Keeve ves efHeuceesb cesb Deeves kee Dee@Hej efoee Lee~ peer neb Gme kee oerefhekee leweej venerb Leerb, }sefkeve kes Deepe Yeer me}ceeve keer Megeiegpeej nwb Deewj Deeves kee}s efoveesb cesb Gvekes meeLe keece kejves kees yesleeye nwb~ cebie}keej kees Deheveer efHeuce jece}er}e kes hen}s }gke keer }ebefebie kes oewjeve oerefhekee ves kene efke Gvekeer efo}er leceve>e nw efke kes me}t efceeeb kes meeLe efkemeer efHeuce cesb keece kejsb~ oerefhekee ves kene cegPes cenmetme neslee nw efke peuo ner nce oesveesb kes meeLe keg Dee nesves kee}e nw..Meeeo ye[s heo&s hej~ oerefhekee ves kene efke peye me}ceeve Keeve ves Gvnsb yee@}erkeg[ cesb keece kejves kee Dee@Hej efoee Lee Gme kee kes keeHeer ebie Leerb Deewj kewceje Hewb[}er venerb Leerb~ oerefhekee Fmekes ef}S Deepe Yeer me}ceeve keer Mege iegpeej nwb efke Gvnesbves Gvecesb Ske ke}ekeej kees osKee~ ieewjle}ye nw efke oerefhekee kees efkemeer heespeske kes lenle eej-heebe efove me}ceeve Keeve kes meeLe efyeleeves kee ceewkee efce}e Lee~ Fme oewjeve me}ceeve keer ceemetefceele Deewj Gvekee yeehevee oerefhekee kes efo} kees t ieee~ hen}s Lee Dee@Hej "gkejeee, Deye keeesb nw yesleeye oerefhekee efmeHe& Deheveer Ske efHeuce 'ieoj' mes otmejer efHeuceesb Deewj efnjesFveesb kees heeveer Yejkeeves kee}erb Deceer
  • 5. kece& mes keeceleke , 2013 5 www.chhatraekatarashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in www.karmsekamtakrashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in CROSSWORD ARIES: The stars recommend that you should take proper care of your health and temperament during this week. Some of you might be under mental stress during first half of the week and vague feeling of depression may engulf you. TAURUS : You will be in a relaxed and a happy state of mind most of the time during this week. Be prepared to shoulder responsibilities that come your way regarding family matters. There is strong possibility that you would repent later to wonder how you could have done this. GEMINI : Your health will be fine and you will feel energetic and able to undertake tasks that you had postponed earlier. However senior citizens might suffer from joint pains or chest congestion. Long awaited promotions, elevations in social status or rise in salary are on the cards for the most of you. CANCER : The planetary configuration indicates that you are required to observe necessary precautions in your eating habits and take proper rest coupled with sleep to maintain your physical and mental health. You will receive lot of respect from others. LEO : The period under consideration is favourable for enjoying good health most of the time. The favourable days during this week are likely to be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. You are advised to try to make the optimum use of opportunities when they come along. VIRGO : Health and domestic affairs would need your attention this week. Do not neglect an ailment that, though not serious, may become a nagging problem. However, your expertise in preparing meticulous and detailed project reports will stand you in good stead later. LIBRA : Those of you, who had been suffering from general weakness and headaches, would feel relieved during this week. Youngsters might decide to go on a health binge. Regular exercise schedule and proper diet will make them more relaxed and active. If connected with computer related work, you will receive an offer to set up your own enterprise. SCORPIO : Your health will be fine and you will feel energetic throughout this week. However you might be required to look after the health of the elderly in your family who may require medical attention. There may be some changes in the household for those living in a joint family. SAGITTARIUS : It is a busy period for work and career, but at the same time you should not neglect your regular exercise schedule. It is necessary to pay necessary attention towards your health also. The work assigned to you during this week might be a test of your expertise and knowledge. CAPRICORN : Your health might experience ups and downs. Hence you are required to observe slight precautions regarding your health during this week. A desire to advance your career will inspire you to work sincerely towards achieving your objectives and goals. AQUARIUS : Those who have just recovered from a spell of illness should be careful regarding their health. A relapse at this stage might prove to be troublesome for you. If you have been thinking of starting an independent enterprise, make a concrete move in that direction now by meeting people and discussing your ideas. It may take some time. PISCES : It will be a good week to build up your stamina and reserves to tackle the coming onslaught of work. However some of you may have a slight health problem that will require you to take rest for few days. Take care of your diet and focus on your health. Your horoscope for this week A NOQUICKDIVORCEFORMARRIED After a week, 336 of the 650 couples who applied for divorce in Cixi area did not show up at the divorce office, authorities told Xinhua. The new divorce policy was introduced on a trial ba- sis April 1 in Cixi area of Ningbo city. "...we saved 336 families (from divorce)," said He Guoxin, director of the social affairs department of Ningbo CivilAffairs Bureau. Many couples, especially young couples born in the 1980s, came to the divorce office on impulse, and the delay helps them to calm down, He said. He said the city's re-mar- riage rate proved that many divorces were driven by im- pulse. Sex and relationships, No quick divorce for couples in this Chinese city The remarriage rate climbed to 18.5 percent in 2010 from 9.2 percent in 2006. "Some young couples re- marry three days after they divorce," He said. "It is too easy to divorce, which makes some couples leave each other without a second thought," said Luo Xianlin, general manager of a match-making website hongniang.com based in Zhejiang, and director of Zhejiang Match-making Pro- fessional Committee. China cancelled the one- month approval time for di- vorce in 2003. The nation's divorce rate has climbed over the past decades to 30 to 40 percent in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The country re- corded only 341,000 divorces in 1980. The number jumped to 1.21 million in 2000, and reached 2.21 million in 2011. Shang Shaohua, a mem- ber of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Confer- ence, proposed to establish a calm-down period for couples seeking divorce in 2010 during the "two ses- sions" of the National People's Congress. The divorce reservation policy was first imple- mented in Qingdao city in Shandong provinceatthe beginning of this year. The di- vorcereserva- tion gives the two sides a chance to calm down. The rising divorce rate re- flects the rise of self-con- sciousness, but also indi- cates instability in society, said Yan Shan, another mar- riage expert. Across: 1 __ Lanka : our southerly neighbour (3) 4 Detonate or cause to begin or start (3,3) 7 A dividing membrane or parti- tion (6) 8 Crave, covet or lust for (4) 10 Lower House of Parliament (UK) (3,7) 12 Prohibitions by custom or reli- gion (6) 14 Accumulates by skimping (6) 15 In large amounts of quantity, in a way (4,2) 17 Famous hospital on Pedder road (6) 19 Unable to read or write (10) 21 Bathroom powder (4) 22 ___ ___ nobis : pray for us, in Latin (3,3) 23 __ ___ puzzle : fit the pieces you get the picture (3,3) 24 Big name in moulded luggage (3) Down: 1 Agroup of six musici (6) 2 Understanding term? (1,3) 3 Tramples heavily on (6) 4 Feeling one's way overseas (6) 5 Unwelcome visitor, intruder (10) 6 Whimsical; strange (3) 9 Sorcery from the West Indies (6) 11ChineserestaurantatChurchgate (10) 13 Microscopic one-celled animal (6) 16 Come as a logical consequence (6) 17 Delayed bodily effects due to long journey by plane (3,3) 18 Maintain, prevent from sink- ing, especially tempo, one's spir- its, etc (4,2) 20Nameofseaformingnorth-east- ern arm of Black Sea (4) 21 __ Mahal : the wonder at Agra (3) COUPLESINTHISCHINESECITY!Thenewmethodshouldto be expanded to cover more parts of the country, and the calm-down period could be extended to more than a week, Yan said. "Divorce res- ervation is common in other countries. The period is one to three months in the Repub- lic of Korea (South Korea) and nine months in England," Yan said.
  • 6. kece& mes keeceleke6 , 2013 www.chhatraekatarashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in www.karmsekamtakrashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in jesieeW mes yeeeJe jepeJewe-JewejepeDeesceekeeMeieesmJeeceer efJeefOe Hees[e jesie Hees[s kees ner efJeefOe kene peelee nw~ FmeceW peueve leLee Jesovee nesleer nw~ Hekekej He peeleer nw~ en Mejerj Yeerlej yeenj keneR Yeer nes mekeleer nw~ efJeefOe kees efyevee hekekes MeerIe yew"eves kes efueS eceMe : efvece> Deew
  • 7. kece& mes keeceleke , 2013 7 www.chhatraekatarashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in www.karmsekamtakrashtriyanewspaper.blogspot.in efe}er heemlee heveerj efkekee efmepe}j efkeleves }esieesb kes ef}S : 4 meeceieer : 250 ieece heveerj kes eewkeesj gke[s, 30 ieece }e} efcee& heeG[j, 50 ieece Deojke-}nmegve hesm, 30 ieece peerje heeG[j, mkeeoevegmeej veceke ke kee}er efcee& heeG[j, 3 sye} mhetve mejmeesb kee les}, 4 sye} mhetve heeveer efvekee}e ngDee oner, 30 ieece njer Oeefveee keer ngF&, 50 ieece kemee ngDee helleeieesYeer, 20 cesLeer oevee heeG[j, 30 ieece meewbHe heeG[j efkeefOe : 1. heveerj kees cesefjves kejves kes ef}S mejmeesb kes les} cesb }e} efcee&, DeeOee }nmegve-Deojke kee hesm, veceke ke kee} efcee& heeG[j efce}ekej heveerj hej }ieeSb~ 2 Iebs kes ef}S De}ie jKesb~ 2. oesyeeje cesefjves kejves kes ef}S oner cesb yeee ngDee Deojke-}nmegve kee hesm, }e} efcee& heeG[j, mejmeesb kee les}, peerje heeG[j, meewbHe heeG[j Deewj cesLeer oevee heeG[j efce}ekej heveerj cesb }hessb~ 5 Iebs kes ef}S efHepe cesb jKesb~ 3. lebotj cesb 6-8 efceve kes ef}S hekeeSb~ keer ngF& njer Oeefveee [e}sb~ 4. efmepe}j kes ef}S efmepe}j hes kees Deer lejn iece& kejsb~ Thej mes cekeKeve [e}sb Gme hej helleeieesYeer mepeeSb~ heveerj efkekee jKesb Deewj hegoerves keer eveer kes meeLe iejceeiejce meke& kejsb~ &megjsMe kees veeiehegj mes efo}er peevee Lee~ veeiehegj msMeve mes ken ^sve cesb mekeej ngS~ ^sve kes efo}er hengbeves mes Ske msMeve hen}s efke eskej Deeee Deewj Gmeves megjsMe mes efke ceebiee~ megjsMe ves hesHee@ce& efke efvekee} kej efoKee efoee~ efke eskej yees}e- YeF&, en lees hesHee@ce& efke nw~ megjsMe- peer, cegPes hesHee@ce& hej ner Glejvee nw~ ....................................................................... &meesvet heehee ye...